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Annual Labor Review
Part Three


748 South Main Street
                This concern was established in 1911 and now gives employment to forty people in the summer time. It operates ten wagons, as you may gain some idea of the size and importance of the industry. Its business is the manufacture of ice cream and in this particular line we do not know a single concern in the city of Dayton that is so well equipped for handling the business of the community. The Dayton Ice Cream and Dairy Company is in a class by itself when it comes to making ice cream. Its methods are all modern; it uses all the latest types of machinery and the character of its products speaks more eloquently of the business than any words we might write about it here. We want to call special attention to the fact the concern is run on a very high scale of business efficiency. It is officered by men well known in business circles here and men who give to the business their personal and undivided attention. In this way customers and patrons are assured of the highest possible grade of service and this they have learned to expect in placing their orders for ice cream made by The Dayton Ice Cream and Dairy Company. Its plant is sanitary, large and clean throughout and this is a principle insisted upon by the proprietors. We have no hesitancy in recommending to our friends that they give this concern a very liberal share of their patronage.
1116 E. Fifth Street, Dayton
                A strictly sanitary and up-to-date restaurant is operated by J. M. Schaedler at the above address. He has been in business four months, succeeding Sam Sehee. Mr. Schaedler is a former member of the Bartenders’ local and is a popular and progressive business man. Special attention given to private dinners and banquets. Home phone 12419.
113-115 North Troy Street, Dayton
                General auto repairing and overhauling by experts only is done at this popular North Dayton garage. A general line of auto supplies and the largest stock of Ford supplies in the district is carried. The garage is also the general service branch and agents for the famous Jackson cars. Day and night service is maintained and oil and gasoline is sold. Charles J. Schell, the proprietor, is a popular and progressive business man and is known as a friend of the boys. Racine and Goodyear tires are sold. Home phone 3654.
426 North Troy Street, Dayton
                This well known business man has been established at the above address for the past 23 years and enjoys a large and prosperous trade from a select list of customers. His café is one of the best regulated and most popular in the district and has always been a favorite meeting place for the boys. One of the largest stocks of union made cigars and tobaccos in North Dayton is carried. Mr. Rosenkranz has always been considered a true friend of organized labor. One assistant is employed.
348 North Troy Street, Dayton
                This is one of the largest and finest confectionery stores in North Dayton. A full line of candies, union made cigars, tobaccos, ice cream, etc., is sold at all times. In addition to a complete stock of work gloves is carried as a side line. The store has been established five years and is doing a large and prosperous business. The famous Dayton Ice Cream and Dairy Company ice cream is sold. W. H. Brandt, the genial proprietor, is well known as a friend of the union man, and is deserving of your patronage.
1840 W. Third Street, Dayton
                Known all over Dayton and surrounding towns as a live wire business firm, this company does a large and prosperous business in coal, lime, cement, drain tile, sewer pipe and other standard lines of builders’ supplies. W. H. Ortman is president and treasurer of the concern; Neil McGreevy is vice president and secretary. Both men are progressive business leaders, who know to a nicety how to please their thousands of satisfied customers. In GemCity business circles, the proprietors of this firm are widely and favorably known and they have always taken a prominent part in every enterprise that would promote the welfare of “Dominant Dayton.” Prices quoted by the McGreevy & Ortman Company always touch the minimum offered on the market. Satisfaction as to quality and delivery of goods is guaranteed, and a guarantee from this old-established concern means something. A large number of employes testify to the fair treatment accorded union men by this firm. If you are not a McGreevy & Ortman customer, you have something to learn about complete satisfaction in your business dealings. Tele. 50-2050.
300 North Troy Street, Dayton
                “Superior” ice cream and anything in the way of frozen dainties is manufactured by this thriving concern, established six years and employing five persons. The company owns its own model plant, which is the most modern of its kind in Dayton. The company also operates an attractive delicatessen store at the above address. “Superior” ice cream is sold at all leading drug and confectionery stores in the city. A. J. Welty and F. A. Brandt, proprietors of the company, are friends of the boys. Home phone 5002; Bell, East 1726.
566 W. Fifth Street, Dayton
                Since he became established at his present location two and a half years ago, Mr. Montross has done a large and constantly growing business in his barber shop, billiard parlor and confectionery store. First class barber work is done, excellent pool tables maintained and a full line of union-made cigars and confectionery is sold. Mr. Montross is an active member of the molders’ local, 181, and is deserving of the patronage of union men. Home phone, 13474.
1202 E. Fifth Street, Dayton
                Reasonable prices and an absolute guarantee to all work have built up a large and prosperous business for this well-known dry cleaner and dyer, who is proprietor of a modern and finely equipped shop at the above address. Mr. Woischwill has been established 22 years and possesses a host of friends and satisfied patrons. He gives steady employment to six people at his establishment. Work will be called for and delivered in the quickest possible time. Tele. Bell, East 13; Home, 3013.
1022 W. Fifth Street, Dayton
                Only the best in bread, cakes and pastry is made and sold at this modern and sanitary bakery. Although the place has been established only one year, it has already built up a large and prosperous business and numbers its satisfied patrons by the hundreds. A quick and prompt delivery service is maintained. Chas. W. Rausch, the popular proprietor, was at one time a member of the Bakers’ local and is considered a friend or organized labor. Absolute satisfaction is guaranteed on goods bought at this bakery.
Dayton, Ohio
                Speaking of the varied line of industries in the city of Dayton, it is worthy of mentioning at just this point in our Review that The Gebhart-Wuichet Lumber Company occupies a conspicuous place among the city’s industrial plants. Frank Wuichet is president of the concern and T. J. Callahan is secretary. Both men are well and favorably known in the business life of this and neighboring counties, and the customers of this concern are a satisfied lot, because they always get what they pay for and are guaranteed in every respect. The Gebhart-Wuichet Lumber Company has the most complete lumber yard in the state. It has always been accounted friendly to the cause of organized labor, and we want out friends among the members of organized labor to lend this concern every possible assistance and never hesitate to say a good word for it when occasion arises. The lumber yards are at Wayne Avenue, Shawnee and Wyandot Streets. The planning mills are at Fourth and Wyandot Streets. The plants are in every way full and completely equipped for turning out the highest possible grade of work, and the testimony of many patrons serves to elevate the company in the esteem of business men. This is one of the industrial leaders in a business way in Dayton and is deserving of your patronage.
