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Annual Labor Review
Part Four


139 South Main Street, Dayton
                This concern is managed by Charles E. Comer, one of the best known of our business men in Dayton. He gives his business his personal and undivided attention, thus insuring to his patrons the finest possible service at all times. The Comer Mfg. Company makes waterproof novelties and agents’ supplies of various kinds particularly the famous “Kantleak” raincoats and in their particular line we question whether you will find a business establishment in the city better equipped in every way to meet the ever-increasing demand for goods of this kind. This is a reliable, trustworthy enterprise employing 65 people and they hold a strong place in our city’s industrial life.
114 East Fourth Street, Dayton
                Tools, dies, jigs, fixtures, gauges and special machinery are manufactured and extensively sold in all parts of the country by this prominent Dayton concern, located in the very heart of the city. To take care of the constantly growing demand for the products of the company, more than 35 skilled machinists are kept constantly busy at profitable employment. Established a number of years ago, the concern has built up an enviable reputation for honesty and square dealing in all its business transactions and negotiations with its employes. The plant of the company is one of the best equipped of its kind in the country, new and modern machinery installed every year to keep it abreast and ahead of the times. Quality of Moore-Eastwood products needs no comment, hundreds of references from the trade being sufficient guarantee of satisfaction. Tools made by the concern are used by large companies and producers in all parts of the United States and in many foreign countries. A specialty with the company is the designing and experimental work, which it does under the direction of skilled experts, among whom are some of the brightest men in the country. The firm is always trying to improve the quality of its products and is not sparing of expense in its efforts to accomplish that result. Shipping and packing facilities of the plant enable it to deliver all orders with an unusual degree of promptness. Local orders can be placed by calling Bell, Main 8854.
35 South St. Clair Street, Dayton
                We at this time call particular attention to the above mentioned concern, which is engaged in the manufacture of computing machinery. The company was established two years ago and now enjoys the trust and confidence not only of the business community in which it holds a vital and conspicuous place, but of the business interests in various other and neighboring cities, where the fame of its products has already reached. Four persons are given employment here. The management gives to the development of this concern its full and undivided attention, thus insuring to the trade the highest possible class of work. It is a pleasure to have any business dealings with an establishment of this kind, because you are always sure you are going to get a square deal and receive proper consideration in the dealings. The business is founded upon a desire to honestly furnish computing machinery of various kinds to a trade that is ready to use the best that brains and reliable service can produce. The concern is known to be friendly to the cause of labor.
(Rear) 318 East Second Street, Dayton
                We want to call particular attention to the above mentioned establishment, generally regarded in the industrial activities of this city as one of the best known and most modern concerns of its kind in this section of the state. Established two years ago this company deals in hardening and heat treating of carbon and alloy steel. They do carbonizing, case-hardening, light machine forging, tool dressing, etc. William H. Hewitt is the general manager and he is personally one of the best known business men in the city. We want to say for the Dayton Steel Heat Treating Company that it has won its reputation on the basis of superior service and we have no hesitancy; in fact, we take a great deal of pleasure in calling the attention of our friends to the unusual efficiency at the command of this company. This is the largest plant engaged in this line of business in this city and the concern is well and favorably known to the trade. Mr. Hewitt is well known among the boys of organized labor and is recognized as friendly to the cause. We want our friends to avail themselves of every opportunity to say a good word for the Dayton Steel Heat Treating Company, because we know the character of their work will stand the severest test. If it is something you want in their line you cannot afford in fact, to pass them up. Their prices are correct in every particular and the concern guarantees its work to be acceptable and reliable and satisfactory in every respect. Years of experience are back of this industry and the men who are operating the company are men in whom you can put every reliance. Give them a share of your patronage and be convinced on their superiority. Bell phone, Main 8761.
1203 South Wayne Avenue, Dayton
                When it comes to groceries and meats, we question whether there is a store in this vicinity that has proved as popular with the buying public as the one mentioned above. It was established twenty years ago and the stock is full, complete and fresh. You will do well to bear this store in mind when you are in need of anything in the grocery or meat line. The proprietor is known in this vicinity as a friend of the union boys and we want to urge our friends to give him a liberal share of their business. He is deserving of it and solicits a part of your trade.
413 West Third Street, Dayton
                These ladies operate a home bakery that is second to none in the city in point of cleanliness and the character of the products. We want our friends to bear the place in mind and give Requarth Sisters some of their patronage.
704 North Main Street, Dayton
                There is no undertaking business in the city of Dayton that has been more substantially established than the one which is operated by these gentlemen. They have been following the undertaking business for quite a few years, a service that is probably unequalled in the city. Perfect satisfaction guaranteed at all times. They run a private ambulance of which prompt and efficient service is guaranteed. These gentlemen are friends to the cause and don’t forget them when in need of some one in their line. Bell phone, Main 4070; Home, 4603.
1101 East Second Street, Dayton
                This business establishment was started ten years ago and manufactures hardware specialties, dies, tools, stampings, deep drawing, metal finishing, articles manufactured complete. Screw machine products. The concern gives employment to 100 persons, and its plant covers an area of 40,000 square feet. Particular attention is paid to the making of special machines, etc. The concern does plating and polishing, etc., and they also make a plating barrel used for mechanically plating small parts, etc. Mr. Dunston is well known and liked by all the employes of this plant and the best of cooperation exists between employer and employes. This is beyond any question the largest stamping plant in the city of Dayton and the neighborhood. We want to call especial attention to the fact that the Crown Hardware Manufacturing Company is one of the most substantial industrial concerns in this section of the country. It is generally regarded everywhere as reliable and trustworthy, and the character of its products speaks more eloquently then any words we might write of the splendid success it has achieved. The men who own and operate the plant are men of unquestioned ability along these special lines, and have made a lifetime study of their work. We have no hesitancy, and, in fact, we take a great deal of pleasure in recommending this company to our friends who may be in need of anything in its particular line. It guarantees to satisfy the customer completely. Being friendly to the cause of organized labor it commends itself strongly to the members of the union and commands the undivided support of organized workingmen. Give this company a liberal share of your patronage.
2309 East Fifth Street, Dayton
                This gentleman has one of the best known, most popular and best equipped meat, grocery and vegetable stores in this section of the city, and he is one of the best known business men in this neighborhood. Established two years ago, Mr. Chaney’s grocery has won many friends. Four persons are given employment here. Auto delivery service is maintained. Fresh and smoked meats always on hand and at prices that his patrons always find to be reasonable. Drop in and see him or call him and leave your order. It will receive prompt attention. He is friendly to the cause of organized labor. Bell, East 408; Home, 81266.
