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Annual Labor Review
Part Five


J. E. Cain, Proprietor
1101 East Springfield Street, Dayton
                J. E. Cain is the proprietor of the above mentioned establishment and one of the best known among stockmen in southern Ohio, and a popular hostelry at all times. Mr. Cain is personally, a well known citizen and he has considerable of a reputation as a crack rifle shot. His reputation in this respect is, as a matter of fact, national in its extent. In one contest he shot 182 pigeons in straight succession and he got seventeen runs and won a match from the Du Pont Powder Company known as the “Long Run Trophy.” He also won in the international meet in Toronto and took the trophy at the Wesley Hogan meet at Atlantic City by breaking 99 out of 100. Mr. Cain won the trophy last year at the Indian meet at Muskegon, Michigan and has won trophies for superior skill with the rifle at Houston, Texas and throughout the East. He is the only man in Dayton to hold the Du Pont Trophy. Mr. Cain is a member of the Moose and Knights of the Golden Eagles lodges and he is one of the most popular members of both fraternal organizations. He has a café in connection with his restaurant and meals are served regularly and most satisfactorily.
1424 North Main Street, Dayton
                Established seven years, this well known meat man sells only the highest grade of fresh and salt meats. He is a friend of the cause. Bell phone, 4276.
Dayton, Ohio
                The Dayton Savings and Trust Company will soon be at home to its hundreds of friends in its new and splendid home on Main Street, just north of the Montgomery County Court House, where a building second to none in architectural beauty and convenience, is rapidly being completed. This structure, when it is finished, will be a distinct ornamentation to the city, marking as it does, another step in the direction of progress by the well-known financial institution. The structure is located in the very center of Dayton’s business district, of easy access for professional men and the structural and decorative scheme of the main entrance and lobby with its massive bronze doors and beautiful marble walls, make a deep and lasting impression and gives an air of solidarity and refinement. As an office building, it is modern in every particular, meeting every demand.
                We cannot speak too highly of the Dayton Savings and Trust Company as a leading financial leader in this community. It is one of the oldest and best known institutions of its kind in MontgomeryCounty or for that reason in southern Ohio. Its officers are men well known and reliably connected in the city and are as follows: A. J. Conover, chairman of the board; Wm. R. Craven, president; Adam Lessner, vice-president; H. C. Kiefaber, vice-president; H. H. Darst, vice-president and secretary; B. B. Brady treasurer and H. B. Baichley, assistant treasurer. Directors are: A. J. Conover, Adam Lessner, Henry Hollencamp, Walter L. Kuhns, John P. Breen, H. C. Kiefaber, Theo. Fluhart, Frederick H. Rike, George B. McCann, Wm. T. Wuichet, Edw. T. Hall, J. A. MacMillan, F. A. Wagner, F. T. Huffman and W. R. Craven.
                The building manager is H. C. Stowe. This concern offers everything to the careful citizen who is desirous of placing his funds in a banking institution of unquestioned reputation. The institution in its long and honorable history has met every requirement on the part of its patrons. Its business has enjoyed a constant and healthy increase for this reason new and improved and larger quarters have been absolutely necessary for the Dayton Savings and Trust Company. The men who are officers of the institution are men well and favorably known in all parts of Dayton and hold the complete confidence of our citizens. Every convenience known to the modern banking may be found here and the institution solicits the patronage of the citizens of Dayton and surrounding territory. In its new home the Dayton Savings and Trust Company will enjoy even larger facilities for handling the affairs of its patrons and we want to recommend to our union friends and others that they will do well to give this concern a very liberal share of their business. You will transact your affairs here with every possible satisfaction.
128 Valley Street, Dayton
                This dry goods and notions concern was established 30 years ago at the above address. Mr. Richardson is assisted by his wife, and both have made a host of friends by the splendid service rendered and the courteous attention given to their patrons, especially among the women of North Dayton. This is the largest dry goods and ladies’ furnishings store in North Dayton, and you will always find good values prevailing at this place. Laboring men will do well to suggest to their families the patronizing of the Richardson store, because it is a place where values are always offered in the various lines it handles.
109 North Valley Street, Dayton
                This well known business man is proprietor of North Dayton’s only exclusive musical store. Columbia phonographs sold, also jewelry, watches, clocks, etc. Home phone, 13239.
Germantown and Sprague Streets
Dayton, Ohio
                “Let the yellow motor trucks serve you” is the slogan of this well established building supply concern, which is equipped to supply the needs of the most particular customer. Sand and gravel are delivered quickly and promptly to any part of the city. A full line of high-grade lime, cement and sewer pipe is carried and sold at reasonable prices. Officials of the company are popular, progressive business men and friendly in the cause of organized labor. Union men feel justified to giving their support and cooperation to this concern.
1603 West Third Street, Dayton
                When you want choice groceries or meats we want you to bear the above mentioned concern in mind. Their stock is complete and they are friendly to union labor. Bell phone, 1980. Home, 3980.
98 East Springfield Street, Dayton
                The grocery and confectionery store owned and operated by the above mentioned gentleman is first class in every respect and worthy of your patronage.
No. 1 Troy Street, Dayton
                This café has been established at the above address for the last year but for the 14 years previously it was established at 134 Valley Street. It is one of the largest and best cafes in North Dayton and counts among its friends a large number of the workingmen. Two persons are given employment at this place and Mr. Madeisky also serves a fine plate lunch at a small cost. This café has proved a most popular place for the boys to meet. The owner also operates a finely appointed public hall over his place of business known as Madeisky Hall, where all affairs of a public or private nature in this district are held. This hall is for rent for lodge rooms, entertainments, dances, etc., and is the largest and best furnished in this part of the city. We want our friends to drop in and see this gentleman and make his acquaintance.
1150-1130 West Third Street, Dayton
                Two billiard and pool rooms are conducted by the above named management, at the two addresses named above. At both places an equal efficiency is to be noted and a desire to completely serve the patrons. Union-made cigars and tobacco are dispensed here and the management has been in the business for twenty-two years, on the west side. Mr. Robinson was formerly a union workman and he is in complete sympathy with the needs and requirements of the union men. We have no hesitancy in recommending to our friends that they make these two places headquarters for a social time. You will find all your needs and requirement met here fully. We want to say to union workmen who live in the neighborhood of either place that they will do well to drop in and give these billiard rooms their business. You will always find a warmth of cordiality here and a disposition to please customers. Mr. Robinson is known in many parts of the city among the boys as a gentleman who is very much interested in the affairs of the union men and their families.
