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Biography of Dayton
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Biography of Dayton

An Economic Interpretation of Local History





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Published By The Miami Valley Socialist, Dayton, Ohio

Copyright, 1922

By the Miami Valley Socialist,

Dayton, Ohio



     We are the product of all the past.  Knit to it in a network of cause and effect, only by a clear understanding of the past may we acquire a clear view of the present, and a lamp to guide us through the obscure wilderness ahead.

     A city is not a conglomeration of haphazard happenings.  It is an organism which has developed under the stimulus of material environment as literally as a leaf on a potato plant or a hand on a human body.  It is here because it performs certain functions in the social life.

     Let us spend a little time studying the structure of this social organism, the laws of its growth.  We may then approach our problems of civic life more in the spirit of science, less in that of blind passion.



     The author wishes to express thus publicly his thanks to Willard Barringer and Dan P. Farrell for material and reminiscences kindly furnished upon the industrial and political struggle in Dayton antedating his own personal participation; also to Oscar K. Edelman for much help in details of this publication.

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