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A Time of Terror
by Allan Eckert Copyright 1965
This book is "A thrilling minute-by-minute narrative historical account of the great disastrous flood that
struck Dayton, Ohio, in April, 1913", and considered by many to be the best telling of this fantastic event.





You have found Dayton History Books Online!  This website is dedicated to placing historical items about Dayton, Ohio online.  Curt Dalton, a local historian who has written several books about Dayton's history, saw a need to make books and other educational materials about Dayton available to children and the general public. He knew that the documents had to be in a format that could easily be read and searched, to enable visitors to use the information in homework and personal projects. What better way than through the world wide web?  On October 24, 2004 Dayton History Books Online opened with a list of twenty books and booklets that could be read, searched and printed out.  There are over 1,000 books, booklets, videos and articles available. DHBO has also added almost 700 photos, many of which depict Dayton in the 1950s. We also celebrate having over 11 million hits on the site! Please click here for contact information.