1719 West Third Street, Dayton
                Portraits in all styles are made at this studio. A specialty of circuit of large groups and manufacturing plants. The studio has been established for thirteen years and bears a fine reputation. Give it a share of your business.
814 East Fifth Street, Dayton
                New and second-hand furniture is bought and sold by the progressive East Fifth Street dealer mentioned above. Mr. Cotterman has been established at his present location for 30 years and is doing a prosperous business. Prices are always reasonable. Home phone, 14633.
519 East Xenia Avenue, Dayton
                A complete line of ladies’ and men’s wear, dry goods and notions is kept in stock at this progressive store, than which no better can be found in this section of the city. Operated by B. Hockey and E. F. Hockey, the store has enjoyed an exceptionally prosperous business since it was established more than 10 years ago. These men are friends of organized labor and are held in high esteem by all union men. The store, known as Xenia Avenue’s leading dry goods house, is prepared to meet the demands of the most exacting customer. Quality is supreme at this store. Bell phone.
405-409 East Third Street, Dayton
                One of the oldest and largest wholesale grocery concerns in the GemCity is the one mentioned above. Established many years ago, the company has by its honest and square business dealings built up a large and lucrative business that is expanding in volume from year to year. Possessing a large and strictly modern warehouse, facilities of the company are splendidly adapted to taking care of wants of its many hundreds of satisfied customers, who have been doing business with this firm for years. Goods carried in stock by the company, which comprise everything in the way of groceries, are always fresh and guaranteed to be of the best quality. Prices quoted by the concern have become the standard for many other grocery concerns of the MiamiValley. Officials of the company are leaders in business affairs in Dayton and have always taken the lead in matters pertaining to the wholesale grocery business. The cordial cooperation exists between them and their employes.
359 South Main Street, Dayton
                This gentleman is a merchant tailor and has been established in business for the last ten years. He also does cleaning, pressing and repairing and in these lines, also, Mr. Kreuzberg has made an enviable reputation for himself and his business. We have no hesitancy in recommending to our friends that they give this gentleman a very liberal share of their patronage. He is well and favorably known among the union men, because he has always been friendly to the cause nearest the hearts of the boys. We advise our friends to give this man a liberal share of their trade. Home phone, 4199.
804 East Fifth Street, Dayton
                Highest grade groceries and fresh meats are sold at the lowest prices at the attractive and up-to-date store of this progressive merchant. Satisfaction is guaranteed on all purchases. Give him a trial.
328 East Fifth Street, Dayton
                Established forty-seven years ago the above mentioned concern is rated one of the best in the city for ladies’ and gents’ furnishings. They have both a retail and wholesale department and in each are signally successful in meeting the popular demand. They carry all the leading brands of union-made clothes in stock and cater to the organized laboring man. If there is something you want in these lines for yourself or your family we urge you to see Daneman and company and get the best at the lowest price. We know you will be perfectly satisfied with your purchases here.
407 South Main Street, Dayton
                This concern was established nine years ago at the above address and gives employment to nine first class plumbers. C. J. Vehorn is president and H. J. Osterfeld is secretary and treasurer of the company. Both are well and favorably known in business circles of the city by reason of the splendid business which they own and operate. Sanitary plumbing and heating plants, gas, steam and hot water fittings. Estimates cheerfully given to all customers. We have no hesitancy in recommending this plumbing concern to our friends, because we know you will be satisfied with any work they do for you. Bell phone, 3675. Home, 2788.
1830 West Third Street, Dayton
                Mr. Kaylor operates the “O. K.” Café (Cramers old place) one of the best known in this section of the city. This business was established a year ago and is quite popular.
604 East First Street, Dayton
                Here is a pioneer establishment in this city, established 50 years ago and under the same management for the last seventeen years. It is Dayton’s oldest drayage company and gives employment to fifteen employes. Twenty head of horses comprise the concern’s equipment in this respect. It is prepared in a full and complete way for light and heavy hauling, short and long hauls and Mr. Stone is about the best known man in his business in the city. We want to call particular attention to the fact that this man has always been known as a great friend of organized labor and because of his stand on this important question he has made many friends who are in need of drayage work of any kind. He gives personal attention to his patronage and is in a position and equipped for moving safes, monuments, machinery, construction iron, brick, lumber, and goods of all kinds. Sand and gravel sold and delivered. There is no feature of drayage that the R. D. Stone Company is not prepared to handle in a prompt, efficient and reasonable way and we want our friends to patronize him. Home phone 11710; residence 5488-12132. Bell, East 3170.
269 North Valley Street, Dayton
                This is a retail confectionery store and is one of the finest and most popular in this section of the city. It was established one year ago and the manager, Mrs. Schaefer, carries a full line of cigars, tobacco, confectionery, etc. This is one of the cleanest and best known stores of its kind in North Dayton.
131 East Third Street, Dayton
                It isn’t necessary to write very much about the Quality Press because as high class printers, binders, and engravers, the concern is known far and wide. It is one of the most modern and up-to-date plants in the city, splendidly equipped in every particular. Huge E. Niehus is the proprietor of the business and he is a gentleman who with years of experience in the printing business is ably equipped for handling any of your wants along this line. If you want high-grade work, we want you to call on this concern because that’s the kind of work they turn out. Bell phone, 1815. Home, 2315.
435 East Fifth Street, Dayton
                Attention is directed to the above mentioned business house, generally conceded to be one of the foremost in this section in its particular line of business. Charles L. Wollenhaupt is the proprietor. Everything in hardware, cutlery, tools, seeds, lawn fencing, roofing, and building paper and prices prevailing at this store may be counted upon to be rock bottom at all times. The store was established in 1911 and Mr. Wollenhaupt is known in all parts of the city as a splendid citizen and a good business man. Give him a share of your business. He will appreciate it. Home phone, 1653.
Russell R. Pleasant, Manager
1111 West Third Street, Dayton
                The Pleasant Electric Shop is well and favorably known in this section, because of the fine services which it renders its patrons. Phone, Main 8972.
134 West Fourth Street, Dayton
                This gentleman is a high-class plumber and not only deserves, but has enjoyed for many years the entire confidence of the public. He was established with the Ward-Lehman Company for six years and founded the concern. For 17 years he was with the M. J. Gibbons Company. Under the above title he has been in business for himself for the last seven years. Eight union men are given employment by him. We want to say for this man that he is one of the best known and most capable plumbers in this city or county, and an ever-increasing demand for his services speaks more eloquently than any words we might write of his ability and the confidence which our citizens have in him. He is an expert in his particular line, and he gives his business his personal and undivided attention so that his patrons may well understand when they ask him to handle their business they will have their work done and thorough in every respect. He has kept fully abreast of the times and has adopted all modern methods of equipment to render his services more efficient, and we want our friends among the organized labor unions to remember him when they have plumbing and heating work of any kind to do. You will find this man most capable and reliable.
