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Short Stories of Science and Invention
Table of Contents


Table of Contents


Short Stories of Science and Invention

A Collection of Radio Talks by Charles F. Kettering





 Introduction to Science and Invention


1. The Intangible in Human Progress

2. The Birth of an Idea

3. Ideas Are More Permanent Than People

4. Research is a State of Mind

5. Experiment vs. Theory

6. Hand and Mind


Science and Invention in Transportation


7.   The Wright Way

8.   A Veterinarian "Shoes" a Horseless Carriage

9.   Energy From the Sun

10. Time and Distance

11. Inventor - Business Man

12. Patience and Practice

13. Orukter Amphibolos

14. The Turning Wheel

15. Harnessing the Iron Horse


Science and Invention in War


16. The Silent Service

17. There is Always a Frontier

18. Ancient Battleground

19. The Four Horsemen

20. Lady of the Lamp

21. An Idea Explodes

22. Unravelling the Atom

23. R-A-D-A-R


Men of Science and Invention


24. A Man Who Groped in the Dark

25. World-Wide Opera House

26. The Man Who Kept His Eye on the Ball

27. Christmas Lecturer

28. Patience

29. A Word To The Wise

30. The Bookkeeper Had a Hobby

31. Dots and Dashes

32. The Crown Jewels

33. Rôle d'Honneur

34. Ghost Pictures

35. "Poor Richard"

36. Music and Stars

37. Thomas Midgley, Jr.

38. The Man of a Thousand Ideas

39. Scientific Giant


 Men, Methods and Progress


40. Measuring Time

41. Time and the Tree

42. Muskets and Machines

43. "If at First You Do Succeed - "

44. Twice a Patriot

45. The News Gets Around

46. George Washington - Patriot, Statesman and Scientist

47. American Crossroads

48. Pilgrim's Progress

49. Scouts of the World - Brothers Together


Nature's Science and Invention


50. Learning From Nature

51. Catching Up With Nature

52. From Cocoon To Test Tube

53. Underwater Powerhouse


Science and Medicine


54. Mosquitos and Steam Shovels

55. Twice in a Lifetime

56. Purple Dye, Sun Glasses and Malaria

57. Flying Death

58. Dr. Fleming Opens the Door

59. D.D.T.