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The Wright Brothers
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The Wright Brothers

Fred C. Kelly

 The Authorized biography of two Americans whose inventive genius changed the world

 The Wright brothersis a story of total adventure – the sharp physical adventure of flight in perilously frail machines, and the breathtaking intellectual adventure of minds discovering through tireless research and sudden, brilliant hunches the solution to the “impossible” problem of flight.

Fred Kelly was recognized as one of the world’s foremost authorities on the Wright brothers – their growth, their struggles, their disappointments and their ultimate triumph. For more than thirty years he was a personal friend of Orville Wright and talked with him daily while writing this book. The result is a vivid re-creation of the birth and pioneer days of aviation and an intimate, affection portrait of two men whose inventive genius changed the world.


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George Ade – Warmhearted Satirist

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Miracle at Kitty Hawk

The Life and Times of Kin Hubbard

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