1117 South Brown Street, Dayton
                This man is entitled to the earnest and undivided patronage and support of our members and thousands of readers. In the conduct of his cigar and tobacco business he has always shown the proper spirit toward all projects promoted for the welfare of the city and its working people. It is our object to urge our members and friends to support him whenever possible. His business was established nine years ago and he carries a splendid line of candies, cigars, tobacco, stationery, and magazines. R. Scheffel will always welcome you and assure you of the utmost courtesy at all times. Home phone, 6478.
15 East Springfield Street, Dayton
                This gentleman has a well-known billiard room, three first class tables. He sells union-made cigars and tobacco and his store is a popular meeting place for the boys. Drop in and see him the next time you are in his neighborhood. He will be glad to welcome you. He is a friend of the union men.
1181 ReiboldBuilding, Dayton
                This concern deals in metal products of all kinds for building material and we have no hesitancy in recommending it to our friends and citizens in general who may be in the market for something of this kind. Phone, Main 296. Bell – Call these men and get an estimate on your work.
(New Location)
812-815 U. B. Building, Dayton
                We want to call attention in a particular sort of way to the above mentioned concern, generally regarded in business circles of this city as one of the most important and prosperous in the community. It was established ten years ago and enjoys the confidence and esteem of the public in a remarkable manner. This concern is the successor to the Spaite-Wright Realty Company. If it is something in the way of real estate, either buying or selling, that you are interested in, we want to commend the above mentioned concern to our friends among the members of organized labor. Its long and honorable history is so well established in Dayton that it hardly is necessary for us to repeat here what this concern has accomplished in the past. Every man should own his own home and workingmen especially need to feel the responsibility of getting into their property as early in their lives as possible. The Ed. O. Wright Realty Company through its splendid organization is equipped for handling the affairs of our citizens in a satisfactory manner. They have many fine residences and personal properties on their list for buying or selling and they offer their patrons every inducement consistent with sound principles of business. You will find the men identified with this concern are men of unquestioned standing in the community – men in whom you can rely and place the utmost confidence and we have no hesitancy whatever in saying to our friends among the members of organized labor that they will do well to connect up with the Ed. O. Wright Realty Company for a good home-buying proposition. Their terms are satisfactory.
No. 1 North Notre Dame Avenue, Dayton
                This grocery and meat store conducted by Mr. Brinkman fills a very important place in the community life where his admirably equipped store is located. It is in the midst of a flourishing, busy, happy community, and established for 24 years. It is little wonder that so many citizens have learned to depend upon Mr. Brinkman for the supplying of their several wants in the grocery and meat lines. His store is the acme of perfection in its appointments, first class, conducted in a business-like manner, and a decided addition to the busy center of which the location forms no small part. Give Mr. Brinkman a liberal share of your patronage. Home phone, 5958.
1037 West Third Street, Dayton
                This concern was established eight years ago and makes iron and wire fences, window guards, etc. We commend it to our friends in need of such material.
Third and McGee Streets, Dayton
                Established 11 years ago this grocery is one of the finest and best equipped in this section of the city. Six people are employed in handling the business, and the concern is regarded as one of the best in the city, particularly in the east end, where it is located. Mr. Berk maintains an auto delivery service which has been found decidedly convenient to his patrons. A meat market, first class in every particular, is a feature of the business which merits recognition. Here is a grocery and meat market that would be a decided credit to the down town section of the city, and Mr. Berk, being sole proprietor, gives the business his undivided and careful attention at all times. You can leave your orders by calling either Bell telephone, East 1369, or Home 81181.
1941 East Third Street, Dayton
                Here is a grocer who has made an enviable name for himself in his chosen business, which was established five years ago. It is one of the leading establishments in the east end and caters to a greatly satisfied trade at all times. Mr. Williamson was at one time a member of organized labor, being a member of the Assemblers and Adjusters Union and employed at the N. C. R. plant for 12 years. He numbers his friends by his acquaintances, and has lived pretty nearly all his life thus far in Dayton. Free delivery is a feature. Give him a call in the grocery line and be satisfied. Telephone, East 783 Bell. We wish Mr. Williamson continued success and prosperity.
114 South Main Street, Dayton
                This gentleman has been engaged in the shoe business here for the last twenty-five years and he numbers his customers in every section of the city. He has been at the above location during all this time. There is one thing about shoes you buy here that commend them to the buying public – that is their dependability. Mr. Schoenhals is a gentleman in whom you can place your trust when making purchases and we know after you have bought your shoes at this store you will in every respect be satisfied. Drop in and see this gentleman and give him your patronage. Home phone, 2754.
411 East Fifth Street, Dayton
                A concern which in so general and satisfactory a way caters to the trade for Catholic books and supplies, as this one, is deserving of splendid consideration. Goods may be secured at prices that are right. This store deals in prayer books, pictures and picture framing also all kinds of religious articles and goods, with pictures that are desired and purchased by members of the Catholic Church, and is one of the best stocked and equipped stores of its kind in the state. It was established 26 years ago and we want to commend this place to members of organized labor who belong to this faith. You will find your wants well looked after here. They are agents for European and American manufacturers. Joseph A. Tengenkamp and Leonard H. Witte constitute the personnel of the firm.
1135 West Third Street, Dayton
                Established five years ago this gentleman carries a full and complete line of men’s furnishings at prices that are bound to prove attractive.
Dayton, Ohio
                This is one of the oldest and best known financial institutions in southern Ohio. Founded in 1871, it has risen rapidly in the public esteem with the result that it now numbers hundreds of patrons on its books and it enjoys the confidence and respect of citizens everywhere. Charles W. Slagle is president of the bank and Owen Britton is cashier. Both men, together with the other officials and directors are known to our people and respected everywhere. The bank solicits your patronage, assuring you of the most modern methods of banking and financial services at all times.
1523 West Third Street, Dayton
                This gentleman is a merchant tailor and one of the best known in this city. Dry cleaning and pressing, suits to order and repairing. You may always depend upon this man giving you the best of service at all times.
120 North Western Avenue, Dayton
                Established 25 years ago, this well known shoe repairer and friend of the union man, guarantees satisfaction on all work done at his shop.
