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Jan 19, 2008
5:25 PM
Does anyone know where I can find information of the Dayton-Walther Corporation and especially about the founder and the family? I've visited the library in Dayton and they don't have any more information than what I can pull up on line.


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Mar 26, 2008
3:30 PM
I was involved with Dayton Walther Company in the early 1980s when there was a large number of the Walther family involved in the firm & living in and around Dayton.the The family homestead had been preserved for corporate entertaining purposes. The family claimed distant relationship to the manufacturers of the the Walther PPK revolver. I would be surprised if they had all fled to San Diego, so it would be worth doing a bit of local digging.
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Apr 22, 2008
9:36 PM
One of the Walthers is Philip Fensel. He lives in Centerville, OH. He is the son of one of the Walther daughters. He also has a son currently involved with the company. His name is Joshua and he currently lives in Beavercreek, OH.
Pamela Schwili
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Dec 12, 2008
7:41 AM
I am trying to find pension from H.B. Sherman in Battle Creek, Michigan? Walther Dayton Corp bought it back in 80's. Thank you.
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Dec 12, 2008
10:42 AM
I remember Salt Walther racing in the Indy 500 and getting seriously burned in a accident. Can't remember what year but i think it was in the 70's
Barry 54
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Apr 01, 2009
1:23 PM
I have nothing good to say about DWC. My father worked his adult life for them and he was scheduled to retire Jan 80. He had 3 months vacation available befor his retirement and took it starting Oct 79, He had heart surgery late Oct 79 and died. Since he had not applied for his retirement, they denied all his pension and retirement to my mother. I think that this was and still is a crapy deal to an employee taht work for them for over 25 yrs
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Sep 21, 2009
4:44 AM
My father worked for Dayton Walther for 21 years. We knew George and his children. Though Salt raced and his antics both on and off the racetrack were typically the center of attention, his younger brother Skip raced boats and was killed in an accident here in Dayton. Skip and Jeff were both very different from Salt. George was always good to Dad though the pension issue was a point of contention for all.
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Apr 18, 2010
5:56 PM
I worked for DWC Engineering for maybe 5 or 6 years. My boss was Bob DeRegnaucourt, the VP of Engrg then was William Dean Walther. Phil Fensel and I worked together in engineering to apply Finite Element structural analysis to wheels. That was until I was assigned to work in one of their divisions - Homan in Cincinnati. I still have fond memories of all of you, plus John Basham in the Lab, Wilbur Wright in Drafting (whom I would jokingly call Orville) and of course Ron Weller. How are you guys? I would love to hear from you.

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Jun 13, 2010
6:11 PM
I was a Semi Driver the First Female In 1979 for the wheel division down by st.Elizabeth off stewart street.I can remember meeting alot of the family then at times when I came in off the road.I really miss driving for them was a great company too bad not around anymore.
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Jun 13, 2010
6:23 PM
That is correct he is in Hocking he got 5 years and 2 months: for Non support, theft and Failure to comply.
He dont get released until feb 2012.Very sad he takes his Fame and takes it to Shame! If anyone wants his address to write let me know!
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Aug 27, 2010
10:42 PM
My grandfather worked dwc also for 30 or 35 years,he retired and was also cheated on his pension.He refused to even talk about that placed after retirement.His name is William Hollon.He passed away about ten years ago and I never could get him to tell me his duties there.Id like to know if anyone remembers him.
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Sep 02, 2010
10:47 AM
I have a lot of magazines and newpaper articles and racing programs. I also worked at DW. Why are you asking for info?
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Nov 19, 2010
11:30 PM
well maybe the son getting what he deserves for the family buss jewing people out of their retirment
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Apr 14, 2011
7:08 PM

Here you go neighbor. Welcome to Dayton History Books Online. Curt runs a great site, I'm sure you'll agree..
You can find a lot with the site search on the right..
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Jun 03, 2011
9:12 PM
I met Salt a few times over at Indy. Skip dated my sister once. He, like Salt was a "demon on wheels". He took my sister to some restaurant in Cincinatti. This was before much of I-75 was completed. For some reason, my sister called home when she got to the restaurant and my Dad flipped out when he did the math and figured they got there in about 35 minutes. He must have been doing 100 at times. That was the last time my sister got to date one of the Walther boys.
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Jun 28, 2011
8:06 PM
My Father worked for Dayton Walther back in the 70's and 80's, since then he has moved around alot with no forwading address and is now at retirement age. I am trying to help him find information on his retirement/pension from there. If any one has any information on who he could contact it would be greatly appreciated.