227 South Clinton Street, Dayton
                This laundry business was established five years ago and is now generally regarded as one of the best equipped and most efficient in this section of the state. It is the newest laundry in Dayton and is a model of perfection in every respect. No better work can be done in this line than is done by the City Steam Laundry and the special care that is exercised with all patrons speaks eloquently of the intense earnestness which characterizes the management in its efforts to please those who give it a share of their business. Family washings are carefully taken care of. George Taylor and Arthur F. Taylor are the proprietors, both popular citizens of the city.
Dayton, Ohio
                This concern manufactures folding boxes, all kinds of cartons, oyster and ice cream pails and it was established in 1880. They are the originators of the folding box, ice cream and oyster pail cartons. The plant covers one-half a city block, and the average number of employes is one hundred and thirty. A. W. Lowrey is the secretary and he is one of the best known men in the trade and held in the highest esteem by all employes. This is a concern that not only merits the cooperation of its men but the business patronage of the nation and we recommend it highly. It is the largest firm of its kind in the United States.
841 East Monument Avenue, Dayton
                We want to call special attention to the above mentioned concern, generally regarded in business circles of this city to be a leader in its particular branch of work. The concern is engaged in importing and jobbing and was established in 1885. It occupies 25,000 square feet of floor space, a feature that gives some impression and idea of the extensive scale upon which Payne and Company operate their plant. They are represented throughout a number of states by traveling salesmen and the character of their product is especially well and favorably known through the central states. This is one of the best and most complete concerns of its kind in this section of Ohio, and its lines of upholstery fabrics is one of the largest and finest in the central portion of the nation. The stock includes tapestries, silks and velours, used for upholstering furniture. They also carry in stock a large line of general upholstery supplies and fillings. This concern stands high with the workingmen of Dayton and we have no hesitancy in recommending it to our friends, because we know it will please in its transactions all who deal with it.
418 East First Street, Dayton
                We want to call especial attention to the above mentioned concern, because it is one of the best known of its kind in this city. Established three years ago, the Vulcan Tool Company has been under the present management for the last year. Lee A. Jones is president of the concern, and he is a man well and favorably known in the business world.  The number of employes of this company now is from 30 to 40, and the concern is one of the rapidly growing industries of the city. They manufacture tools, dies, jigs, fixtures and gauges for all purposes and the character of their product is such as to intensify the interest of the patron in behalf of the manufacturer. The plant is modernly equipped in every respect, the best of skilled labor is given employment here and the business occupies 7500 square feet of floor space to carry on its business. Under the present management the Vulcan Tool Company is rapidly growing into a business of considerable importance. We want to recommend to our friends that they give their cooperation and influence in the direction of the above mentioned company. It is deserving of your help.
1721 East Fifth Street, Dayton
                This gentleman is popularly known to the trade as “The Pure Food Grocer” and he has established a business at the above address that is second to none in importance in this locality. Giving as he does his personal and undivided attention to the wants and requirements of his customers, Mr. Lensch has made many friends. He established his business three years ago. His grocery and meat market are first class in every respect.  He was at one time a brother member of the union and he is in sympathy with all movements of organized laboring men. Bell phone, East 641.
23 South Main Street, Dayton
                This is a high class up-to-the-minute ladies’ read-to-wear concern that was established last September 10, and is now enjoying a real prosperity among the business establishments of Dayton. The name “Stotter” is generally regarded in this city as representing the highest type of ladies’ wearing apparel that is on the market and we want to recommend to our friends among the organized labor unions that they ask their families to give the above mentioned business a liberal share of their patronage. You will be satisfied with any purchases you make there.
38 East Fourth Street, Dayton
                The Colonet Pocket Billiard Rooms is just the place to spend that lonesome hour or two that all of us have to spend some day. Mr. Love is personally a well liked citizen and his place is a fine meeting place for the boys of the organized labor unions who find great enjoyment in congregating here and enjoying pocket billiards. Mr Love carries a stock of cigars and tobacco. The business was established in 1913 and the pool room is one of the most popular in any section of the city. If you have not yet met this gentleman we want to say to you that you ought to avail yourself of this opportunity the first chance you get. Drop in at the Colonet when you are in the neighborhood the next time and give this man a liberal share of your business. He is known to be friendly to the cause of organized labor and is always anxious to shake hands with the union boys. His place is run in a business-like manner and caters to a high class trade. You will make no mistake in making this place your downtown headquarters. There is a warm welcome for everyone.
Second and Webb Streets, Dayton
                Formerly known as the Dayton Screw Company, this concern, under the reorganization is making arrangements to greatly enlarge its capacity and is now running night and day in an effort to keep up with the large stacks of orders which it now has on hand for future delivery. The change in management and policy was effected February 1, 1918 and the concern passes into the active charge of G. C. Hodson, widely known in GemCity business circles. A bright future is predicted for the company under his progressive management. Products of the plant include practically everything made from screw machines. Everything turned out by the company is guaranteed to be of the highest grade. A large contract recently landed by the concern, calls for the manufacture of valuable airplane parts and is expected to furnish employment for a great number of skilled mechanics for several months. No difficulty is experienced by the plant in booking orders, on which account expansion in the near future is predicted by those in a position to know. At the present time, between 125 and 200 persons are given steady and profitable employment by the company. The best of cooperation exists at the plant between officials and workmen, a feature which contributes largely to the success of the company. Concerns using screw machine products that are favorable to the cause of organized labor are recommended to this concern in placing their next order. In the making of “Dominant Dayton” industrial experts predict that the Dayton Automatic Products Company will more than play its share toward bringing about the desired result.
1058 West Washington Street, Dayton
                This concern was established twenty-five years ago and has a reputation for honest, square dealings and popular prices that few other concerns in the city can boast of. They carry a general line of shoes, dry goods, notions, etc. The management of this store is known to be friendly to the cause of organized labor and we commend the Brost Dry Goods Company to members of the organizations here. Workingmen’s furnishings may be obtained here at reasonable cost and you will always be assured of cordial and courteous treatment in your dealing with this company. Give them a share of your business.
2255 East Fifth Street, Dayton
                C. M. Davis is one of the best known undertakers and embalmers in this section of the city. He established his business here six years ago and has one of the most modern and up-to-date concerns of its kind here. He furnishes either horse-drawn or auto equipment. We know that this gentleman’s reputation for square dealing and honesty in the conduct of his business warrants the kindly interest and the cooperation of our citizens everywhere and we commend him to our friends among the members of organized labor. His office telephone number is East 866 and residence East 867.
27 East Fourth Street, Dayton
                This gentleman established his business four years ago and now has one of the finest cigar stands, pool rooms and tobacco and cigarette stands in the city. If you like to play pocket billiards, we want to recommend that you drop in “Mac’s” place the next time you are in this vicinity and give him a share of your business. He will appreciate your patronage. He is friendly to the cause of organized labor and we know any time you drop in here you will be sure of having a good time. His place is known as “The Keystone” and it is a popular meeting place for the boys.