716-722 E. Monument Avenue, Dayton
                This concern manufactures Moffat Feed Water Heaters, Purifiers and Oil Extractors combined, and is one of the oldest and best known business establishments in this part of the state. It was started in 1855 and gives employment to fifty persons. It manufactures steel plate work of all kinds and has the largest boiler repair shop in Ohio. Its business, in fact, is state-wide in its scope. The concern requires 20,000 square feet of floor space and the plant is equipped with the most modern machinery of any in this section. The finest spirit possible of cooperation between employes and employers exists here. Haines-Vacuum, Gravity and Vapor Heating specialties are made here. Boiler repair work of all kinds done promptly and satisfactorily and tube welding is a specialty with the Graves & Marshal Company. We have no hesitancy in recommending this concern to our friends everywhere. We know it guarantees all the work it turns out, to be first-class and satisfactory in every respect, and the thousands of pleased patrons speak more eloquently of the value of this company’s services than any more words we might write here. When you are in need of any work of the kind performed by The Graves & Marshal Company we want you to give this concern your undivided patronage. Bell East 140, Home 2178.
1839 E. Richard Street, Dayton
                Established since 1892, this well-known industrial establishment is one of Dayton’s leading factories which are many and varied. Gustav Wiedeke is president and Otto Wiedeke general superintendent of the company. Both are popular and influential business men and well-liked among a large circle of friends and associates. By their fair and just dealings they are also popular with their employes, who now number more than 50. A general line of railroad and boilermakers’ tools is manufactured in a modern, well-equipped plant, under most approved methods. A specialty of the company is the manufacture of tube expanders and tube cutters, for which catalog No. 48 will be mailed free upon request. While the main office and factory is located at Dayton, representative offices can be found in the principal cities of the United States, Canada and Mexico. Officials of the company are known as friends of organized labor and are always willing to do anything to better the cause. Local and long distance telephone service is maintained.
Michigan Avenue and Edmund Street
                Established in 1900, this concern now has between 50 and 75 employes and its plant covers half a city block. It is one of four concerns in the United States manufacturing couplings for steam, water, oil, gas, chemical pipes and couplings that are also used on plain end of pipes. They also make clamps and fittings for general use. Two of these four concerns are in Dayton and the one mentioned above is the largest of the two in this city. Officers are William W. Price of Dayton, president; Fred W. Miner of Pittsburg, is vice president, and Charles R. Clapp of Toledo, is secretary and treasurer. Mr. Miner is the president of the National Supply Company of Pittsburg, general agents for the above concern. All officials are well known in the business world and are held in high esteem by their employes. At present extensive improvements are being made at the local plant to meet the growing demand for its products. The production will be greatly increased when these improvements are made and the employes of the company will share in their improvements. We have no hesitancy in recommending the Dayton Pipe Coupling Company to business men anywhere who are in need of this character of work. All products guaranteed.
658 N. Maryland Avenue, Dayton
                The confectionery and notion store at the above address is the largest and finest in this district. The proprietors, Mr. and Mrs. Sower, have been established 10 years and situated at the present location for eight years. A full line of cigars, tobaccos, soft drinks, ice cream, etc., is carried and attractively displayed in the clean and sanitary establishment. The proprietors are well-liked and deserving of the support and patronage of all union men as they have always shown themselves friends of organized labor.
200 N. Keowee Street, Dayton
                A national reputation is possessed by this prosperous Dayton manufacturing concern, which has been established since 1859. H. C. Hopkins is president, and Herb Hopkins advertising manager of the company. Both are wide awake business men and are well-liked by their employes and associates. A general line of high grade varnishes, which find a wide sale among the railroads of the country, is manufactured under the latest and most approved processes. Quality of the Thresher varnishes has always been above criticism.
39 N. Edgar Street, Dayton
                Screw machine products, pipe couplings and roller bearings, all of the highest grade, are made in large quantities by this thriving industrial concern of “Dominant Dayton”. J. H. Dohner is president of the company, S. W. Dohner, vice president, and B. E. Dohner secretary and treasurer. In GemCity business circles they occupy prominent positions and are very popular among their associates. The greatest cooperation exists between the officials and their employes, showing the spirit which the concern adopts in its dealings with organized labor. The company was established nine years ago and now occupies a modern building, two stores high and covering a quarter of a city block at the above address. The plant is modernly equipped in every detail. Good sanitation and excellent lighting arrangements insure the very best of working conditions for employes, between 40 and 50 of whom are kept steadily on the pay roll, turning out the large orders received by the company. Highly skilled workmen guarantee absolute accuracy and reliability in the screw machine products of the concern. A specialty of the Ohio Metal Products Company is the manufacture of pipe couplings for gas, oil, water, steam, air, etc. Known as the Dohner “Compression” coupling, it is the finest on the market today and is absolutely leak proof under extreme pressure. Roller bearings, made for light and heavy vehicles by the concern are of the highest grade obtainable. Prices quoted by the Ohio Metal Products Company are always of the rock bottom type. Friends of the labor cause should be friends of this company.
543 East Third Street
                This concern has been in existence for half a century and more and its standing in the business community of Dayton and southern Ohio is unquestionably one of the strongest that could be hoped for by any business. Between 25 and 50 people are employed at this establishment, which is engaged in the Dry Goods business for the wholesale trade. Of course, The J. T. Barlow Company does not depend entirely upon the territory immediately adjacent to Dayton. On the contrary, it covers in a very full and complete way Ohio, Indiana and part of West Virginia. It is a matter of civic pride on the part of Dayton citizens that we have so reliable a business enterprise in our midst. The J. T. Barlow Company is run along strictly business lines of the most up-to-date methods. It caters to a most exacting trade and it numbers its friends and patrons by the hundreds. Dayton has no more energetic concern in its business list than this one and its trade is constantly increasing.