Structural Steel – Ornamental Iron
                One of the most prominent and successful business concerns in the city of Dayton is the incorporated firm of the Andrew Plocher Sons Company, formerly known as the “City Forge and Iron Works” whose office and factory are located at 418 to 424 East First Street. This concern was originally established and found in 1895, by Andrew Plocher (deceased). In 1913 the business was incorporated with the following officers: Carl A. Plocher, president and treasurer; John A. Plocher, vice president and assistant secretary; and L. F. Miller, secretary and assistant treasurer. The Andrew Plocher Sons Company are pioneers and leaders in the manufacture of structural steel and ornamental iron work, forgings, etc., and in fact are equipped for any special iron or steel work. This concern furnished the iron and steel work in many of the buildings erected in this vicinity since the business was established nearly a quarter of a century ago, and its continual growth and progressive policies are proof of their strict attention to and conscientious dealing with their trade.
406 East First Street, Dayton
                This hotel is recognized by the transient public as the most sanitary and best kept in the city. At reasonable prices, all modern conveniences are furnished the large guest list of the house, in which are included many of the “boys” of the district. The hotel contains 35 modern and well furnished rooms. Eleven attendants are always at hand to look after the comfort of the patrons. H. O. Cullen, the proprietor, has been established for 29 years, and situated at the above location for 13 years. He is therefore familiar with every angle of the hotel business and known to a nicety how to satisfy the needs of the public. He is widely known and liked and can always be relied upon to be a true friend of the cause of organized labor. A feature of the hotel is the service of a merchants’ lunch which has proven very popular with hundreds of union men and their friends. Rooms may be engaged by calling Home phone, 6763.
Warren and Jefferson Streets, Dayton
                We want to call particular attention to this drug store, which is generally regarded by the citizens of this section of the city as one of the foremost in the neighborhood. Mr. Kuenle gives his business his personal and undivided interest, thus insuring his patrons careful consideration in the filling of their wants. Everything that enters into the make-up of a high class, first class drug store will be found here. The store has been in existence under the present ownership for over twelve years. Mr. Kuenle carries in stock a full and complete line of drugs, cigars, tobacco, cigarettes, candies, etc. He also has a first class soda fountain in his store which draws many customers to the establishment. He is an efficient and capable druggist, reliable in every way and we commend him to our friends among the organized union men, because of his friendliness to our cause. His many years of successful business speak eloquently of the fine impression he has made on the community. When you are in this neighborhood the next time, drop in and see him. Bell phone, Main 1039. Home 3039.
1401 North Main Street, Dayton
                A complete line of cigars, tobacco, notions and school supplies is sold at the attractive shop of this hustling merchant. Mr. Eggers has been established at his present location for six years. Union men will make no mistake in giving him their support.
349 East Fifth Street, Dayton
                This gentleman operates a first class grocery and meat market and he solicits your business. His stock is full and well worthy your patronage.
1060 Washington Street, Dayton
                When it comes to hardware and cutlery you would have to go many a mile to find a store better able to handle the wants of patrons than the business conducted by Mr. Coffman. He first engaged in business at this stand in 1897, and through the succeeding years has built up a wonderful reputation for himself for honesty and fair dealings with customers, which he numbers by the hundreds. He handles a full line of hardware, wall paper, paints and varnishes. When you members of organized labor are requiring anything in these lines, give Mr. Coffman a call. He will appreciate your patronage. Home phone, 4885.
1834 West Third Street, Dayton
                A first class pool and billiard parlor is conducted by this popular business man at the above address. Equipped with the finest tables in the country and all modern conveniences, the establishment is able to meet the requirements of the most exacting patrons. A complete line of union-made cigars, tobaccos and cigarettes is always carried in stock. The proprietor has been known as a good friend of organized labor and is deserving of the support of all union men. The place has been established one year and is doing a large business. Mr. M. Pois is manager.
1719 West Third Street, Dayton
                Its past record of service and efficiency makes this widely known banking institution of the West Side stand out prominently in the eyes of the careful investor, desirous of placing his money in channels where it will do the most good and under the direction of honest and business-like men. An institution such as the West Dayton Commercial and Savings Bank stands out in a conspicuous manner among the financial concerns of this great community as in every way safe and competent to conduct its highly important and legitimate business. F. J. Hoersting is president; M. J. Beeghly is vice president; and George F. Kern is cashier of the bank. It has been in the business for five years, but it is already regarded as a tower of strength in the city. Interest is paid on time deposits.
930 South Brown Street, Dayton
                Here is a man favorable to organizations and a friend to the laboring class. For the past two years he has been engaged in the manufacture of union-made cigars and is doing a splendid business. The John Fleck store is producing some of the best cigars and tobaccos on the market today. Patronize Mr. Fleck whenever possible. Home phone, 2103.
700 East First Street, Dayton
                This café was established 23 years ago at the above location and Mr. Kennedy is assisted by his brother in the conduct of the business. He is well known to all the organized labor boys and is well regarded by workingmen everywhere. He serves a fine plate lunch at a small cost and the café is conducted in a first class orderly manner which merits the high regard in which it is held. We have no hesitancy in recommending to the boys that they drop in and give this man a liberal share of their business. He will appreciate it and you will find it to your advantage to patronize this café.
1931 East Third Street, Dayton
                This man has been engaged in this particular line of work for sixteen years and he is known throughout the city as an expert on plumbing; steam and gas fitting; and we have no hesitancy, and in fact, we take a great deal of pleasure in recommending Mr. Ford and his business to our friends especially among the union workmen who may be in need of something of this kind. Mr. Ford gives his business his personal and undivided attention and he guarantees to give his patrons the finest possible service along the lines suggested by his business. Phones Bell, East 716. Home, 4716.
Monument Avenue and Webster Street, Dayton
                R. V. Burkhardt is president and Bernard Bruening is general manager of the above mentioned concern, one of the best known in this section of the state. It was established twenty-eight years ago and gives employment to fifty persons. The concern is engaged in the manufacture of parlor and library tables and the character of its product has made the company famous in this and neighboring cities. We have no hesitancy in recommending the concern to those who are in the market for high class furniture. You will be satisfied here.
216 North Valley Street, Dayton
                This place was formerly known as Rickman’s and has been taken over in its entirety by Mrs. Lockard. It carries the finest line of candy, cigars etc. in stock and also has a first class soda fountain, with magazines, periodicals etc. The store is under the direction of Mrs. Lockard, who, by her pleasant friendly manner is building up an enviable business in North Dayton. We want our friends among the union workingmen to drop in this store and give it a very liberal share of their business. We know you will be satisfied with any purchases you make here.