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Jan 08, 2012
5:37 PM
hpkns480 Thank you so much for the info
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Mar 03, 2012
5:47 AM
I'm looking for information on the death benefits or the life isurance policy my father John Sparks he should be entitled to. He worked at Dayton Walthers from 1958- 1988
blue J
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Jun 08, 2012
2:36 AM
In fairness to the original Dayton Walther Corporation, it should be pointed out that the family sold the company at the end of 1986 to Lucas Varity- after that, the pension and insurance plans (along with everything else) were handled by a different group altogether.

In 1993, Fred and Bill Walther, the last two presidents of the company, sued over the new owners' negligent handling of both the pension and insurance plans. Details can be found here:

I don't believe it was in the spirit of the Walther family to cheat any employee of the company out of his or her entitled benefits.

As for the poster above who seems to know some things about my father and me, and where we live...I'm sure you have better things to do.

I just registered, and I look forward to posting about lots of other things on this site...there's some wonderful stuff here!
blue J
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Jul 18, 2012
10:39 AM

Skipp's name was actually George Walther III; he was the oldest of George Walther Jr's sons- and there were five of them, rather than three. And yes, he was killed, tragically, at the age of 27. I never knew him (I was only a year old in 1974), but I'm gratified to hear of him being missed.

George Walther, Sr., the founder of the company, had nine sons- three of whom are still living. They are my great uncles.
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Oct 07, 2012
3:04 PM
I don't think any of the Walther's did anything intentional to hurt anyone, but I do remember one brother telling the another brother "Don't sell your stock on the first offer from Varity" The first offering was at $1l.03, per share. Many unknowing stockholders took the $$$ and ran. The second offering was for $42.??. "Good thing come to those who wait".
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Oct 07, 2012
3:08 PM
To John Sparks: I worked with your Dad. Nice Guy. All Union. Do you know if DW is still have reunions?
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Oct 12, 2012
8:23 AM
I remember a relative of the Walther family (cousin,nephew??) who lived just north of Wayne Ave. in the Pershing/John Glenn area--back in the late 70s/early 80s time frame he was putting fire bombs into USPS collection boxes in the Belmont area. Can't remember his first name, but he was a Walther. I can't remember whatever happened to him over this, but the Postal Inspectors/FBI were all over him.
He used to also harass his mailman alot--he was a short little guy with long curly hair, very radical, with a drug problem.
blue J
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Dec 28, 2012
12:28 PM
For anybody who is interested-

I learned today that Salt has passed away. He was 65 years old. RIP
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Dec 28, 2012
1:27 PM
Sorry to hear about Salt passing. I remember very clearly him taking me for a test run in the Dutchman boat in Morain before I bought it about 1969?
87 Buick GN

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Dec 29, 2012
8:01 AM
I think his first name was hank he lived on Arbor Ave
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Dec 29, 2012
10:01 AM
Salt was a Dayton Legend in the 70's. May he rest in peace-

Found an article in the Sheboygan Press Newspaper dated May 29, 1973, page 24 a with picture of his car #77 crashing at Indy Race.

"One driver David "Salt" Walther, 25, of Dayton Ohio was hospitalized by injuries received in the accident as were nine spectators. Walther was listed in critical condition with burns over 40 percent of his body, a broken left wrist and a possible back injury." ". . . Walther's car rammed into the wall, turned upside down and exploded. "

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Dec 29, 2012
10:18 AM
More on the Salt Walther Legend

Hillsboro OH "The Press-Gazette, March 27, 1970 page 2-

World's Fastest Boat at Rocky Fork Lake
This is the World's fastest boat, Miss U.S. owned by Simon Bros. U.S. Equipment Company.. . raced at 147 miles per hour at Rocky Fork . . . Purpose . . . to break in driver Salt Walthers, of Dayton Walthers Marine Co., "

Salt was going to have his first try at the World's unlimited class race.