Chapel and Kiser Streets, Dayton
                Covering one-half a city block along the tracks of the Baltimore & Ohio railroad at the above address, this huge foundry is a large factor in the industrial life of the GemCity. Established in 1909, the concern has enjoyed a rapid growth and now gives steady employment to 175 persons, all of whom are skilled workmen in their various trades. Officers of the company are: Joseph F. Westendorf, president; Frank J. Hoersting, vice president; John Westendorf, secretary-treasurer; and E. G. Ackerman, superintendent. All are men, influential in Dayton business circles, popular and well-known and held in high esteem by their employes. A general line of high grade gray iron castings is made at the foundry, the output of which is being constantly increased. Much of the success of the firm is due to the hearty cooperation between officials and men, resulting in the turning out of the finest products being placed on the market today. Transportation facilities of the foundry are excellent, insuring prompt delivery of orders to all parts of the country. Local customers use Bell phone, East 911 and Home phone 6772.
1204 E. Fifth Street, Dayton
                Established at his present location for three years, this progressive and popular merchant has built up a large demand for the large line of high grade shoes which he carries in stock at his store. Formerly a member of the Retail Clerks’ union and now a member of the mechanics’ local, Mr. Barker is readily distinguished as being a friend in full sympathy with the cause of organized labor. Union men should always consider his store before making purchases of footwear. High quality shoes are sold at reasonable prices, fit and satisfaction being guaranteed on every sale. Among the many lines carried can be found the “E. E. Taylor” and Arthur Williams” brands of union-made shoes, which possess an excellent reputation for durability and are very popular with union men. The store itself is very attractively fitted up with many especial conveniences for the comfort of patrons. “Once a customer, always a customer,” is Mr. Barker’s motto.
3012 East Third Street
                Mr. Scarpelli’s shoe business was established in this city in 1902. He was originally located at St. Paul and Richard Streets, and was at that place for 13 years. He has been at the present location for the last 3 years. Men’s working shoes, bearing the union label are kept in stock. The best of leather is used by Mr. Scarpelli in his work, and we would suggest that organized labor men give him their patronage.
Dayton, Ohio
                There is one factory in Dayton that has a reputation among employes for length of continuous employment that is rarely ever equaled. This factory is The Davis Sewing Machine Company, which now employs more than 1800 men and women in the manufacture of sewing machines, bicycles and various smaller screw machine and forge products. The institution was organized at Watertown, N. Y. in 1863 by Job Davis, the inventor of the Vertical Feed Sewing Machine. About 30 years ago the factory was moved to Dayton on account of the more central location and better railroad facilities. At that time several Dayton people became interested in the organization, and now it is owned practically entirely by Dayton residents. A hundred or more of the old employees moved from Watertown to Dayton at the time the factory was transferred, and a number of these are still connected with the organization. Last June the board of directors gave a banquet to their oldest employe upon the eve of his departure, after fifty years’ continuous service. To the banquet were invited all employes who had been with the company twenty years or more, and it was found that more than 200 were present who could boast of this unusual length of continuous employment. While the Davis Sewing Machine Company was originally founded for the purpose of manufacturing sewing machines, in 1895 it established a cycle department, and since then has grown to be the world’s largest producer of bicycles. The company’s output in 1917 was more than 100,000 bicycles, of which its two most prominent lines are the Dayton and the Yale. Its sewing machine business is of equal volume, and the company ranks among the five largest producers of sewing machines. Davis Sewing Machines are very well known, and the company also enjoys a large business with several wholesalers and mail order houses who sell Davis-made machines under their own name.
1018 East Fifth Street
                This gentleman operates a cigar stand and pocket billiard parlor at the above mentioned address and enjoys a flourishing business. He handles besides cigars, stationery, confectionery and all the leading brands of tobacco. The business was established four years ago. Mr. Landefield has lived in this city for this same number of years. We want to commend this stand to members of organized labor as being worthy of the patronage of laboring men. Mr. Landefield is a great booster for the union cause and he will appreciate anything you might do to help him in his work. His store is well looked after and well stocked, and we want you to drop in the next time you are in the neighborhood, and give this man a call.
Springfield Street and B. & O. R. R.
                Established 40 years ago, this concern takes rank as Dayton’s oldest and largest packing plant. William J. Focke is president of the company; Bernard Focke, vice president; George A. Focke, treasurer, and I. O. Stutz secretary. These men are all widely and favorably known in GemCity industrial circles always taking a prominent interest in enterprises that tend to promote the welfare of the municipality. At the present time, 125 persons are given employment at the plant, which is one of the most modern, sanitary and best equipped in the state. All meats packed by Wm. Focke’s Sons Company are rigidly inspected and stamped by a government inspector, insuring their quality and purity.  The name “Crown Brand” stamped on meats and provisions by the company, standard for the best in dressed meats, not only locally but throughout Ohio and neighboring states. One of the finest products of the plant is its “Quality” sausages. Deliveries are made daily to all retail grocers and meat markets. The company also operates a branch store at 1004 East Fifth Street for the benefit of hotels, clubs and restaurants, assuring prompt service and delivery. Retail business is also transacted at the branch store for the convenience of East End patrons. The concern was started in a small way 40 years ago, when only an animal or two a day was killed. Now the packing company has facilities to butcher 45,000 hogs, 8,000 cattle and 5,000 calves yearly, which gives an idea of the immensity of the plant, which operates its own refrigerator cars. “Crown” produce should be used in the homes of all union families. A cordial invitation extended to all members to visit this establishment when in its vicinity.
Mad River and Eagle Streets, Dayton
                This modern and up-to-date baking establishment is one of the most popular and prosperous in the GemCity. Established on a small scale, naturally, 20 years ago, the bakery has grown with such rapidity, due to the square and honest dealings of the firm, until at the present time, it furnishes steady employment to nine skilled tradesmen. H. F. Rist, the proprietor, through his congenial personality and strict adherence to honesty in all his business transactions, has acquired a host of friends throughout the city. He is widely known as a friend of the union man and is always willing to extend them all courtesies known to the trade. The name “Newcomer” on bakery goods is synonymous with all that is connected with purity and quality. Only the freshest line of breads, pies, cakes and pastry is carried at this shop. Courteous and well-trained clerks are always ready to wait on the hundreds of customers who visit the store daily, a store, by the way, which is one of the most sanitary of its kind in the state. In addition, a complete delivery service is maintained, which has become noted for its promptness and reliability. Prices quoted on all goods sold at the Newcomer bakery are as low as can be found at the shops of any of Mr. Rist’s competitors. Following the issuance of the food and flour regulations, this progressive baker was among the first to carry out in every detail the wishes of the government. Withal that, the quality of his baking products has been maintained at the same high standard. The support and trade of union men will be appreciated by Mr. Rist. Tele Home 3291; Bell, East 1291.