Fourth and St. Clair Streets, Dayton
                This widely-known Dayton sign company has attracted considerable attention to itself since the start of the war by its work for the government, such as the painting of Liberty Loan and other patriotic signs. A peculiar and pleasing feature of its work for the government has been the donation of numerous free signs and the furnishing of skilled painters to assist in official work. Established 12 years ago, the company now occupies a commanding position in local sign painting work and is splendidly equipped to turn out in the quickest possible time all orders that may be placed with it. Work done by the company includes outdoor advertising, railroad and city bulletins, raised letter signs, wall signs, show cards, designs, illustrating, campaign banners, glass signs, brass and metal signs, parade floats, decorations and pictorial signs. William F. Blommel, the proprietor of the company, is one of the most expert sign writers in the city and is ably assisted by a corps of skilled workmen. The shop of the company is modern, with lighted and splendidly equipped for turning out strictly high-grade work. No work is too large or too small for the Blommel Sign Company, the motto of which is “Signs That Attract and Service That Pleases”. The firm has done most of the work for all the leading concerns in the city and is able to furnish references in regard to the quality and durability of its signs. Orders can be placed by calling Home phone, 3465 or Bell phone, Main 6230. This concern is friendly in every way to organized labor.
1430 East Fifth Street, Dayton
                This gentleman manufactures union cigars and has developed a fine trade along this line. He has been established in business for about three years. He runs a cigar and tobacco stand, but deals also in candies and stationery. We hope the union men will patronize him. Home phone, 4334.
36 East Fourth Street, Dayton
                For a number of years the Fulton market has been sought out by thousands of patrons seeking the very best in the line of fish, oysters and poultry. As far as quality is concerned, the food products sold at this market have always passed the most rigid inspection and have literally made a class for themselves. Only the very best in the various lines of poultry, fish and oysters are carried. Equipment of the market is also such as to insure the most sanitary conditions of storage until the delectable morsels of food and game are delivered to the hands of the customer. No greater variety can be found at any place in Dayton than at the Fulton Market. Especial arrangements have also been made whereby extra large orders for banquets or celebrations can be delivered in the shortest possible time. Charles S. Roth is the popular manager of the establishment and has been connected with it ever since it was organized 20 years ago. He is an expert in his line and has learned by experience just what the public desires in the way of seafood and poultry. His selections are made from the pick of the produce market the country over and it is his especial delight to place an extra fine shipment of fish or oysters at the disposal of his patrons. His methods of business have always been noted for their honesty and fairness and he has consequently built up a large list of steady patrons who would buy at no other place. He is a great friend of the union men and appreciates and is entitled to their fullest support. Orders may be given on Bell phone, 1528 or Home phone, 2018.
605 City National Bank Building, Dayton
                This concern is made up of Oren Britt Brown and Alfred Swift Frank, two of the best known attorneys in southern Ohio, and they have been together in a legal partnership for the last five years. Judge Brown has been a practicing attorney in Dayton for thirty years and he is known and respected among the citizenship of this city and county in a splendid way, his merits as a lawyer being fully recognized. At one time he was Judge of the Common Pleas Court in MontgomeryCounty. Attorney Frank is the junior member of the firm. He has been a practicing lawyer for the last six years and has won a reputation that is the envy of many members of the bar of many more years of experience. He is a graduate of the HarvardLawSchool. We have no hesitancy in recommending the above mentioned concern to our friends among the members of organized labor, because we know they are without equals in their chosen lines of profession. They give all cases their personal and undivided attention and that care which legal matters always deserve and require.
16-18 West Third Street, Dayton
Hotel Miami
                “It Pays to Please,” says Matthews, the florist, and following the suggestion he makes himself, Mr. Matthews carries it into perfect effect by pleasing his customers. He has a number of floral establishments in the city. The one mentioned above is the PhillipsHouseBuilding and one in the MiamiHotelBuilding. Giving as he does his personal and undivided attention to his business, Mr. Matthews has built up an exceptionally fine business and one that appeals strongly to his patrons all over the city and neighboring counties as well. The floral business is one in which this gentleman has been engaged for many years. He understands every phase of the business and has made it a life study. That’s why he always pleases his patrons. He knows exactly what his patrons want and the way to prepare flowers for them for all occasions. Personally, Mr. Matthews is a most amiable man, with many close friends and his list of customers is very large. We commend his business to our friends of the local organized labor unions, because we know you will be satisfied with your dealings with this gentleman. Greenhouses are situated at No. 1 Floral Avenue. Telephone Bell, Main 666.
118 South Jefferson Street, Dayton
                This restaurant was established eleven years ago and now does a big business in this city. This is the only up-to-date lunch room in the city where you may buy what you want, in season the best the market affords, at popular prices. This restaurant is never closed. Its motto is “Quality, Quick and Clean Service” and the management gives the place his personal and undivided attention to see that the principles of the restaurant are carried out. R. M. Defenderfer is the owner and he is personally known and liked by the boys of the labor unions, because he is friendly to their cause.
23 East Third Street, Dayton
                The wholesale business of Charles Sander at 23 East Third Street, is one of the best known in this section of the city. This gentleman has a host of friends and many of them are from among the members of organized labor, too. We want to commend this gentleman and his business to our friends and more especially the members of the laboring organizations. The business was established in 1868 by Wm. Sander and the present proprietor took it over in 1897. He has met with considerable success in his enterprise and has richly deserved the popularity which his business and himself have attained. A complete line of wholesale cigars and glassware is carried in stock.
Corner of Third and Madison Streets, Dayton
                Located in a new and strictly modern factory at the above centrally located address, this widely known and prosperous Gem City manufacturing concern is now in a better position than ever to supply the needs of hundreds of satisfied customers, who know that they can always buy a first class line of tools, jigs, fixtures, dies and gauges from this firm. New equipment recently installed at the plant makes it beyond a doubt one of the finest of its kind in Dayton. The equipment includes all the latest appliances and machinery for turning out high-grade work in the shortest possible time. Established for two years, the company has shattered all records for growth and expansion. At the present time, more than 25 skilled workmen are kept constantly busy turning out the orders received at the offices of the company. One of the factors in the company’s success is the cooperation existing between employer and employe, for which the plant has become noted. Friendly in all their dealings, officials of the company are regarded as friends of all union men. The plant is finely equipped to turn out orders for special machinery in rapid time under a guarantee of absolute satisfaction. J. D. Boughman is president of the concern, E. H. Pressler, vice-president and Edmond B. John, secretary and treasurer. No introduction is necessary to the business and financial circles of the city for these men, all of whom are widely known and liked. The past record of the company bespeaks well for its success and expansion in the movement to make Dayton more dominant than ever. The plant of the company was formerly located at 8 N. Canal Street.
