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The House at 121-123 Brown Street
The House at 121-123 Brown Street
An Oregon District History - by Marguerite LeBreton Merz
In the summer of 1994 my husband and I were ambushed by a house in the Oregon Historic District. It happened on a Sunday afternoon. 
Our sons were living in Cincinnati at the time and had come up to pay us a visit. By way of entertainment, since we were all history buffs, we decided to go visit open houses in the Oregon District. The first one was sweet and quaint, the second interestingly different from the first. We enjoyed noticing how each house had its own personality.
Then we entered house number three. We stepped in the door, and I found myself thinking, "Oh, the sideboard could go there," while simultaneously both of our sons said, "You guys have to buy this house!" Ambushed. We made an offer on it the next day and signed the contract four days after that.
Two months later, when the dust had settled a bit from the move, I decided to find out as much as I could about the history of this house that had peremptorily claimed us, and as much as I could about those who had lived in it before us. The research was surprisingly easy, and a lot of fun. The paper available here is the result. Enjoy!

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