1121 East Fifth Street, Dayton
                The attractive and well-regulated café conducted by the prominent business men mentioned above, is one of the best in the district and a favorite meeting place for the boys. The place of business has been established 15 years and is doing a prosperous business. Light lunch is served at all hours of day. An attractive feature of the establishment is the complete line of union-made cigars and tobaccos, which is carried. A cordial welcome is extended to every union man by the proprietors. Home phone, 4051.
501 East Xenia Avenue, Dayton
                The reputation of this business man for honesty and square dealing is citywide. Since he became established at his present place of business three years ago, Mr. Scheu has built up a large and prosperous trade of the better class of people, who realize that his café is one of the most attractive and best regulated in the city. Completely equipped in every detail, the establishment has become a favorite gathering place for tired workmen and business men in need of a few minutes’ relaxation. Everything that could be arranged for the convenience of patrons has been installed in the café. A complete line of union-made cigars and tobaccos is carried in stock. Courteous attaches are always at hand to satisfy the desires of customers. Mr. Scheu has built up a reputation also of being a great friend of organized labor and holds in great value the support of union men. His place is recommended as being deserving of a trial. Home phone 4124.
1538 South Wayne Avenue, Dayton
                In his particular line of business, there is probably not a more popular man in the city of Dayton than Mr. Heck, who is the genial proprietor of a modern and up-to-date café, located at the above address. Fitted out with all the latest conveniences, the café is considered an excellent place to while away a few moments in relaxation after the day’s toil is over. Union men in the past have regarded Mr. Heck as a staunch friend and have almost universally thrown their support in his direction. A fine line of union-made cigars, tobacco and cigarettes is always carried in stock for the benefit of hundreds of customers. An excellent light lunch can be obtained at almost any hour of the day. In business circles of the city, Mr. Heck is held in high esteem, through his willingness to aid in any movement for the welfare of “Dominant Dayton.” Situated in an ideal location, a most prosperous future is predicted for the café run by this well-known business man. Established 14 years.
812 North Main Street, Dayton
                Established three years ago Mr. Rookstool has one of the most popular grocery stores in this section of the city. This is a cash grocery and you know this means, first of all a saving to the customer. Fresh and smoked meats carried in stock and all groceries and provisions first-class and high-grade in every particular. We have no hesitancy in highly recommending this store to our friends among the working people, because we know you will be satisfied with any purchases you make here. The store is run on a strictly business method, with the satisfaction of the patron first considered. Bell phone 2981.
1148 West Germantown Street
                Plumbing, steam and gas fitting, to be worth anything at all, ought to be perfectly done. Half-way business methods in this special line of endeavor, above hundreds of other lines, is apt to cause untold suffering and trouble. Mr. Hively does his work in a business-like way, perfect in every appointment and satisfactory in every way to his patrons. Repair work of all kinds is made a specialty with Mr. Hively. Established in business six years ago, the concern has made rapid growth, and we urge the boys to give Mr. Hively a liberal share of their patronage along these lines. He is deserving of it. Bell phone, Main 537, Home phone 12029.
Fifth & Miami Streets, Dayton
                A complete line of high grade groceries and strictly fresh meats is attractively displayed and sold in large quantities to hundreds of regular patrons by this progressive and up-to-date merchant. The Boeckman store is one of the cleanest and most sanitary in the city. Everything that could be done to improve it and make it more convenient for patrons has been done in the seven years in which it has been established. Through his policy of square dealing with highest quality goods being sold at moderate prices, Mr. Boeckman has built up an unusually large business and placed his store on a firm financial foundation. He is thus placed in a position to quote prices which competitors can touch only with difficulty. Recognized as a friend of labor unions, Mr. Boeckman is highly deserving of the support of working men, who will find it to their advantage to give this store a large share of their patronage. Orders can be placed over both the Bell and Home phones.
1124 South Wayne Avenue, Dayton
                A modern and thoroughly equipped garage is conducted at the above address by this well-known and highly respected business man. Since becoming established at his present location three years ago, Mr. Symmes has built up a large and prosperous business. All his business transactions have been noted for their policy of fair and just dealing. The guarantee of absolute satisfaction always given has made and held hundreds of pleased patrons, who know that they get value payed for in entrusting their car to the care of this garage. All modern machinery and equipment for doing the highest grade work has been installed by the proprietor. Owners of autos always have a word of praise for the care and attention given their machines by Mr. Symmes’ skilled mechanics. The garage is a service station for the famous Goodyear tires, a complete stock of which is always carried. This business man appreciates the support of organized labor.
Xenia and Steele Avenues, Dayton
                Working men, when feeling in need of a few hours’ rest and relaxation after the toil of the day is over, have found the popular and well-regulated café situated at the above address a most congenial spot. Mr. Schock is one of the best-liked men in his district and counts his friends and patrons by the hundreds. He has arranged to have every convenience at the disposal of his customers and takes great delight in pleasing the public. Many innovations can be found in his café that are not seen in many others. A complete line of union-made cigars and tobaccos, of all the leading brands known to the trade is carried in stock. Attendants at the café are courteous and congenial and always at the service of patrons. Mr. Schock has long and justly been known as a friend of the union man, whose support he desires and appreciates above everything else. Light lunch is attractively served at the café at all hours of the day. A welcome is always extended to union men upon their visits to the place. Home phone 2560.
2165 East Fifth Street, Dayton
                These well-known business men have recently opened up an attractive lunchroom, grocery and confectionary store at the above address and from present indications are already on the high road to prosperity. People, seeing the high quality goods they can get at the low prices offered, have been quick to patronize the new store, which has been opened for six months and the list of customers is fast mounting into the thousands. Mr. Butler is a member and has been for the past 15 years a member of local 162, plumbers’ union. Mr. Schneider is a stockholder in the Dayton Reliance Tool Manufacturing Company. Both are progressive business men and very popular with their friends and patrons. A full line of groceries is carried in stock, along with a complete stock of union-made cigars and tobaccos. Patrons of the lunchroom are unanimously pleased with the quality of food served and the courteous efficient service. Union men will find an especial welcome awaiting them at this place of business. Home phone 12399.