Stall Arcade Market
28 South Main Street and 15 West Fifth Street, Dayton
                The milk depot owned and operated by this gentleman is one of the finest and most popular in this section of the city. It has been established in fact, for the last eleven years, and Mr. Rudy serves ice cream. buttermilk and sells butter, eggs etc. He has three stores in the city, one in the Arcade Market, a second at 15 West Fifth Street and a third at 28 South Main Street. We want to urge our union friends to give this gentleman and his business a very liberal share of their patronage. We know you will be satisfied with any purchases you make at any one of these stores.
Brown and Oak Streets, Dayton
                Mr. Hodson operates what is known as the Oakwood Pharmacy, an institution that serves a wide patronage in a most satisfactory manner. He has been in business for fifteen years and carries a full line of drugs, specializing in Systona Blood Medicine. Besides this, there is a large supply of magazines of all kinds, cigars, candies, etc., which help to make this pharmacy very popular. Mr. Hodson operates a business that is in every way deserving of union patronage.
420 East Fifth Street, Dayton
                These men are wholesalers of notions and general merchandise, hosiery, and underwear a specialty and they are known to be friendly to the cause of organized labor. We commend the concern to our friends who live in this neighborhood, because we know you will be thoroughly satisfied with any purchases you may make here. The brands of goods sold by this concern are guaranteed at all times and we urge our union friends to drop in and give them a liberal share of their business. The right prices prevail on all goods sold here. Home phone, 2482. The concern was established in 1890.
2133 East Fifth Street, Dayton
                This gentleman is a cigar manufacturer of reputation. He has lived all his life thus far in Dayton and has been connected with the famous Peter Ibold, cigar manufacturer, for a number of years. He has the city agency for Dayton for this cigar. Mr. Clark is an affable gentleman, courteous and up-to-date in his business, and he is deserving of the patronage of organized labor to the fullest extent. We want to commend him for his honest and upright business relations with his fellow men and in his business ability. Telephone Bell, East 2278; Home, 5007.
1424 West Dakota Street, Dayton
                Mr. Rubenstein established his business five years ago and has been a resident of Dayton over twenty years. He is one of the friendliest café owners to the union cause located on Dakota Street, and we feel we have a right to commend him very highly for this intense interest in the cause. His café is a popular meeting place for the boys. He is a notary public and handles foreign exchange. We wish for Mr. Rubenstein a very large measure of success. Help his business by giving him a liberal share of your own patronage. He lives at 1138 West Third StreetBell phone, Main 5666.
919 South Brown Street, Dayton
                Prudent persons seek the very best when the delicacy of the service required suggests careful selection. We say this in referring to Mr. Roberts, who has, by virtue of previous experience and through careful training, equipped himself to furnish the most painstaking and careful service as an undertaker and funeral director. Mr. Roberts established himself in business in this city six years ago and is practically the only undertaker on Brown Street in SouthPark. In his equipage for first class funerals, he is prepared to furnish the very best automobile service or horse-drawn carriages, according to the wish of the bereaved. His modern and conveniently equipped office is located about one square from the MiamiValleyHospital. Mr. Roberts has always been known as a friend of organized labor and it is a pleasure to commend him to the union men when his services should be required. He can be called either on Bell phone, Main 4144, or Home, 5130.
1104 South Broadway, Dayton
                Established in 1903, the business of Mr. Barker has increased steadily during the past fifteen years. Honorable business methods and courtesy to his patrons has increased the popularity of the proprietor of this up-to-date store from year to year. A very complete line of groceries, fresh fruits and vegetables, together with good, fresh meats are sold, and there is a very satisfying assortment of union cigars and tobaccos. Mr. Barker maintains an excellent delivery service and solicits orders. He is friendly to the cause, as those who know him will testify and he would greatly appreciate your business.
1319 North Main Street, Dayton
                First class mineral baths are prepared and given by expert attendants any afternoon or evening at the above establishment. Bell phone, 3684; Home, 6870.
1533 West Third Street, Dayton
                We want to call particular attention to the above named bakery, which is one of the best known and highest classed in this section of the city. The main store is located at the above address and a branch is established at 1150 West Third Street. Mr. Schattschneider gives his business his personal and undivided attention and his bakery is generally recognized as being in every way high class. When you make a purchase here you may rest assured that what you buy here is of a superior quality. The bakery is known for its cleanliness and efficiency of operation and we commend it to our friends everywhere. Bell phone, 7023. Home, 5522.
1408 South Wayne Avenue, Dayton
                A first class dry goods store has been operated by this popular business woman at the above address for the past 13 years. Everything is the way of ladies’ and gents’ furnishings, and men’s work garments, dry goods and notions may be found attractively displayed at the modern and up-to-date establishment. She is a firm believer in home patronage and since many members of organized labor live in this neighborhood, we commend this store to them for a liberal share of their business. Bell phone, East 735.
29 West Fifth Street, Dayton
                The café owned and operated by Frank Koors is the headquarters for the sporting events of the city. A timely ticker service is a feature here that appeals very strongly to his trade, and we haven’t the slightest hesitation in urging our friends to give this man a liberal share of their trade. He serves light lunch, sandwiches, etc., and his place is the headquarters for union men. Mr. Koors is known to be personally very popular among the union men and many make this place their headquarters. You will always find a satisfactory service here and a fine man to do business with.
2925 East Third Street, Dayton
                Howell C. Long, who runs the concern is one of the best known men in the East End. His business has been established for three years. He is an old time member of organized labor, having carried a card in the electrical workers’ union in Cincinnati at one time. His hardware store is a representative institution and Mr. Long is a loyal supporter of union labor, advocating the label wherever possible. He carries a complete line of garden seeds, hardware, screen doors, etc., including enamelware, chinaware, kitchen utensils, and supplies. He is deserving of your patronage. Bell phone, East 2372. Home phone, 81139.