Dayton, Ohio
                This concern deals in stocks and bonds and has a reputation throughout southern Ohio for being one of the most alert, business-like and reliable companies engaged in this line. The men who compose the concern are men of known ability and their business is conducted on a high plane. They have direct wires from their offices to all trading centers in the country. They are always glad to do business with men of smaller means as well as the men who are in a position to buy heavily, and you can rest assured any dealings you have with this concern will be in every way pleasant and strictly along business lines. Bell telephone, Main 791. Home, 6274.
348 West Third Street, Dayton
                Established thirty years ago, this man is a dealer in milk, cream, butter and eggs and his business is one of importance to the section where his store is located. Union workmen will do well to give their trade to Mr. Townsley.
7 East Third Street, Dayton
                A combined capital and surplus of $ 680,000 immediately stamps this well-known bank as one of the largest and safest financial institutions of the GemCity. Officers of the City National Bank are: H. E. Talbott, president; William Stroop, vice president; C. Keifer, vice president; W. G. Davidson, cashier, and H. E. Whalen, assistant cashier. It is commonly recognized that these men are all leaders in Dayton’s business circle. The same can be said of the officers of the City Trust and Savings Bank: H. E. Talbott, president; William Stroop, vice president, and W. W. Bishop, secretary and treasurer. Resources of the City National Bank are $ 6,065,172.22, while of the City Trust and Savings Bank $ 1,340,406.44. The City National Bank now boasts of nearly $ 5,000,000 deposits. Directors of the combined institutions are: F. J. Ach, O. B. Brown, R. J. Connelly, M. Costello, J. R. Gebhart, C. Keifer, G. H. Mead and William Stroop. R. E. DeWese is the manager of the bond department. The institution was established in 1883 and was formerly known as the First National Bank. Going down the years, a glance into history shows that the bank has always maintained that high reputation for integrity and honesty for which it is now famous. The City Trust and Savings Bank was established in 1911 to take care of the fast growing demand for a department of that kind. Methods employed in handling money at the bank are constantly being brought up to date, making it one of the most modern institutions in the state. Union men will find that their money is absolutely safe in the keeping of these trusted business men.
531 East Xenia Avenue, Dayton
                This concern operates a variety store and carries a fine line of hardware, queensware and cutlery and is one of the busiest and most up-to-the-minute concerns in the section where it is located. Mr. Cunningham was for 36 years a pilot on a steamboat on the Ohio and Mississippi rivers and has been in business at this same address for 12 years, and previously for 10 years was in business operating a book store on East Third Street. He carries a fine line of school supplies. Union people should lend this man their patronage.
937 South Brown Street, Dayton
                This concern was started ten years ago and carries a full line of paints and painters’ supplies, wall paper, mouldings, brushes and glass. It is a pleasure to say to members of organized labor that their wants in any of these lines will be carefully looked after by the Mohr Paint Store. William C. Mohr is the proprietor and he is a practical business man who understand every particular of the trade, and is therefore, in a position to fill every want in his line. He is friendly to the cause of labor and we suggest you give him a share of your patronage. Home phone 6320; Bell 4503.
545 Keowee Street, Dayton
                Here is a grocery and meat store that is second to none in this section of the city and we want to call especial attention of our friends among the members of organized labor to the unusual advantages there are in dealing with a store of this kind. In the first place, anything you buy here is fresh and the prices which obtain on the goods sold here are reasonable. The management is known to be friendly to the cause of organized labor and we have no hesitancy in urging the boys to give the concern a liberal share of their patronage. You will be well looked after at this store.
3000 East Fifth Street, Dayton
                The Berghoff Café is popularly known to every citizen living in this section of the city. Mr. Stout is the proprietor and he is a popular citizen who has many friends among the members of organized labor. He serves the best chicken, steak and wholesome dinners in this section of the city and he caters to first class trade only. Four persons are given employment at this café. He serves a light lunch during the day, a thing many workingmen who are numbered among his patrons appreciate. Give Mr. Stout a share of your business. He will appreciate it and you will be glad of it, too. Both phones.
27 West Fifth Street, Dayton
                It would be a somewhat difficult task to pick out in this city of more than 140,000 people a concern that more generally meets the diversified needs of the citizenship than the Wilkie News Co. This concern was established 21 years ago and as its name indicates, carries full and complete line of mechanical books and magazines, newspapers, etc. Anything of this kind that you may be in need of you will find at this place, and it is hardly necessary to ever go any place else. So careful is Mr. Wilkie of his trade that he carries practically every first class periodical and trade paper in stock, and members of organized labor will do well to bear the name of this business house in mind when they are in need of anything in the magazine line. A full line of popular priced candies is also carried in stock. We commend this company to the careful citizen. It is able to meet the most exacting demands of the trade.
311 North Troy Street, Dayton
                This concern carries in stock a full line of dry goods and notions and furnishings for ladies and gentlemen. Mr. Mankat was established in business two years ago. He was on North Valley Street for 18 years and his record of honesty and fair dealings has made him many friends. He is well and favorably known to the “boys” in the locality and we suggest that organized laboring men give him their patronage.
109 East Third Street, Dayton
                This concern has been in business for five years, and is engaged in the business of manufacturing pharmacists’ and chemists’ supplies, a most important feature of our community life. Doctors’ medicines that are made in Dayton are the things they produce, and it is a pleasure to us to be able to recommend this concern to those in the city who may stand in need of their products. They have built up a business of which any concern in the city may well feel proud, and by the use of up-to-date and modern methods have firmly established themselves in the good will of the business circles of Dayton. If you are in need of anything in the line suggested above, we recommend The Fred L. Virtue Company.
13 North Troy Street, Dayton
                There is no more popular place to spend your leisure time than at the above mentioned address. Jim and Tom are the proprietors and everyone knows these boys. Five tables, all in first class condition, are operated by this pool room. Union made cigars and cigarettes are kept constantly in stock. Soft drinks are dispensed from a fine soda fountain. Give these men a call.
First and Main Streets, Dayton
                Here is a piano man who stands in the very forefront of his business in Dayton and enjoys an enviable reputation not only in the city of Dayton itself, but in the surrounding territory as well. The business was established in 1913 and Mr. Hamilton handles the famous Baldwin, Ellington, Hamilton and Howard pianos and piano-players, the Manualo, “the player-piano” that is all but human, and the Modello Player-Piano. This business is conducted on a one-price basis only, with an iron clad rule and policy of strictly high grade service to customers. When you put your money into a piano you usually, if you buy a good instrument, put up a sufficient amount to make it necessary that you get the right sort of an instrument. When you buy from Archie L. Hamilton you may dismiss all fear of not receiving value received. Five years of successful salesmanship with the sale of hundreds of high-grade pianos warrants the assertion that this man’s products are the best in the country. You can not buy elsewhere and beat either his prices or his service. Mr. Hamilton is worthy the support of every union man in Dayton.