230 Troy Street, Dayton
                A full line of shoes for all occasions for the whole family is carried by the enterprising dealer. In addition to bearing the union label, shoes sold at this shop are guaranteed to possess the finest quality. “Bates” and “Weber” union-made dress shoes and “Williams” union-made work shoes for men at from $2.50 to $5 are a few of the better known lines carried in stock. Established 29 years, the store is known as North Dayton’s largest and finest exclusive shoe store. Mr. Sikorski is a friend of organized labor. Tel. Bel, East 2193.
Leonard Street and B. & O. Ry., Dayton
                High grade mattresses are being manufactured in increasingly large quantities by this live and growing Dayton concern. Pillows are also manufactured. Established since 1916, the concern now employs 10 skilled workmen. The company is a member of the Ohio Bedding Mfrs. Association. The plant is modern and well equipped with light, comfortable work rooms for employes. D. Sudowitz, president, and A. Lavin, secretary, of the company are popular business men and friends of the working man. Home phone 4776; Dell, East 174.
1541 West Fifth Street, Dayton
                Cleaning, repairing and building of vaults, sinks and cisterns is the line of business in which this well-known GemCity man is engaged. All work is quickly and satisfactorily done under the most approved process and methods. Mr. Kelly has been established for 15 years and numbers his pleased patrons by the hundreds in all parts of the city. His business has grown to such as extent that he now gives steady employment to eight skilled workmen. Mr. Kelly is a friend of organized labor and is deserving of your support. Tels. Main 6612; Home 6586.
230 North Valley
                This café is one of the popular business places in this section of the city and is enjoying a good patronage at all times. The proprietor carries a complete line of cigars, tobacco and cigarettes. The business was established six years ago. Light lunch is served during the day. This gentleman has been a resident of Dayton for 16 years and is a member of the Eagles. We want you members of organized labor to know that this man is a friend of the boys, always eager to do anything to help the cause. He will appreciate your patronage and is deserving of a great share of it. Home phone 6425.
617 South Wayne Avenue
                Established thirty years ago in the city and 15 years ago at the present place, this gentleman is known to be a first-class tailor and does a splendid business. He also does repairing, cleaning and pressing and the character of his work is always above reproach. We want our union friends to give him a very liberal share of their business. He is deserving of it and will render excellent satisfaction when he handles your work of any kind.
Gold and Western Avenues
                One of the city’s popular grocers is Mr. Mayer, who is a pioneer in this section of Dayton. Established in 1890, he owes his continued success to reliable methods and fair dealings with his patrons. In connection with his grocery, which handles a full line in staple and fancy goods, Mr. Mayer operates a café and sells, too, a complete assortment of cigars and tobaccos. Mr. Mayer is regarded as friendly to organized labor and we suggest that the boys give him a call when in need of anything in his line. His Home phone number is 11489. In these days of pure food laws and the disposition to protect in every way the citizens, it is a matter of interest and concern that Mr. Mayer’s place of business stands distinctively for the best in all things.
529 East Third Street
                Mr. Spengler has run this café since 1873 and is one of the best known of local business men. His place is also deservedly popular in the neighborhood where it is established. Forty-five years of constant service in this business is a record which few if any in the city may boast.
                Mahogany fixtures mark the interior decoration and Mr. Spengler is proud of the splendid reputation which he has built up during his long years of service. He has lived in Dayton all his life, is a man of pleasing personality, courteous in his conduct of his business and pleasant to greet. He has an art glass front, a tile floor entrance, and the place is an altogether beautiful and attractive one. Mr. Spengler is popular among a great many members of organized labor, among whom he is known as a friend of the cause and popular with the boys. G. M. and Fred M. Spengler are the assistants. This is a general meeting place for gentlemen, and we suggest you give Mr. Spengler a call. Home phone 4346; Bell 2647.
548 Euclid Avenue
                This gentleman operates a first class grocery and meat market and his stock is always fresh and complete in every particular. We recommend this store to those who live in the neighborhood, because we know it is a satisfactory place to trade.
1114 West Germantown Street, DaytonOhio
                This concern although established only one year ago, has developed into one of the busiest industries in this community. It designs and manufactures special machinery, tools, dies, fixtures, etc. J. P. Kepler is the general manager. He is known far and wide as friendly to the organized labor movements and for ten years was a member of the machinists’ union. The concern is equipped with every modern device for turning out high class service to its patrons and we have no hesitancy in recommending it to our friends and those who need its services. We know any work they do for you will be satisfactory.
232 South Wayne Avenue, Dayton
                Established seven years ago at the present place, this store deals in groceries and fruits and is one of the most complete in the city. Mrs. Kirsch gives her business her personal and undivided attention and strives at all times to render satisfactory service. She is known to be friendly to the cause of organized labor and should have the hearty support and cooperation of every union family in the district when in need of anything in her line.
105 North Troy Street, Dayton
                This gentleman is a first class plumber and the business is one that makes special appeal to our people because of his exceedingly good work. The business was established ten years ago and has three employes. Mr. Tharp has always lived in North Dayton and is personally known to many of our citizens, being born and reared in this vicinity. A. W. Tharp is the sole proprietor of the establishment and he engages in a general line of plumbing and steam fitting. First class work is guaranteed and the service of this gentleman is known for its expert service. Mr. Tharp is known by many of the union boys and has much of their business. Home phone 5874.
226 North Troy Street, Dayton
                Established four years ago, the above mentioned grocery and market is a popular business institution in this section of the city. It is the largest, busiest and most sanitary grocery and meat market in North Dayton and caters to a high class trade. They carry a full and complete line of foods, fresh and salt meats, etc. This is a store, the management of which is deserving of special commendation and the support of this neighborhood. You will always get a square deal here and your patronage is earnestly solicited. The store stands for organized labor and we urge our friends to give it some of their business. Home phone 2927.
1501 Germantown Street, Dayton
                The above named gentleman has one of the best known and most popular billiard rooms in this section of the city. Everything for the convenience of his patrons is provided and you will always meet your friends here. Drop in and see him.
1001 South Cincinnati Street, Dayton
                This is a first-class, popular grocery store, and one of the kind it is a pleasure to deal with. Everything fresh and prices right. Home 6334, Bell Main 3572. We have no hesitancy in urging our friends among the union boys to give this store a very liberal share of their patronage.