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joey m
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Dec 31, 2012
9:33 AM
salt was a friend of mine since he went to centerville jr high.he was always very brash and cocky,spoiled but that was mostly from being spoiled. all that said he was always nice to me. when he was in high school he stopped in the pizza house my dad owned (ANGELINAS PIZZA) ALMOST EVERY DAY.i'll tell you one thing if it had wheels and or a motor he would drive the wheels off of it! salt was just salt but he'll be missed GOD bless him!
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Jan 01, 2013
12:29 AM
I can remember seeing Salt at the Living Room in the early 70's. must have been after his Indy accident. He was wearing a black glove on on the hand with the missing fingers and had what looked like a diamond where each missing finger should gave been. Did not know him personally, but I did know who he was. Nice car in the parking lot. I seem to remember a Ford GT 40 or something like that. Could have even been a Miura. Sorry, but memory is starting to get pretty hazy.
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Jan 15, 2013
2:43 PM
Their names were Bill& Henry Walther. They lived just behind the Red Carpet on Wayne ave.Both had crazy sense of humor.
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Jan 20, 2013
8:48 PM
old salt wrote bad checks to us.. he also kicked in the doors of one of our cabs.. when he was intoxicated.. poor guy !.. he didnt know he was dealing with an ex dayton cop.... dad had him arrested for writing bad checks to our company.. and for vandalism.. we also cancelled our charge accounts with dayton walther.. salt seemed to go over the deep end after that accident at the 500.. But he was a daddy's boy anyway..
Robert Fairbank
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Aug 17, 2014
6:56 PM
Carole. Hope you enjoy this info on Walther Industries and family. Bob
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Aug 18, 2014
7:45 AM
Interesting reading above about Salt hanging at the Living Room with a GT40 in the parking lot...

Found this article and subsequent article about the car. Check the picture in the 2nd article. A rare yellow GT40.
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May 11, 2015
5:22 AM
Went through the Walther Mansion Show house this weekend and was wondering if anyone knew who actually had the house built in 1910-11? Walthers moved into the house in the late 1930s
blue J
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May 11, 2015
6:44 AM

Thanks for posting...yes, the Walther family home (what we always called "The Big House", for generations in my family) is the Dayton Philharmonic Volunteers' design showcase home this year.

It originally was just a farm house, originally built by the Prugh family in the 1860s- but then was renovated and added on to in the mid 1920s. I have the original newspaper article from when my great grandfather (George Walther, Sr.) bought the house and 25 acres of land around it, in 1932. I know the name of the man he purchased it from was Shuey, who was head of another manufacturing firm in Dayton at the time, but I don't remember the name.

I'll find the article tonight and post the text of it here, if you're interested.
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May 11, 2015
7:11 AM
So what you are saying is that Mr. Shuey added all the rooms like it is today. Another question, was the swimming pool located behind the house? If you could find and post the newspaper article would be great.
blue J
184 posts
May 11, 2015
7:19 AM
I believe so, yes. I don't know that for sure, but that timeline fits if the Shueys owned it for anything longer than just a couple of years (and I'd say it's likely that they did).

At any rate- yes, I'll find the article and post the text of it- most likely not today, but no later than tomorrow.
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May 11, 2015
7:34 AM
I would be interested in the article, also…..
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May 11, 2015
7:45 AM
Reading this thread bought back a couple of memories I had of Salt Walther. I remember, I believe, seeing a picture of his Indy accident; the whole front of the car was gone, the car was on fire and the only thing visible were his legs sticking out! I wonder if anyone else remembers that picture? The other memory I have is someone who lived near him in Dayton, saying he wasn’t the greatest neighbor; loud noises and raucous parties…..
blue J
185 posts
May 11, 2015
8:38 AM

That's true...the broadcast footage from the Indy 500 in '73 is available on youtube, documenting the whole accident. I was only about six weeks old when that happened, but I have watched it. Truly one of the worst accidents that a driver has lived through.
blue J
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May 12, 2015
3:02 AM
This article appeared i believe in the Journal Hearld, and I just have the clipping of it in a scrapbook, with no date. But according to my great aunt (one of George Walther's three daughters, who as of this writing is nearly 92 years old), they definitely bought the house in 1932.

"Shuey Residence South of Dayton Sold for $65000"

Palatial Home of Former Duro Company Official Acquired By George Walther.

The palatial residence of Ray S. Shuey, former Vice President and General manager of the Duro company, located on the David church road, south of Dayton, has been purchased by George Walther, president of the Dayton Steel Foundry Company, it was reported Friday.

Walther, it is understood, paid a consideration of approximately $65,000 for the residence, which occupies a site of 25 acres.