34 North Canal, Dayton
                Here is one of the oldest and most established concerns in the entire city. It was started thirty-six years ago and has increased its capacity and its list of patrons from year to year, to meet an ever-increasing demand for its services. It is, in fact, the oldest concern of its kind in this city. William L. Wirsching has been the proprietor for the last seven years. He is in every way a self-made man, having started as a bookkeeper in the company and working as a stenographer. Now he is the owner. He has handled over ten thousand jobs in the last seven years, and in every instance, without a single exception, his services have been most gratifying to the customer. We take pleasure in having this concern represented in this review.
Germantown and Williams Dayton
                Mr. H. Q. Alexander is the proprietor of this popular motion picture house, a theatre that was established years ago. Mr. Alexander strives always to present the very best possible pictures to his patrons, and that he is succeeding is proven by the ever-increasing patronage at this place. Special feature films are shown on Sundays and holidays. We don’t know of any motion picture theater in the city of Dayton that is any more modern or up-to-date than the Edgemont Theater, and it serves a wide area of the city, its patrons being numbers among the very finest citizens of the flourishing section of the city. If you want to see the very best, try the Edgemont Theater. This is a place of no disappointments.
18 South Jefferson Street, Dayton
                We find there is a very strong sentiment favorable to the above mentioned concern in this city and adjacent territory. In fact, the Holiday Electric Company has won the admiration and now enjoys the confidence and esteem of many of our citizens. This is as it should be, because if there is any one concern in this community that has done its share toward building up in a business way of Dayton, the above mentioned establishment is that concern. The company deals in wholesale and retail electrical supplies and lighting fixtures, and its stock is as full and complete as you would hope to find in the city. J. E. Swisher is the manager of the store and he is personally, a gentleman who has a strong business following in this city. He operates the store in a modern, wide-awake fashion and his splendid business abilities are reflected in the continued progress and advancement that is being made by the Holiday Electric Company. If you are planning a new home and need electrical fixtures; if you are remodeling your present home and find that a touch of the modern fixtures for your electric lights are required; we want to say to you right here and now that there isn’t a store in the country better equipped for handling your case than the one we are writing about. It has kept fully abreast of the times and its prices, you will find always reasonable. We commend the Holiday Electric Company to our friends and urge their patronage. Bell phone, Main 144. Home, 5144. This is the store that entirely satisfies.
142 South Main Street, Dayton
3 East Fifth Street, Dayton
                Here is a concern that we want to mention as we take up the various lines of business endeavor in the city. Latin’s is a household word among Dayton men, because it means to the men who know where to buy, that it is the place where they may buy most economically and profitably. A disappointed customer is a thing Latin’s has never known of, and they have built up a trade founded upon the principles of honest dealings and satisfaction to the customer. They carry a full and complete line of hats and men’s furnishings. It would be a rather difficult task to pick out a business house in our down town district that so completely caters to men of all ages and all dispositions. The most exacting patron may find at Latin’s just the thing he wants, and when he makes his purchase and leaves he does so with a feeling that he is being well taken care of and what he has bought is first class in every respect. We commend this store to members of organized labor, knowing full well they will get dollar for dollar on all purchases. Established 26 years.
21 East Third Street, Dayton
                This prominent Dayton financial institution has for the past 56 years faithfully guarded the monies of a large share of GemCity investors. With its past record for service and efficiency faultless, the bank now has a capital stock of $400,000 and a surplus of $100,000. It has been named a United States depository and employs only the most modern and up-to-date methods. Charles J. Moore is president; John S. McIntyre, vice president; Jos. F. Mueller, cashier; and W. C. Gerber, assistant cashier of the bank. Deposits from union men are solicited and given the most careful attention.
404 West Fifth Street, Dayton
                At the attractive and sanitary store of these progressive business men can be found a complete line of high-grade groceries, fresh and salt meats and baking goods. In addition, a large stock of union-made cigars and tobaccos is sold. Established at their present location for four years, these gentlemen by their honest and clean cut methods have built up a large list of satisfied patrons. “If it’s good to eat, we have it,” is their motto. Bell phone, 703; Home 5347. Patronage of union men is solicited and highly appreciated.
18 West Fourth Street, Dayton
                We want to call particular attention to the above mentioned concern, one of the best known and most popular in the city. They deal in a retail way with ladies’, misses’, and children’s hats and they have one of the best lines of goods of all kinds in this city. The concern was established one and one-half years ago at the above location. Mr. A. Marx is the proprietor. He is personally known to business men everywhere as a fine gentleman and a good business man and he gives his establishment here his full and undivided attention at all times. Give this store a share of your business. You will be satisfied.
233 West Third Street, Flat 1,Dayton
                This favorably known dentist is highly recommended to union men in need of dental work and safe and sound advice of a reliable dentist. Located in Dayton for five years, Doctor Lane has been established at the above address for two years and is doing a large and prosperous business. Graduated from the best dental schools, he is prepared to give his patients the best of treatment and is installed in a handsomely appointed suite of offices arranged especially for the convenience of friends and patrons. Bell, Main 1435.
119 East Third Street, Dayton
                This is one of the largest jobbing houses of iron, steel, and heavy hardware in the middle west. The large business of the concern is done in a modern up-to-date warehouse at the above address. In addition to iron and steel, “Congress” auto tires and “Disco” tubes are sold extensively by this firm. A specialty with the company is the handling of wagon-makers, and horseshoers’ supplies. Officials of the company are popular, progressive business men. Tels. Bel, Main 3852; Home, 5849.
41 West Third Street, Dayton
                Carrying in stock only the highest quality woolens and suitings, this well known merchant tailor does work which is the envy of all his competitors. Established in business in 1885, Mr. Rotterman has built up a large list of satisfied patrons and is now better prepared than ever to attend to their most particular wants. Union men are recommended to this shop for first class work, done in prompt time and always at the most reasonable prices. Satisfaction is strictly guaranteed on all orders.
15 East Forth Street, U. B. Bldg.
(Seventh Floor)
                We want to call attention of our friends and business men in general who may be in need of products of this kind to the unusual facilities offered by the Dayton Insulating Die Company. This concern has been established for some time and is now generally recognized by the industrial life in this city as a concern of great promise. The concern gives employment to forty-five persons and during the time since its beginning has made wonderful progress and strides. It is a growing concern, enjoying in an unusual way the public confidence and esteem, and it is located on the seventh floor of the U. B. Building on East Fourth Street. The men who own and operate this industry are men of reliability and standing in the community and we take a great deal of pleasure in recommending the Dayton Insulating Die Company to concerns not only in Dayton, but throughout the entire MiamiValley as a trustworthy enterprise; well equipped and modernly designed. This concern keeps fully abreast of the times and is in a position at all times to give its patrons the finest possible service at the lowest possible expense. We know a trial will convince you of the merits.