1226 West Fifth Street, Dayton
                Shoe repairing work is quickly and neatly done at the shop of this friend of the labor cause, who has been established at his present location for one year. Mr. Leach was an employe of the Maxwell plant before going into the present business. Give him a trial. Satisfactory work guaranteed at all times.
1030 West Fifth Street, Dayton
                This well-known grocer and friend of the union man operates a clean and first class grocery at the above address. Fresh, high grade groceries and meats are dispensed at moderate prices to a large list of satisfied patrons, who realize in their dealings with Mr. LeJune they always get complete satisfaction. The store has been established under its present management for the past six months and is enjoying a rapidly growing business. Union men should give this progressive dealer a trial at the earliest opportunity.
700 West Fifth Street, Dayton
                A complete line of groceries, fresh meats and home baking is carried and attractively displayed at the modern and sanitary grocery of the above mentioned business man, who is doing a large and thriving business through his honest and square dealings. Mr. Kelly has been established for seven years and now employs four people in his store. In addition to groceries, a full line of union-made cigars and tobaccos is sold. Union men should give this place a thorough trial. Tels., Bell, 1999; Home 12474.
401 North Troy Street, Dayton
                Established in 1911, this is the largest exclusive hardware, paint and glass store in North Dayton. A full line of mechanics’ tools and builders’ supplies is carried in stock at all times. Mr. Sullivan was formerly president of the Tinners’ union of Cincinnati and was also president of the Building Trades council. He is recognized as a friend of the cause and is considered an authority on labor matters. Quality and price are guaranteed on purchases made at his store. Home phone 6945.
524 North Main Street, Dayton
                This gentleman is engaged in the grocery business and handles teas, coffee, cigars, cigarettes and tobacco. Give him a share of your business.
Fifth Street and Linden Avenue, Dayton
1217 South Brown Street
                Two model cleaning and pressing shops are operated by this well-known business man. First class dry cleaning, pressing, dyeing and repairing of men’s and women’s garments is done satisfactorily at the lowest prices. Mr. Young was formerly a member of the Retail Clerks’ local and is recognized as a staunch friend of the union man. In addition to the shop at the above address, he is proprietor of a similar establishment at 1217 South Brown Street. Working men will find it will be to their interests to patronize this man. Tels. Main 2632 and East 3125.
1501 Germantown Street
                This gentleman is engaged in the confectionery business and has been for the past five years. He carries a full line of cigars and tobacco, notions, ice cream, and groceries and cigarettes. It is a pleasure to present so courteous and affable a business man to our readers. Mr. Pease has made quite a name for himself in the locality where his store is to be found. You will always be assured of prompt and satisfactory treatment here. He has been friendly to the cause of organized labor and we urgently suggest that friends of the cause give this man a generous share of their patronage. He will appreciate it.
308 Xenia Avenue
                This gentleman operates what is known as the Standard Bakery and the name stands for excellence in products in every respect. Twenty years ago he started in the bakery business in this same location. Jos. Schweitzer has lived in this city for 21 years and has many friends in the community and all sections of Dayton. A steadily increasing patronage attests the high regard in which he is held. Attention to business and a regard for his patrons’ welfare have combined to win his success. An Overland auto delivery is a feature of his service. He is a retailer and wholesaler. Home phone 6285.
1601 Xenia Avenue
                Mr. Hussong has been in the grocery and meat business for one and one-half years, and during that time has built up a most substantial business. He is personally popular with a large number of patrons because of his courteous manner and fair dealing with all. He is a young man, a live wire in the business world, and we urge members of organized labor to give him a fair share of their patronage. He succeeded Ben Lapp at the present location. Fresh and smoked meats are carried on hand and the store is a leader in the neighborhood. Mr. Hussong has lived in the neighborhood all his life.  Baking goods and country products are kept on hand. He has both phones. Auto delivery.
1005 West Fifth Street, Dayton
                Sole owner of the property extending from 1005 to 1017 West Fifth Street, this progressive colored business man is one of the most prominent and influential citizens in his district. At the above address for the past six years, he has operated a modern six-table billiard hall where a complete line of union-made cigars and tobaccos and soft drinks is sold. A newsstand is operated in connection with the billiard parlor. Mr. Hall is doing a large and thriving business and appreciates the support of organized labor.
900 West Fifth Street, Dayton
                Satisfaction is always guaranteed all patrons on purchases made at this sanitary and up-to-date grocery store, operated at the above address by Mr. Tracy for the past three and a half years. Only the best in fresh and smoked meats and groceries are carried, particular attention being given to the sale and display of nationally advertised brands. The proprietor is a live wire business man and very popular among a large circle of friends and customers. His main ambition is to please the public. He deserves the support of union men.
604 East Fifth Street, Dayton
                This gentleman is a manufacturing confectioner and has been established in business for four years. He manufactures high grade candies. At one time he was a union candy maker. We have no hesitancy in recommending this gentleman to our friends who may be in the market for a high class product of this kind. He makes all of his confections under the most scrupulous care, and cleanliness is one of the things he insists upon in the conduct of his business and the manufacture of his product. We want our friends to give this gentleman a liberal share of their patronage.
S.W. Corner of Fifth and Williams Streets, Dayton
                Established 25 years at his present location at the above address, this well-known pharmacist is doing a thriving business and numbers his pleased patrons literally by the hundreds. His prescription department is up-to-date and fully equipped. A full line of union-made cigars and tobacco, comprising all the leading brands and a stock of toilet preparations second to none is married. Magazines are also sold for the convenience of customers. Mr. Lutzenberger is a friend of the boys and you should ask for his preparations.
Corner of Burkhardt and Curtis, Dayton
                This well-known business man is the proprietor of one of the most up-to-date grocery stores in the GemCity. A full line of groceries, baking goods, fresh and smoked meats, flour and feed of all kinds is carried in stock and sold at moderate prices. He has been established at his present location for 15 years and now has to employ nine people to look after the wants of his hundreds of satisfied patrons. His store has become a great favorite with union men, who recognize in the proprietor a true friend. Tels. Bell, 1444; Home, 5444.
