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Short Stories of Science and Invention
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Short stories of science and invention:
 a collection of radio talks
by Charles F. Kettering

Detroit : General Motors Corporation



Every Sunday in the period from September, 1942 to July, 1945 many members of the nation’s radio audience formed the habit of listening to C. F. Kettering’s little five-minute intermission talks on Science and Invention given in connection with the General Motors Symphony of the Air.

Many people, especially teachers, found these talks inspirational as well as informative. Reprints of individual talks were requested by the thousands, and subsequently the more popular talks were incorporated in a booklet.

Because of continuing requests for this booklet, we are reprinting it at this time. No attempt has been made to eliminate the obvious anachronisms that appear here and there in the stories. Although many of the circumstances have changed in the last decade, these stories of unusual people and events have lost none of their freshness and fascination.

                                                Public Relations Staff

                                    General Motors – Detroit 2, Michigan

March, 1959

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