Third and Findlay Streets, Dayton
                This grocery has always been in good with the public. It was established 15 years ago at this same location and bears a splendid name in the business world. Eight persons are employed by the owners in the conduct of their affairs. The brothers who compose the firm are Harry N. and Jacob L. Ballman, and they conduct one of the largest family groceries in this section of the city, with a fine line of meats to suit the demands of their many patrons. We have no hesitancy in saying to the members of organized labor that they will do well to give a liberal part of their business to this concern. They may be assured of prompt and courteous treatment at all times, and prices that are right. Give them a call. Bell phone, East 2080. Home, 4192.
101 South Allen Street, Dayton
                Speaking of first class groceries and meat stores, we want to call attention to our friends and all friends of organized labor to the store owned and operated by the above mentioned gentleman. He is friendly to the cause of union labor and has in many ways shown his eagerness to help the union boys in their efforts to develop their work. His grocery is full and complete and you can always get what you want here at prices that are within your reach and reasonable. Give Mr. Daut a liberal share of your business and let him know you appreciate what he has done for the cause.
Third and Dutoit Streets, Dayton
                We want to call particular attention to the business owned and operated by the above mentioned gentleman, generally conceded to be one of the highest class establishments in this section of the city. Mr. Fauver deals in the highest grades of coal at the most reasonable of prices and we want to commend him and his business to our friends among the members of organized labor, because we know you will never regret any business dealings you have with E. H. Fauver. His relationships with the public and more especially his patrons have always been of a most cordial nature and he takes a personal and undivided interest in filling orders to see that his customers’ wants are always carefully looked after, with that consideration they most desire. He has spent all his life thus far in Dayton and his reputation for reliability and trustworthiness is unexcelled in this city. The present business was established at the present location eight years ago. Use the telephone in calling. East 2404 on the Bell and on the Home, 6939. This gentleman has always been regarded as friendly to the cause of organized labor and is entitled to your business.
26 North Canal Street, Dayton
                Joseph J. Rohr is the proprietor of the above mentioned establishment, generally recognized in the community as one of the best known and most modernly equipped of its kind in this section of the state. The company was organized two years ago and it now represents one of the largest establishments of its kind here. This is a strictly union pattern works and the finest cooperation exists between the officials and the boys. Mr. Rohr is a life-long resident of Dayton and was formerly a union man himself. He is well known and extremely popular among the boys. In calling particular attention to the Miami Pattern Works, we want to say right here and now, that this concern is prepared to handle all manner of pattern work of the most delicate or intricate nature. Mr. Rohr is himself, a man who thoroughly understands his business and he gives it his personal and undivided attention, so that any dealings you may have with his concern will be satisfactory in every respect. He aims first of all to give his patrons the best possible service; this he does in a manner that has won him the approval and good wishes of all who have dealings with him. The character of his work and the product of his plant speak more eloquently of the genius and expert work that enters into it than any mere words we might recite here. We want to commend the Miami Pattern Works to friends of organized labor and to urge upon the boys that they recommend the above mentioned concern when they hear of someone who is in the market for pattern work of a superior nature. We are sure that anyone who does business with the Miami Pattern Works will be perfectly satisfied with their dealings with Mr. Rohr.
18 South Western Avenue, Dayton
                We want at this particular time to call attention to the above named gentleman who operates a café of superior quality in this section of the city. He has at all times proven to be exceedingly friendly to the cause of labor. This business, established more than seven years ago, still maintains its high standing in the community and is regarded as an important feature of business life in the locality. Mr. Emrick operates a first class café and caters to the high class trade. It is always a matter of interest to meet friends of the laboring class. In these days, when loyalty is prized above all things, Mr. Emrick has stood out in all matters pertaining to the cause as a friend of the man who works and the union men will do well, when in his neighborhood, to drop in and give him a call. He will appreciate this courtesy greatly, and it will at the same time give evidence of the fact that the laboring man knows his friends and is willing to patronize those who have been friendly to him.
527 East Third Street, Dayton
                Here is a druggist and a drug store of which any community might feel proud. It has been under the present ownership for nearly two years. A complete line of prominent national periodicals is always kept in stock. The prescription feature of the business is given careful and expert attention. They also carry a complete line of the Spengler remedies, which have been in the Dayton market for over 30 years. A first class soda fountain is operated by Mr. Whitaker. The owner originally came from Cincinnati, where he was in the drug business for 18 years and was with the Dow Drug Company for eight years. Home phone, 2389. Give him your patronage, he is deserving of it in every way.
104 East Xenia Avenue, Dayton
                As a family grocer this gentleman takes precedence over many others in his neighborhood. His business is a most popular and profitable one. Mr. Yassenhoff has an unlimited variety of staple and fancy groceries and also a splendid line of fresh and smoked meats. Family medicines – remedies for all ailments – constitute an important part in the large stock which this up-to-date grocer carries at all times. He has been living in Dayton for 37 years and has been established in the grocery business for 23 years. Mrs. Yassenhoff assists her husband in the operation of the store and the fair and friendly dealings which have come to standardize this place of business have won for them a large patronage. Telephones, Bell, East 630; Home, 2411.
1819 West Third Street, Dayton
                Here is a café of which Mr. Hansen has been the owner for the last four years. It is one of the popular establishments of its kind in this section. A café has been located here for the last forty years and during this time has always been one of the most popular of business houses in the immediate neighborhood. It has constantly borne an excellent reputation among the residents, and under the direction of Mr. Hansen it has grown in power and popularity. The gentleman who now owns the business has been exceedingly successful in its operation. He has made many friends among the boys of organized labor and it is a thing of which he is proud that so many of the boys make this place their headquarters and meeting place. He, of course, meets the most exacting demands of his patrons, and he is courteous and gentlemanly in his conduct to all patrons. You will always find the latchstring out for the members of organized labor. Billiard and pool are features of the place. Home phone, 3679.
413-415 West Fifth Street, Dayton
                Known as the oldest garage in Dayton, the establishment eight years ago of the present management of this concern is also one of the most modern and best equipped of its kind in the GemCity. From the day the garage was started, it has handled the famous “Reo” cars. In the past three years, the company has delivered more auto trucks than any other concern in the city. The garage is unusually well equipped to make fast repair work on cars, on which satisfaction is always guaranteed. Officials of the company are honest, straightforward businessmen, who appreciate the support of union men.