Dayton, Ohio
                This concern is skilled in the work of electrotyping and we want to say at the very start of this business review that you will go a long ways without finding a concern better equipped in every way for handling work of this kind for you. Established only last August, the Gilbert-Baker-Midlam Company has swung into popular favor, not only among the business men of this city, but of many neighboring cities as well, and we want to urge our friends to do everything in their power to help the concern in its endeavor to demonstrate its superiority in the business world. W. A. Gilbert is president and treasurer; C. A. Baker is vice president; W. E. Midlam, Jr. is secretary of the concern. Its motto is “We have what you want and we give it to you WHEN you want it.” This is actually carried out by the company in the conduct of its affairs. These young men are well and favorably known in this community. They are experts, skilled in their professions and deserving of the patronage and good will of the entire business community. They have a well-equipped plant, designed to meet the demands for high-class trade, and we want our union friends to bear this concern in mind at all times and give them a liberal consideration when occasion offers to say a good word. An ever-increasing demand for their products gives characteristic testimony to the high regard in which these men and their establishment are held in the public confidence. Service, quality and satisfaction are the paramount things they consider in their electrotype work.
Third and Main Streets, Dayton
                We want to call attention to the above mentioned gentleman whose cigar store at the corner of Third and Main Streets, in the Phillips Hotel block, is generally regarded as one of the best known and finest equipped in this city. It is, as a matter of fact, the oldest cigar stand in the city, and Mr. Schwab’s father was in business before him. He handles nothing but the finest grades of cigars, tobaccos, cigarettes and smokers’ articles and you will find this store, besides being usually well equipped, the home of hospitality to its patrons. When you are in the neighborhood of the southwest corner of Third and Main Streets, it will pay you to drop in and give this concern a liberal share of your business. You will always be given the most courteous treatment at this store and when you make your purchases you are assured always of the best there is in the smoking line at the lowest possible cost. We want to recommend this store to the union boys. Many of them are already patrons of M. J. Schwab. It is headquarters for business men down town and many union men numbered among its customers.
Fourth and St. Clair Streets (4th Floor)
                For the past nine years this prosperous Dayton concern has been successfully engaged in the manufacture of metal finishing, plating, wood and metal patterns, and has been taking care of a large part of the enameling business done in the Gem City. Located in a modern plant and equipped with every known appliance, the company is prepared to do the highest grade work and possesses an excellent reputation with the trade. In addition to quality and moderate prices, the firm has another thing to command it to buyers in its record of prompt execution of all orders. Transportation facilities accorded the plant have figured in building up its reputation for promptness and service. Officials of the company are all widely known business men and leaders in their industry. Their business dealings have always been above criticism, and they have consequently made hundreds of friends in the city and surrounding territory. In matters pertaining to civic and industrial welfare they have taken an active interest. Relations between employer and workmen at the plant have been the most cordial and the spirit of cooperation is of the best. Officials of the plant may be reached by calling Bell phone, Main 6177.
Fourth and Main Streets, Dayton
                In reviewing the business activities of Dayton, especially in regard to department stores, the firm of Oelman & Co. stands out prominently in the mind of the writer and the thousands of people who have had satisfied dealings with the company during the many years which it has been established. Pervading the large and up-to-date store is a genuine feeling of satisfaction and value, which combined with the efficient and courteous treatment given every patron, makes you a regular customer after one purchase. Since it was established in 1880, nearly 30 years ago, the store has been under the personal direction of Wm. Oelman, Sr., an experienced business man, who knows how to please the public and who has thousands of friends in the city. Having outgrown its old quarters, the store moved to its present location in 1903, at the same time greatly expanding its business. So large has the business grown, in fact, that 100 persons are given steady employment by the company, placing the establishment in the first rank of the GemCity department stores. Anything usually carried in a large store of this kind can be found at “Oelman’s” at prices usually lower than elsewhere. In the past, union men have formed a large part of the patrons of the store and are recommended to continue to give it a large share of their patronage, which is appreciated by the proprietor, who has always been known as a friend of the labor cause. Judging from past records a bright and prosperous future is in store for this popular firm.
19 East Fourth Street, Dayton
                An enviable record for service is held by this widely known Dayton music house. It was back in the fifties, before the days of the Civil War, that the foundation of the large business done at the present time, was laid by the concern. Forging steadily ahead during all those years, the company is now taken as a standard by other concerns of a similar kind in the MiamiValley, who are quick to realize what honesty and fairness in all business transactions can do for a firm. And that in the main, is the way the “House of Soward” has placed itself in the front line, in which it now stands. One of the largest stocks of pianos in the middle west is carried by the house, including numerous makes of high-grade player pianos. Victor victrolas and records form a large part of the stock of the company, the selection in that line being very complete. For the player pianos, all the latest rolls are sold and for victrolas, the newest records. In addition, a complete line of musical accessories can be found displayed at the large and attractive store, furnished complete to the smallest detail. Proprietors of the firm are Herbert and Roscoe Soward, progressive and popular business men. Telephones, Bell, Main 1027; Home 3027.
20 East Fourth Street, Dayton
                This concern was established in business ten years ago and has one of the most complete stocks in the city. Give it your patronage.
2500 East Third Street, Dayton
                A first class soda fountain, confectionery of all kinds, magazines and periodicals can be found at the attractive store of Mr. Arndt, a former machinist and still a friend of organized labor. He deserves and is getting the support of the union men.
Cincinnati and Columbia Streets, Dayton
                These gentlemen manufacture mechanics’ high-grade tool cases and their business is one of the most popular and successful in this city.
Third and Sears Streets, Dayton
                By virtue of its establishment in 1854, this wholesale grocery concern can truly be called one of the landmarks in the GemCity business world. In fact it is one of the oldest and best established firms of its kind in the state of Ohio. For a great number of years, therefore, the company has successfully catered to the wants of the grocers of this section, with an ever-increasing list of patrons standing as evidence of the honesty and fairness of its business dealings. It is a matter of civic pride that Dayton can boast of such an industry as the J. K. McIntire Company, which stands so high in the estimation of the trade. The founders of the company built upon a rock, and that rock was the policy of giving a square deal, and this same principle has continued to be the foundation stone upon which the concern operates. The line of goods carried by the company is the best that can be found on the market, and is always backed by the rigid guarantee of the proprietors of the concern, who are widely known and progressive business men. Buyers can also rest assured that prices of the company cannot be bettered anywhere in Dayton or the MiamiValley. We are glad to recommend this firm to groceries friendly to the cause of labor.
