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2008 Dayton Police History Exhibit

The 2008 Dayton Police History Exhibit

On May 3 2008, a six-month long Dayton Police History Exhibit was opened to the public in cooperation with 'Dayton History' and Carillon Historical Park. The theme of the exhibit was “Patrolling the Streets of Dayton”. What follows is the text from 16 “Patrolling the Streets of Dayton” exhibits well as an introduction by Richard S. Biehl, Director and Chief of Police of the Dayton Police Department.  The historical text was written by retired Sgt. Steve Grismer and edited by Mary Oliver, ‘Dayton History’ Director of Collections.  The text reads as it appeared at the DPH Exhibit.
Much thanks to Steve Grismer for allowing DHBO to place his writings online for everyone to enjoy and learn from.


DPH - Exhibit Introduction

Explanation of the 2008 DPH Exhibit

Chief Biehl’s Welcoming Remarks


DPH – 1797-1899

From Settlement through Civil War 1797 – 1866

Formation of the Dayton Police Force 1867 – 1884

Infancy of the Dayton Police Force 1885 – 1899

Gamewell System and Police Call Boxes 1896


DPH – 1900-1949

Advent of Modern Policing in Dayton 1900 – 1924

Chief Wurstner Era –National Dean of Police Chiefs 1925 – 1949

Prohibition and the Gangster Era


DPH – 1950-1999

New Age of Professional Police Standards 1950 – 1965

Era of Civil Rights and Controversial Reforms 1966 – 1980

Emerging Technology and Crack Epidemic 1981 – 2006


DPH – Transportation Modes

Dayton Mounted Patrol

Dayton Bicycle Patrol

Dayton Police Patrol Car


DPH – Blacks-Women in Law Enforcement

African Americans in Law Enforcement

Women in Law Enforcement


DPH – Families in Law Enforcement

Families in Law Enforcement