Pine and Shawnee Streets, Dayton
                Mr. Reid succeeded to the business of the Mattern Machine and Barbau Grain Hauling Machine Company. This concern deals in general machine work, mill, oil and dental specialties. Personally, few industrial men in the city have so many good friends as Mr. Reid. He is known among the boys of the organized labor unions because of his attention to their needs when opportunity arises. His shop is one of the best equipped and busiest in Dayton and the best of cooperation always exists between employer and employes. If it is something you want in this gentleman’s line, give him some of your business.
Arcade, 35 West Fourth Street, Dayton
                This concern was established in business since 1906 and has one of the best equipped concerns of its kind in the city. The long and honorable history of the Swartzel Ice Cream Company is a superior organization and during its business development in the city it has built up a fine trade. Once used, this concern’s products are always used. Great care is exercised in the manufacturing of the products and it is of interest to note that the business has developed in large measure by reason of the satisfactory service. It serves you promptly and satisfactorily. Bell, 2282. Home, 3798.
1927 East Third Street, Dayton
                This well known business man is the proprietor of a well equipped establishment where everything in the way of galvanized iron, tin, slate roofing and sheet metal may be obtained at the lowest possible prices. Mr. Scott handles Lowe Bros. paint and is the sole agent for the Ajax, Standard, Front Rank and Peninsular furnaces, than which there is no more perfect make in the country. Repair work is a specialty of his ship, at which on an average of 10 men are employed. Mr. Scott is a gentleman of fine personality and a live wire. He deserves the support of organized labor at all times. Bell phone, East 75.
32-24 South Main Street, Dayton
(Second Floor)
                We want to call attention of our friends among the union men of the city and valley to the merits of the above named concern, which is one of the best known and most popular in this section. G. Russell Wells and Henry C. Wellmeier are the owners of the establishment and they stand high as merchant tailors. They have been established in business for many years in this place and the character of their work speaks more eloquently than anything we might write regarding them. Both men are personally well known and popular in this city. They are known to be honest and reliable in their dealings with their patrons and their prices are always correct. If you want a suit made to order at a popular price and be assured at the same time of fit and convenience, no place that offers better bargains than this one. We want to say for Wells and Wellmeier that whatever work they do for you will be done in the highly satisfactory manner and they guarantee to please at all times. They carry a fine line of cloths in stock and they are always abreast of the times when it comes to colors, fittings, etc. We urge our friends to drop in and give this concern a share of their business.
Dayton, Ohio
                This business was established forty years ago and now gives employment to twenty people. The factory and office is located at 116-118 West Fourth Street. The company maintains retail stores at 10 South Main Street; 140 South Main Street and corner Fifth and Ludlow Streets. The Charles Zonars Company are manufacturers and jobbers of fine candies and confectionery and we haven’t the slightest hesitancy in recommending this company to our friends. The owners are men who are reliable and well known and the character of their product is beyond reproach. Give them a part of your business and be convinced. Phones retail stores 5475, 12737, and 13324; factory 6074.
127 East Fifth Street, Dayton
                This undertaking concern is generally regarded as one of the foremost in the city of Dayton. It is equipped in every way for handling the most exacting demands of the trade. Louis F. Berk is the proprietor. As an undertaking and embalming concern this one ranks with the leaders. Mr. Berk is equipped in every possible way for rendering his patrons the most prompt and efficient services and he does this is a most gratifying way. He gives his business his personal and undivided attention and in this way is enabled to meet all demands of the patrons.
31 Ice Avenue, Dayton
                In looking over the list of concerns in this city that have added much to the development of the city along business lines, we note that the Miami Ice Delivery Company stands in the forefront among the companies engaged in a similar line of business. The concern was established December 3, 1917, and gives employment to 125 persons. They operate fifty wagons and trucks. They do not manufacture ice, but they do handle deliveries for the Dayton Ice Company and the Peckham Ice Company. P. B. Hunt is the general manager of the concern and personally he is known among his business associates as a first class citizen and gentleman. The company’s service covers the entire city and gives to every section the finest possible service in the ice delivery line. It is getting time now for you to be preparing to get your ice for the coming summer. We advise our friends to call the Miami Ice Delivery Company and make sure they will have a reliable service during the entire summer. The concern is planning to establish ice stations all over the city during the coming summer. Give them a liberal share of your business.
1035 Germantown Street, Dayton
                Here is a high class grocer who has an enviable reputation in this particular neighborhood. He has been in business for nearly three years and has built up a good sized patronage, carrying a full line of staple and fancy groceries, together with fresh meats. If you need anything of this kind, Mr. Laboring Man, we advise you to see Mr. Smith or call him, Home phone, 5236. Your wants in the grocery line will be properly cared for when patronizing this store.
401-403 West Fifth Street, Dayton
                Occupying the same location for the past 17 years, Mr. Frank is now better equipped than ever to attend to the interests of his many hundreds of customers, a great majority of whom are union men. His honesty, which is recognized on all sides, has brought him many friends and patrons, and with the boys he is generally regarded as a prince of good follows, clever, fair in dealings, and always on the side of the laboring man when matters pertaining to the general development of the cause come up for public consideration. Mr. Frank is cordial in his dealings with all his customers, and this fact has entered into his business to a decided degree. He has friends by the score and you will generally find a lot of the boys congregated at his café at any time. It is, in fact, a popular “hang-out” for members of the cause when the day’s work is finished. Mr. Frank carries a choice stock of union made cigars that is second to none handled in the city.
437 East Third Street, Dayton
                This favorably known plumbing concern is one in which you can have the utmost confidence, backed by the guarantee of two reputable business men. They have been together in business for over two years, but the period of their experience in the plumbing and fitting lines extends over many years. We want to commend this company to members of organized labor and to urge them to give a liberal share of their business to these gentlemen. They are honest and upright in their business methods, endeavoring at all times to please their patrons, and they have built up a splendid reputation by the thoroughness of their services to citizens of Dayton. Mr. Schneble has been in business here for 21 years and was born in Dayton. The concern employs on an average 12 men. Mr. Eckstein was superintendent of the waterworks here for 12 years and also manager of the Dayton Ice Company for 13 years. Give this company a trial and be convinced that we have told you nothing but the truth concerning their work. Home phone 2907 and Bell Main 803.
Third and Hedges Streets, Dayton
                Among the many progressive grocers in the East End of the city there is none more popular than Mr. Williams, who is doing a large business at the above address. He will be remembered among union men as the former secretary of the Electrical Workers’ Union, and even after he established his grocery five years ago he continued in that capacity. Mr. Williams has been a resident of Dayton six years, and was active in union circles when he followed his profession at that time. He operates one of the best grocery stores in the city and organized laboring men may have no hesitancy in giving him a liberal share of their patronage. He carries in stock everything a well-ordered grocery and meat store should have. Home phone 81160; Bell phone East 1794. Free delivery.