22-26 West Fifth Street, Dayton
                Established twenty-five years ago, we question whether there is any concern in whatever business it is established here in Dayton that holds the fullest confidence and esteem of the public like the one mentioned above. It is a business house that does just what it says it will do for its patrons and it numbers among its customers some of the best known citizens of Dayton and vicinity. It is a dependable furniture house, well stocked and well equipped and it sells at reasonable prices at all times. We suggest that our union friends give this house a liberal share of their business. Furniture, carpets, stoves, and household goods on hand. Bell, Main 20; Home, 2020.
Rear 326 South Main Street, Dayton
                This concern has offices in the rear of the above address. F. P. Brown is president and treasurer and R. W. Kuhns is vice president and secretary. It operates two wagons and has one of the foremost delivery business concerns in the city. The company was organized a quarter of a century ago and has catered to the requirements of our citizens in a way that has always proved satisfactory. Careful handling and considerate attention to all orders are cardinal principles of the business, and we want our friends to give this concern a liberal share of their business. Bell Main 908, Home 4522.
1911 North Main Street, Dayton
                Here is a concern established twenty-four years and one of the most important and prosperous in this section of the city. Mr. Spatz deals in groceries and meats and his free delivery service is a feature of the business that appeals forcibly to his patrons. Union men will do well to give this store a liberal share of their patronage, because this gentleman has always shown himself friendly to the cause of union labor. He is a man who thoroughly understands the grocery business and his prices are always reasonable. The Spatz store is popular in this neighborhood.
319 West Concord Street, Dayton
                Established in 1915, the business of this progressive concern has rapidly grown to such proportions that it is now the largest jobbing house for flour, feed and grain in central Ohio. Branches of the company are operated in various cities over the state with great success. Officers of the company are: Frank J. Reichert, president; August Reichert, vice-president; H. W. Weston, general manager; John M. Reichert, secretary and treasurer. All these men are widely known in GemCity affairs and are friends of labor.
1913 North Main Street, Dayton
                Established two years ago the drug store owned and operated by the above mentioned gentleman is one of the most complete that we have in this section of the city. It is a store that anyone might well take pride in patronizing.
                It is one of those business establishments that has made friends by reason of the splendid services it renders. It carries a line of drugs, sundries, confections, etc., that is second to none in the city and when you are in need of anything of this kind we want you to get in touch with this store. They guarantee everything they sell.
111 Valley Street, Dayton
                This is one of the most popular cafes in this section of the city and one that commends itself to the workingmen living in this neighborhood as a fine meeting place for the boys. It is operated along strictly business lines and caters to the wants and demands of its hundreds of patrons in a way that makes friends for the proprietor. If you have never met this gentleman, we want you to drop in and see him and give him a liberal share of your business. Steve is a man who you can depend upon to give you splendid services. Drop in here the next time you are in the neighborhood. Home phone, 6095.
Main and Helena Streets, Dayton
                Here is the most popular, up-to-date and reliable drug store in this section of the city and, it might be added, the busiest of its kind in Dayton. Mr. Schellhaas is one of the best known of the younger business men in this city and he has built up a remarkable business through the courteous, generous manner in which he conducts his drug store. This store is also a branch of the Dayton post office. He carries in stock all kinds of drugs, sundries, magazines, cigars, tobaccos and cigarettes and his store is equipped fully to meet the demands of a bustling, busy neighborhood.
Fifth and Brown Streets, Dayton
                We do not know of a single business in this particular line that is more entitled to the cooperation, good wishes and general patronage of the members of organized labor than the café owned and operated by Mr. F. W. Wagner. The place is known to the trade as “The Vestibule” and it is a popular meeting place for the boys after the day’s work is over and a period of rest and recreation sets in. Mr. Wagner has had his café at this particular location for the last twenty-eight years and during this time he has catered to the demands and requirements of his patrons in a very satisfactory manner. Harry Harshman and Joseph Vogelsang are the popular assistants of Mr. Wagner in handling the trade. If you have never met Mr. Wagner we want you to avail yourself of the first opportunity of dropping in and seeing him and making his acquaintance. His place is known for the warmth of cordiality that always prevails here and the generous nature of the man who owns it. He is worthy the patronage of the boys and has secured a liberal share of it. His telephone number is Home 3524.
104 West Fifth Street, Dayton
                This gentleman is a tailor and a first class one, too. He makes suits, overcoats to order and makes a specialty in ladies’ tailoring. Cleaning, pressing and remodeling. Established three years ago. Detmer and Brunner woolens used. Give this man your business. Bell phone, Main 6844.
3027 East Third Street, Dayton
                Under the control of this widely known business woman, “Ben’s Place” is one of the best equipped and regulated cafes in the city and is doing a large and prosperous business. The business was established 15 years ago under the present ownership. Mortz Keller and Frank Schreck are the assistants, and both are union men, which leads us to make the suggestion that whenever you are in the neighborhood of “Ben’s Place” you ought to drop in, because you will always be assured of first-class, courteous treatment. An appetizing light lunch is served throughout the day. Mrs. Nellie Frantz is the widow of the late Benj. Frantz, who started the business, and we take pleasure in having her café represented in this Review. There is a Home phone in the place, No. 81209.
Ohio and Valley Streets, and 405 Troy Street
                Two modern and excellently equipped drug stores have been run by Mr. Ridgway at the addresses mentioned above since 1909. A soda fountain, an inclusive line of union-made cigars and everything in drugs and drug sundries have made these two stores among the very best in the city. Courtesy and individual attention are the policy of the Ridgway stores and their proprietor, who has always shown the proper spirit toward all projects benefiting the public welfare and the working people of the city, is deserving of the patronage of all friends of labor.
3015 East Third Street, Dayton
                Established at the above well-situated address for the past five years, this well-known business man is now better prepared than ever to look after the wants of his customers. He operates an East Branch news stand, and handles tobacco, cigars, ice cream and candies. In connection with this he also conducts a first-class dry goods store, complete in every particular and designed to meet the demands of the most exacting patrons. Notions and stationery are carried in stock. Mr. Rensch has always been friendly to the cause of organized labor and we have, therefore, no hesitancy in suggesting to the friends of organized labor that they give him a liberal share of their patronage. He has a Bell telephone, East 544, in his store.

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