West River Street, Dayton
                Occupying a new and modern plant, 500 by 120 feet in size, and possessing 21 acres of ground for future expansion and development, this well-known industrial concern is destined to play an important part in the future history of “Dominant Dayton.” Starting in 1910 with only 10 persons on the payroll and with an annual output of $100,000, the company in 1918 is giving employment to 250 skilled workmen and announces that it will produce $5,000,000 worth of tires during the year. It is predicted that the payroll will again be doubled within a few months. From 700 to 800 tires daily is now the output of the concern and 200,000 tires is the estimate for the year. Distributing branches for the high-grade products of the factory are now maintained all over the world. It is the proud boast of officials of the company that the new plant, which has recently been built at a cost of $200,000, is the most modern and best equipped in the world for the manufacture of tires. It was built by the Osborn Engineering Company, who constructed the famous plant at Akron, Ohio, the rubber center of the country. Dayton “Airless” tires are used the world over and have found especial favor with tire departments. A rapidly growing demand is also being experienced for the “Thoroughbred” pneumatic tires, made by the concern. Quality of all Dayton tires is unexcelled. John A. McMillan is president and general manager of the company. He is prominent in business and civil affairs of the city. C. E. Hooven, the secretary and treasurer, is one of the best known business men in southern Ohio. The personnel of the administrative and executive force of the plant reveal a long list of recognized experts in the business of tire making. The Dayton plant is one of the fastest growing and most successful in the tire industry.
915 North Valley Street, Dayton
                Located is a thoroughly modern, fireproof plant, this prosperous concern is doing a large business in the manufacture of high-grade cigars and the packing of leaf tobacco. Established since 1899, the concern employs 175 skilled workmen. Officials of the company are popular and progressive business men, well liked by their employes and associates. To take care of their expanding business, they have started a branch factory on Dakota Street. Products of the company are sold all over the country.
729 East Wyoming Street, Dayton
                A modern, up-to-date grocery is run by this progressive business man. Quality and prices are right. The store has been established a year.
439 East First Street, Dayton
                We want to call especial attention in this brief article to the merits of the above mentioned concern, one of the best known and most progressive business houses in this section of the state. The Dayton Supply Company was established thirty-five years ago but has been under the present management since 1910. About forty persons are given employment by this concern and it is generally conceded to be the largest plumbers’ supply house in this part of Ohio. It occupies a half city block and handles all kinds of plumbers’ supplies. The Dayton Supply Company is one of the pioneer institutions of Dayton and the MiamiValley. Its long and honorable history is filled with a record of success. Keeping fully abreast of the times, the management has aimed at all times to keep the stock up to the highest point of efficiency. Prices you will find which obtain at this business house, are always the best the market affords and the character of the stock is of the highest quality. We have no hesitancy and in fact we take a great deal of pleasure in recommending to our friends that they show the proper spirit and recommend this concern to those whom they know to be in need of such products. More than a quarter of a century of success has given the Dayton Supply Company every advantage in dealing with the public. It is enjoying a fine business.
1815 West Third Street, Dayton
                One of the most popular meeting places for the boys in this section of the city is the modern and up-to-date café conducted by Mr. Olt. As a matter of fact, in view of the fact that this business has been established 25 years, it is little wonder that so many members of organized labor know Eddie Olt and give him a liberal share of their patronage. He has been friendly to the cause at all times and you can depend upon it that when a matter of public interest comes up bearing upon the development of the union cause, Mr. Olt is always found arrayed on the side of the working men. He carries in his place a full and complete line of union-made cigars. We have no hesitancy in saying to union workmen that this gentleman is in every way friendly to the cause. He has by all his acts shown that he stands four-square with the boys in their fight to better their condition, and his place of business is justly popular, largely because of the friendly spirit. Mr. Olt has always shown to the cause. Bell phone, Main 1360.
1911 West Third Street, Dayton
                A first class line of groceries, notions, and fresh meats is carried by this popular and progressive grocer and friend of labor. Home phone, 14039.
35 South St. Clair Street, Dayton
                A large line of water supply systems, electric pumps and water motors is manufactured by this successful Dayton industrial plant. Established more than 10 years ago, the company everywhere commands the highest respect of retailers in its line and also of competitors. Quality of Vaile-Kimes machinery is unquestioned and has in every instance stood the acid test for service and durability. To take care of the large and growing demand for products of the modern and up-to-date plant, more than 125 skilled mechanics are given steady employment. The best of cooperation exists between the employes and officials of the company, who are: J. H. Vaile, president and treasurer; and D. L. Stanza, vice-president and secretary. These men are successful and widely known business men, noted everywhere for their honesty and fair business dealings. Modern equipment of the plant enables it to turn out all orders with a great degree of promptness.
(Eighth Floor)
15 East Fourth Street, Dayton
                There are no higher grade candies in the market than those made at the modern and sanitary factory of Mr. Deardorff at the above address in the center of the downtown business district. Methods in use at the plant are the latest and most approved, assuring a taste and flavor to the candies that is rarely found even in much higher priced goods. The establishment has been in successful operation for three years, during which time the business has grown by leaps and bounds. Candies made by the concern are now sold all over the middle west. Steady employment is given to a large number of people at the factory filling the large orders constantly being received at the offices of the company. Mr. Deardorff is a progressive business man, with a number of years in the candy making industry. He is widely known and liked. Always recognized as a friend of the cause of organized labor he is entitled to the support of its members, wherever the factory shall be located.
South Linden Avenue, Dayton
                A leading plumbing firm in the GemCity, this prosperous and reliable establishment can be depended on for service of the highest grade whenever you are in need of heating, gas fitting, well or cistern work or in fact, anything done by experienced plumbers. Established in business for six years, the popular and progressive men at the head of the firm have built up a large list of satisfied patrons and friends, union men being included extensively in both classes. They deserve the support of organized labor. Bell phone, East 2041; Home, 6707.
Monument and Stratford Avenues
Also 436 South Main Street, Dayton
                This successful business man is a dominant figure in the tire repair business of the GemCity. He has recently enlarged his establishment at the above address to better take care of his increasing trade and to improve his former unexcelled service. A modern tire repair and gasoline station is also successfully operated by Mr. Bowman at 436 South Main Street. Always friendly to the cause of organized labor, this widely known dealer is highly deserving of the earnest support and patronage of union men.
401 South Main Street, Dayton
                Everything that can be found in a first class drug store is on display at this modern and up-to-date establishment near the center of the downtown business district. A prescription pharmacy, second to none is maintained at the store. In addition, a complete line of toilet articles, candies, cigars, union-made tobacco and other sundries are carried. The proprietor has always been friendly to the cause of organized labor and is deserving of the support of the union men and their families. Prices at this store will suit you.
702 East Monument Avenue, Dayton
                A first class café, in which only union assistants are employed, is operated by Mr. Hess at the above address. Established since 1901, the establishment has always done a large and prosperous business among all classes of people. Mr. Hess, in addition to being a staunch friend of the union man, is a prominent member of the Eagles and the Knights of St. John. He was formerly a member of the brass molders’ union. Union men are always given a cordial welcome at this café.