14 North Canal Street
BuvingerPowerBuilding, Dayton
                Established the year 1913, the above mentioned concern now has one the most progressive and flourishing business establishments in the city. L. A. Oweger and Ollie Oweger own the plant and they are two of the live, wide-awake business men of the city. They make a specialty in punch and die work and we commend their business to our friends and those who may be in the market for goods of this kind. The Dayton Punch and Die Works is a first class, and high grade enterprise which is richly deserving of the fine patronage it has secured. They guarantee their products to be A-1 always. Bell phone, Main 2705.
1307 West Third Street, Dayton
                This is another of the large industrial concerns which are playing such a prominent part in writing the history of “Dominant Dayton.” Established in 1866, the Dayton Malleable Iron Company has steadily forged ahead through all kinds of business conditions until it has now reached the position of eminence it occupies in the industrial life of the MiamiValley, noted for the variety and importance of its factories. To give an idea of the immense size of the Malleable plant, it is only necessary to say that it covers 15 acres of ground. A large number of modern and well-equipped buildings are distributed over that space, ideally situated along the tracks of the Pennsylvania railroad in the western part of the city. At the present time more than 800 skilled workmen are given steady employment by the company, which has always been very fair in its recognition of the cause of labor. The large force of men work under the latest approved methods, and with modern machinery, which insures a high quality to the products of the concern. Latest official estimates place the capacity of the plant at 30,000 tons a year, placing it on a plane with the large mills in the Eastern Ohio and Pennsylvania district. Products of the Dayton company are shipped all over the world. John C. Haswell is president of the company. It has been due largely to his marvelous business and executive ability that the plant now occupies the position of dominance it holds. He is widely known in local business and financial circles and popular with everyone he meets. The first vice president of the concern is S. W. Davies; M. F. Gartland is second vice president; W. H. Cassel, secretary; and Adolph Heinz, treasurer. What has been said of Mr. Haswell is also true of the other officials. Business of the company is in safe hands when entrusted to these leaders of the industrial world. In addition to looking after the huge interests of the Malleable Iron Company, they have also taken an active part in the development of the city, always being willing to promote the general welfare of “Dominant Dayton.” Working conditions for the men employed at this plant have always been classed as good, and employes of the company have consequently exhibited a great deal of cooperation in maintaining the high standard of its products. Shipping facilities of the plant have been another of the reasons for the remarkable success it has achieved. Situated on the main line of the Pennsylvania system, the concern is always furnished ample switching accommodations to the other truck lines that form a network through Dayton. Deliveries on orders are therefore marked by their promptness. Back of the actual shipment is the facilities of the plant itself for turning out its orders on time, a feature which has won especial commendation from many large buyers. Future expansion of the plant is already foreseen but to what extent it may grow cannot even be predicted by experts in close touch with affairs of the concern. Nothing will be left undone by the company, however, to aid in the further growth of the foundry as it effects the future of “Dominant Dayton.” Financial affairs of the company are declared to be in splendid shape for increasing the capacity of the plant, and new moves along that line may be expected soon, it is predicted. Union men will always receive fair treatment from this concern.
Springfield and Irwin Streets, Dayton
                No grocery and meat concern in Dayton stands higher in the public esteem and confidence than this one and we want to say right here and now that if you are in need of anything in the line of staple or fancy groceries, meats or produce of any kind, you will make no mistake in giving this gentleman a liberal share of your patronage. Established seventeen years, Mr. Zimmerman is completely qualified for operating a first class store such as this one is. It is one of the oldest grocery and produce stores in the east end and Mr. Zimmerman has always been highly regarded as a staunch, true friend of the organized labor union boys. He is a member of the Fraternal Order of Eagles, in which organization he stands very high. His supplies are fresh at all times and his stock is full and complete always. We have no hesitancy, and in fact, we take a great pleasure in recommending to our union friends that they give this gentleman their business. He is deserving of it. His store is recognized in the east end as one of the best in the business and Mr. Zimmerman gives it his personal attention, a thing his patrons appreciate. Home phone, 81102.
119 to 135 North Taylor Street, Dayton
                This concern is engaged in general storage, transfer, and forwarding business and was established in 1913. It now numbers its employes between 15 and 20. It operates two trucks and owns sixteen head of horses. This company is in every way equipped for light and heavy hauling, short and long distance trips. J. W. Weeks is the general manager. Frank Tejan is president of the company and N. V. Weeks, office manager. All are well known citizens of this city, friendly to the cause of organized labor and will appreciate any business you can throw in their way. There is, perhaps, no concern engaged in a similar line of business that is so fully equipped for handling your business in a swift, safe manner. Years of experience have enabled the Merchants Storage and Transfer Company to understand every phase of the business with the result that when you entrust your moving to them you have nothing to worry about or fear. The office and warehouse are centrally located and the storage facilities of the best. In fact, this company is able to handle your business in an exceedingly satisfactory manner at all times. Bell, East 1460. Home, 3863.
Newcome Avenue and Bolton Street
703 South Linden Avenue, Dayton
                M. J. Tierney is president of this widely and favorably known coal firm, which has been doing a successful business in the GemCity for the past five years. Mr. Tierney sells coal at the right kind of prices and you can always be assured of prompt delivery in buying of him. Honorable business methods have made his business a conspicuous success and it is with a great deal of pleasure that we commend him to the support and fullest patronage of members of organized labor, in which he has always been considered a staunch friend. Bell phone, 2239.
Third and Williams Streets, Dayton
                These are days of thrift – of saving. If you haven’t opened a savings account, you are not doing all in your power to help Uncle Sam win this war. The above mentioned financial institution is a credit to this city and particularly to the community of which it forms a part. It has been established many years and is a sound, substantial organization that deserves and solicits a liberal share of your banking business. This is a safe, sane institution that warrants the confidence and esteem in which it is held by the public. We want to invite your friends among organized laboring men to give this bank a share of their patronage.
1129 South Brown Street, Dayton
                In looking over the list of business houses that have made a special appeal to our friends among the organized laboring classes, we find the café owned and conducted by Mr. Ritzler, prominently mentioned as a place where union men like to congregate after the day’s work is over. Established in business more than two years ago, Mr. Ritzler has developed a most successful trade and we want to say to members of organized labor who may not be acquainted with this gentleman that he is our friend and as such is deserving of a generous share of your patronage. Drop in and see him and make yourself acquainted, if you do not know him. He has equipped his café in a first class, modern way, with the finest of equipment and handles union made cigars and tobacco. We cannot recommend too highly this gentleman and his café, because we know the union boys have found it to be an excellent place to gather. Mr. Ritzler endeavors to treat all his patrons in a first class sort of way and the welcome sign is always out to welcome you. Drop in and see this man your first chance and give him a liberal share of your patronage. Home phone, 2713.

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