Shuey has claimed he invested $120,000 in the property. It has the largest private swimming pool in this vicinity. One feature of this pool is the varicolored lights which are located below the water line, making a most pleasing sight.

The residence houses 16 rooms and four baths. There are four suites of rooms included in the 16. It is said the interior of the residence is one of the most elaborate in this vicinity.

Although the deeds of transfer have not yet been filed in the county recorder's office, it is understood the deal is definitely settled. The deeds are to be placed on file within the next three or four days.

The transaction was consummated by John J. Wolters of Seymour B. Kelly & Co., realtors, of the American building.

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Riverdale Ghost
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May 12, 2015
3:31 AM
Blue J,

What is the relationship, if any, to Dayton Malleable Iron Works?

I get them mixed up. My grandfather, who died in 1916, worked at the Malleable and that's all I know.

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blue J
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May 12, 2015
7:03 AM
Kirby- to answer your question about the was not directly behind the house. As you face the front of the house, there is a drive that leads over to the right, and an outdoor parking area for about five or six cars, adjacent to the indoor garage. There is a door right next to the garage that leads into the kitchen, and a sidewalk that led through a flower garden, outside the kitchen, sort of diagonally further to the right, down to the pool.

This is a long way of saying that it was not directly behind the house, but over to the northwestern edge of the property. Frpm inside the house, if you look out the window of the master bedroom, it faces exactly in the direction where the pool (and tennis court...and in a much earlier era, a chicken coup) was located.
blue J
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May 12, 2015
7:08 AM
RG- I answered your question in a previous post just a couple of minutes ago, but that post seems to have disappeared.

At any rate- I'm inclined to say that there is no relationship between the two companies. But I also have a caveat to offer about that, too.

Dayton Malleable Iron was an older company than Dayton Steel Foundry, by about forty years. Malleable was located on West Third Street, while Dayton Steel was located on Miami Chapel Road.

There were a few businesses where George Sr. apprenticed, learning about the melting of iron, when he first came to the United States. (This was from the early 1890s onward- and he founded Dayton Steel in 1905, I believe). Dayton Malleable may have been one of those companies where he worked and learned, but I'm not sure. I can investigate that in the literature that I have.
joey m
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May 12, 2015
8:38 AM
If this is the house that was just off Mad River Rd. I usedto go up there with Georges son "Salt" who I was friends with. He was a customer of our Pizza house in Centerville in the 60's. He was in high school at the time. But we used to go to his house and hang out. There was one thing that stood out to me and that was the garage. I can't remember how many bay's there were I just know it was a few. And I remember it had a couple exotic cars in it. I think one was a Jag XKE. One other thing Salt would get on a trail bike up there and do wheelies and jumps with it. He could ride or drive anything with an engine in it.
blue J
191 posts
May 12, 2015
10:16 AM

the house you're thinking of was George Walther Jr.'s house, as Salt was George Jr.'s son. They lived up in that Mad River Rd. area, while the house we've been discussing above is further west down the hill, off of West David Rd.

And that Jaguar you mentioned- I have a picture of my dad and my uncle standing in front of it, from about 1952. (That would have been when the car was essentially brand new!).
Riverdale Ghost
534 posts
May 12, 2015
2:52 PM
Aha! Miami Chapel Road v W. Third. That alone helped a lot.

I probably be on West Third a thousand times if once, but never on Miami Chapel. It's kind of hard to identify when you've never seen the place and the concept is "west side foundry" but the word "foundry" isn't in the name. There's no picture of either place in here, either.

Thank you, blue J! Might turn in a picture or two....
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blue J
192 posts
May 12, 2015
4:03 PM
Glad to be of help, RG.

Yes, the Dayton Steel Foundry Company was located at 1366 Miami Chapel Rd.- the only thing I know of that was in that immediate area at that time, which is still there, is Greencastle Cemetery. I have at least one ancestor who is buried there, and perhaps more.

I found the info about Dayton Malleable by doing a Yahoo search, and it actually led me to DHBO. :) Dayton Malleable Iron was at the corner of West Third and Dale Streets.

I do have a photograph of the outside/front of the Dayton Steel Foundry, circa 1910s. I should maybe submit it to Curt for posting in the images section.
joey m
374 posts
May 13, 2015
8:06 AM
blue j Thanks for the info. I never knew that.

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