1430 North Main Street, Dayton
                Complete line of high-grade groceries, vegetables and fruits is carried in stock at this modern and attractively furnished store. Mr. Fisher has been doing a successful business for 14 years. Give him a trial.
938 East Fifth Street, Dayton
                This business was established a year ago and is engaged in the grocery and meat business. Mr. Alexander is a member of the Eagles. We want to commend this man and his business to those of you who live in this section. We know you will be perfectly satisfied with your purchases here.
432 Ludlow StreetArcade, Dayton
                If those who make it possible for the working man without ready cash to secure a home of his own are valuable members of a community, then the McCain Realty Company is one of the most important institutions in Dayton. For it has been the means of scores of families in this city now having comfortable homes who, but for it, might neither have the homes nor the money to buy them with.
                It has a very remarkable plan of selling home sites that enables the man of small earning capacity to secure a fine home site in a splendid locality and to eventually build a house upon it. The special feature of this plan, however, outside of the smallest of the weekly payments required for the high class of property dealt in, is the completeness of the protection it affords to the buyer.
F              It not only insures his life and in the event of his death deeds the home site he has been purchasing, without further payment, to his family, but it also insures him against sickness or loss of work, by not requiring payments while these conditions continue. It has other valuable features as well as is the result of the company’s twenty years of experience.
                The company has long since passed the stage of being merely a business enterprise. It is one of Dayton’s permanent and thoroughly responsible institutions with a clientele of over a thousand persons in this city alone to whom it has sold home sites and rendered valuable services.
To do business with the McCain Realty Company is like doing business with a bank. You get a definite service that you can depend on.
                “The McCain Plan” as it has come to be called, is so favorably known that the company enjoys the closest of relations with the best financial institutions of the city, which is one of the reasons it can give the favorable terms and high protection to the buyers that it does, and which those of less high standing and permanence would be unable to give.
                Though it has developed and sold thirty-one subdivisions in seventeen different cities and still has valuable interests in many of these cities, the company has long since made Dayton its permanent headquarters and home office.
                Its wide experience and its study of the growth and development of cities has given it the ability to select those localities in a city best suited to the needs of the home owner, and that also lie in the path of the city’s surest growth.
                And last, but not least in our estimation, is the uniformly high grade of development this company gives to all its subdivisions, the three so far handled in Dayton setting a high standard in this respect.
7th Floor, U. B. Building, Dayton
                We want to call your attention to the Homestead Loan and Savings Association, one of the most substantial institutions of this section of Ohio and an organization that stands high in the city of Dayton among the lovers of savings accounts. This is the day of thrift. We are being taught every hour that thrift will win the war. The man with money saved up has a right to be independent and it is such institutions as the one we are writing about here, that have helped men and women of Dayton to build up their little fortunes, accounts that have made them less dependent upon others. Officers of the company are: Eli Fasold, president; H. R. Groneweg, vice-president; O. F. Davisson, secretary and attorney; Ellis J. Finke, assistant secretary; Louis R. Phillipps, cashier and Charles G. Felock, bookkeeper. Directors include Robert T. Johnson, Seymour B. Kelly, Eli Fasold, E. C. Davisson, H. R. Groneweg, O. F. Davisson, Ellis J. Finke. Some idea of how the above mentioned association has developed is shown by these figures. In 1890 the assets of the association were $246,106.82. In January, 1918 the assets had grown to $1,649,679.64. Few associations in Ohio may boast of such a record. We know of no building association in Ohio that can show a better growth and record.
34 South Jefferson Street, Dayton
                Bernard Focke has one of the best known markets in the city, selling fresh and smoked meats. He established his business fifteen years ago and has built up a fine trade among our people. His meat store, as a matter of fact, is one of the best known and most popular in the city and we want to recommend it to our friends among the members of organized labor.  Anything you buy here in the way of meats will be first class in every respect and the prices will always be right too. Drop in and give Mr. Focke a share of your business. Both phones.
1310 West Germantown Street, Dayton
                If it is something you want in the line of dry goods and notions, we do not know a single concern in this neighborhood that is better equipped for handling your trade. Established a number of years ago, Mr. Engel has always given to his customers his individual and personal attention and he aims at all times to see that his trade is satisfied. His stock is full and complete and the prices that obtain here are always reasonable. We commend this man and his store to our friends among organized labor, because we know your wants will be fully satisfied here.
150 Hawthorne Street, Dayton
                Here is another of the concerns which is playing a prominent part in giving Dayton the reputation of being the toy center of the United States. Established in 1916, the John C. Turner Company now boasts of a payroll of 55 men with prospects of large expansion already in sight. It is rumored in fact that the concern is now contemplating the erection of a model four-story building to take care of the rapidly increasing demand for its products. There is nothing in the line of pull and gravity toys that is not manufactured at this plant which has an annual output of hundreds of thousands of toys. The concern is everywhere recognized as one of the leading toy companies in the GemCity. Officials of the firm are: John C. Turner, president and general manager; Otmar Droesha, vice president and Russell Olt, secretary. This trio of men is widely known and recognized as leaders in the industry. Backed by years of experience, they are now putting forth their best efforts to further the industrial interests of “Dominant Dayton” and are always willing to do anything that may aid in the civic improvement of the city. In their business dealings they have always maintained a policy of the strictest honesty and are popular with their employes and associates alike. The best of cooperation exists at the plant between the officials and workmen. Equipment of the plant is of the latest type and designed especially for the manufacture of the patented line of toys made by this company. Shipping facilities of the company are classed as excellent, insuring prompt delivery. Union men are urged to look over the products of this company before buying toys for their children. Bell phone, Main 9962.
39 West Fourth Street, Dayton
                When you mention the name of Kiefaber in connection with a restaurant and café we naturally think of the one named above, for more than 14 years the standing place for eating for ladies and gentlemen in this city. Twenty persons are given employment at the Kiefaber Restaurant and Café under excellent conditions, and you may always be sure that any service that is rendered at this popular establishment will be first-class in every respect. Here is a high-class concern that caters to the greatest demands of its trade. The place not only has a reputation for good service in the serving line, but its cooking is generally regarded throughout the city as the best possible. The concern is operated under the personal direction of the owners, and every convenience consistent with first-class café and restaurant service is obtainable here. The place is cleanly kept at all times, and the chief object of those who run it is to give to the patrons the highest possible type of service. In this respect there is no question about Kiefaber’s superiority. In the Arcade the concern operates a lunch counter where busy business men may have their wants taken care of at moderate prices. Quick service here, with all the delicacies of the season furnish the Arcade lunch room with a reputation that is unexcelled in the city of Dayton. We want to commend the Kiefaber Arcade lunch room and the restaurant on Fourth Street to those who enjoy wholesome cooking, well served. This café is a separate and distinct institution from the one on Main Street.
715-717 East Monument Avenue, Dayton
                We want to call especial attention to the fact that Bundenthal Brothers have one of the best known plants in the city, established a number of years. They are manufacturing machinists and in their particular line have developed a business of considerable importance to the community, specializing in air compressors and stoker engines, used for smokeless and automatic stokers and boiler engines. The company is devoted to a high class lot of work and we have no hesitancy in recommending to our friends and those who are in need of high class work that they give this concern a liberal share of their business. The owners of the business are men well and favorably known in the community as reliable citizens. Bell phone, East 2025.
1835 West Third Street, Dayton
                One of the most attractive and best regulated cafes in the GemCity is conducted by Mr. Darst, recognized as one of the best friends of the union man in the MiamiValley. The business was established four years ago by Mr. Darst and operates a first class place and serves a nice hot lunch. He also carries a fine line of union made cigars and we cordially invite the members of organized labor to drop in and give this gentleman a hearty word or two. He has always stood for the working man in matters where help was needed and he has made many friends among the boys. He has a good line of tobaccos and cigarettes on hand for the accommodation of the trade. Mr. Darst at one time carried a union card, being a core maker. He is popular with the members of the laboring classes, because he understands their position and knows the things they have to contend with. His place is orderly and well kept, and we unhesitatingly recommend that members of organized labor avail themselves of the opportunity to call upon him at the first opportunity when they are next in his neighborhood. Home phone, 5568.
Joseph Deis, Representative
532 East First Street, Dayton
                Mr. Deis is the sole agent here for the National Drug Company, and handles Wells Tablets, the great blood purifier and liver regulator. He has been a resident of this city since 1883 and has been in the shoe repairing business at the above location for twenty years. He is a first class shoe repairman. As representative for the National Drug Company of Washington, he handles a family medicine that is recommended highly. We advise this medicine to those who are troubled with a weak back or kidneys. Mr. Deis is one of the best known citizens of the city and we commend him highly to our friends everywhere. Drop in and see him, for what purpose you want to. He will receive you most cordially.
723 East Fourth Street (May), Dayton
                “Lindner Bros. Quality Brand” has become a familiar and often used expression to Dayton housewives in purchasing their daily supply of milk, cream, butter, and ice cream. Quality has always been foremost in the minds of the proprietors of this dairy and every effort is made to successfully maintain the high reputation which it possesses for the purity and wholesomeness of its products. Established for 15 years, the firm has marched steadily ahead until it is now considered one of the leading dairies of the city. Honesty and fair dealing have been largely instrumental in the great and immediate success of the Lindner brothers. At the present time more than 35 men are given steady employment at the plant, which is one of the most modern and sanitary in the state. To supply the demand for its milk, butter, and cream, the company operates 12 wagons, which can be seen traversing the streets of the city at all hours of the day and night. The motto of the company is significant, “Cooperation for mutual benefit.” Cooperation with the cause of organized labor has earned for the company a generous share of the patronage of union men in the city, who realize that the proprietors of this dairy are friendly to their cause. The plant is open for the inspection of visitors at all times and a revelation in regard to cleanliness and sanitation is promised everybody familiar with the operation and methods of dairies of an inferior type. Prices quoted by the company have always been kept at the lowest possible level. Orders may be placed by calling Bell phone East 745, or Home phone 5152.
217 Valley Street, Dayton
                Dr. Jackson has been established in business for the last 19 years. He is a graduate of the OhioStateUniversity in the class of 1899 and has been a resident of Dayton for one year, and located as mentioned above during this time. He has one of the best equipped dental parlors in North Dayton, for three years owned by Dr. Fred W. Ruhl. You will find Dr. Jackson equipped in every way to handle his trade in the most effective possible way, and his prices are always right. He is very careful and considerate in his work, and his work is done in as painless a way as it is possible to do it. Bell East 382, Home 5493.
1229 West Third Street, Dayton
                These billiard and pocket billiard rooms are well and favorably known, where cigars, cigarettes and candies are sold. The business was established two years ago. We commend the business to our many friends among the workingmen.
Pine and Marshall Streets, Dayton
                The only concern in Dayton of its kind and one of the largest in the state of Ohio, the Gondert & Lienesch Company occupies an important position in the industrial world of the GemCity. Ever since it was established in 1895, the concern has done a large and flourishing business, most of which has been local. At the same time, however, the fame of the boxes made by the company has spread to all parts of the country, so that the factory is prepared to make freight and express shipments in the shortest possible time. The leading products of the factory, which covers three acres of floor space, are nailed and lock corner boxes, crates, box shooks, and returnable shipping baskets. Officials of the concern are C. A. Gondert and T. H. Lienesch, both of whom are old residents of the city, and are held in high esteem by a great circle of business associates and all their employes. They are known everywhere as successful and progressive business men and recognized as leaders in the box making industry. Employes of the company, to the number of 80, show the utmost spirit of cooperation in working for these men, on account of the fair and just attitude they have taken toward the cause of labor. To show the enormous output of the modern and up-to-date factory, it is only necessary to say that it uses annually more than 400 carloads of lumber. Success in the past is the best indication of a prosperous future, for which reason nothing but prosperity and growth is predicted for this company. Concerns favorable to the labor cause are recommended to this plant in buying their next order of boxes. Telephones: Bell Main 298; Home 2298.
1943 East Third Street, Dayton
                Established in 1890, this concern engaged in the cash retail business, deals in dry goods, notions and furnishings of all kinds. This gentleman is the sales agent in Dayton for Peters’ Brotherhood Overalls, and is also the East Dayton headquarters for Finck’s Detroit Special Overalls, both union-made; Hansen’s gauntlets, gloves and Signal shirts. This store is completely equipped for handling its ever-increasing trade, and we earnestly urge our friends among the laboring men to give it a very liberal share of their business. Mr. Nellis is a friend of the working boys. Bell phone East 1279.
625 South Wayne Avenue, Dayton
                Established for more than 30 years, this popular and progressive shoe store possesses a list of hundreds of satisfied patrons and friends who realize that they always get the best values in footwear from this firm. Quality and fit are always guaranteed.

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