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Bargain Barn
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Oct 27, 2008
3:46 PM
One of the Bargain Barns was located where the old traffic circle used to be at North Dixie and Wagoner Ford Rd.
It's now gone.
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Nov 21, 2008
10:24 PM
There was a Bargain Barn in Moraine also, at the point where S. Dixie Dr. and Springboro Pike meet, by GM Truck and Bus Plant. It was also taken over by Goldman's, then K-Mart, now it's occupied by the Dayton Daily News.
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Nov 25, 2008
10:24 AM
Was'nt there a Bargin Barn on Gettysburg back in the 60's
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Dec 03, 2008
7:28 PM
I believe there was one in the late 60's on Linden between Smithville and Woodman.
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Dec 07, 2008
3:12 PM
bigbob there was a Bargain Barn on Gettysburg I used to buy Gulf Saphire Oil there $1.29 a gallon. It closed late 60's and became a teen dance hall foe a couple of years. tlturbo you are correct on the Linden ave Bargain Barn we bought a black and white tv and stand there and financed it through City Loan.
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Dec 12, 2008
4:31 PM
The Bargain Barn at the traffic circle had a promotion of some sort in the mid 1950s and a local singer, Kenny Roberts, "The Jumping Cowboy" sang there on at least one occasion. I think he was on the Uncle Orrie show or Midwest Hayride or some other Channel 2 show. There used to be a Corner What Not store near there which had a goat in the front yard.

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Apr 21, 2009
8:03 PM
Geez - I haven't thought of Rinks since I was a kid! Boy, move away for over 30 years & these things just take me back!
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Apr 29, 2009
11:03 AM
Oh, I miss those stores. All we have to choose from now is K-Mart, Meijer, Target, and Wal-mart and they all have basically the same things. When I was growing up we had Kresges, Goldmans, Rinks, Miller's, Murphy's, Gold Circle, Bargain Barn, Shopper's Fair, Beerman's, Rike's. They all carried different things and each one had something unique.
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Oct 28, 2009
1:41 PM
I can remember going to the Bargain Barn on Gettysburg when I was in the 3rd grade (1959). I bought my best friend a"friendship ring". It was a big treat to go there before we went to church on Sun nites. After church in the summer we would go to the Island Bandshell for the concerts. Do they still have any events at the bandshell or is it even there still.

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Oct 28, 2009
6:28 PM
mem, Thank you. I always remembered that little building as the Bargain Barn when I was a small child, but wasn't sure if it was a false memory. That had to be in the early to mid 50's
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Dec 15, 2009
8:04 AM
bargain barney
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Jun 28, 2010
8:25 PM
My father was the owner of the Bargain Barn !!
The orginal store was at the cornor of (old) Riverside Dr. and Shoup Mill Rd. It was a horse barn that was cleaned up and opened for business. The 2 story metal building was added later.

Later he bought the old Eagles park at the traffic circle and grew fron there. At one point there were were Bargain Barns in Cincy, Columbus, Springfield, INDY, In. So. & Dixie Dr.

And "YES" ...the popcorn was the best!! It was my job as a kid to make and sell the popcorn...I ate a lot of it ! Dont forget those tasty 15 cent hot dogs and 25 cent mettwurst !
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Jun 29, 2010
7:16 AM
What a fun thread! I still have a set of glass snack dishes I bought at the Bargain Barn on Gettysburg around 1964 or 65. I think the song went something like: "Come on down to the Bargain Barn, Bargain Barn, Bargain Barn. Let's go down to the Bargain Barn, open 9 til 9. Open 9 til 9 seven days a week. Come on down etc. etc, open 9 til 9". Is that it, bargain barney? Am I even close?

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Jan 12, 2011
8:46 PM
Bargain Barn was at teh corner of Linden Ave and Spinning Rd near the McDonalds. There used to be a Lawsons carry out there too.
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Jan 14, 2011
10:40 AM
Faith, that little shopping center on Spinning and Linden used to thrive. I remember the Bargain Barn, and at the end for years there was the neighborhood Cassano's.
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Jan 19, 2011
1:41 PM
JeffN, that Linden/Spinning area was great! I don't know if it's still like this, but I remember a sidewalk tunnel on Spinning that went under the railroad tracks. I was too young to go to the shopping area alone, but mom would walk us up to the Bargain Barn when she needed some Rit dye for whatever project she was working on. We'd go to Lawson's and get the big rod pretzels- 2 for a nickel! Think they had a Mr. Donut up that way too. And sometimes Dad would stop and get McDonalds and bring it home. Good Times.
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Jan 19, 2011
11:05 PM
Faith ... there are biking trails that run where the railroad tunnel used to be now. It's pretty cool.

How long have you been away fron Dayton? I moved away in '79. The area actually went downhill a little bit in the late 80s, but seems to be picking up again. I oove that old neighborhood!
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Jan 20, 2011
10:33 AM
JeffN, Our family left our Share Dr home in June of 1973 and moved to Arrowhead in Xenia. (Yes, THAT Arrowhead- in hindsight, maybe not the best place to spend the spring of '74, but there is another blog page for that...) In Jul of '74 we moved to Wilmington. No Bargain Barn, but they had a GC Murphy's.
maxed out
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Jan 20, 2011
10:41 AM
Welcome FAITH...It struck me that you said you lived in Arrowhead..My wife and myself live on Nebraska Dr. in Arrowhead during that unforgettable April afternoon.
In the 60's Xenia has a Bargain barn, or maybe a Bargain City...It was called Rinks. I spent hours walking around. Never had seen anything like it in my life. The closest thing was Kresge's in downtown Xenia.
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Jan 21, 2011
7:40 AM
Hi maxed out! I enjoy reading your posts. I remember the Rinks at the corner of Dayton-Xenia Rd and I believe Allison Ave. next to a Putt Putt. They sold warm peanuts and cashews and popcorn. Used to buy 45s at the Rinks on Woodman Dr. It was a step up from Bargain Barn, but not as good as the Gold Circle, and certainly not as good as Ontario...
We lived on Kansas Dr and I went to 4th grade at Cox Elem, which made no sense to me because Simon Kenton was closer. We did a short day schedule after the tornado and shared our school with the SK kids.
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May 27, 2011
11:31 AM
There was something about Bargain Barn and its close cousin, Ontario that was unique. Sort of a cross between today's WalMart and yseteryear's Woolworth's, with decent service.

From clothing to TVs and radios and lawn and garden care items, right down to some of the worst kitsch I ever saw (remember the plastic "instant color TV" overlays with blue at the top for the sky, yellow in the middle for flesh and green at the bottom for grass? Sheeesh.) these stores had some of everything.

Bargain Barn sold my dad the post-hole digger that made me swear I would buy an auger if I ever had a job like that to do ever again. (If you never used a post-hole digger, get one, dig a 4-foot hole, and get back to me.)

BB was the site of one of my greatest embarrassments back in 1966, when I was 13. My dad had taken me on a ride in order to give me the "birds and bees" talk. Completely unneccessary, as I had already read up on all that stuff on my own, plus it was awkward and some of the things dad believed on the subject were nothing but rank mythology.
When "The Talk" was mercifully over, dad steered us to Bargain Barn for a manly snack of Coke and carmel corn. On our way to the snack bar, we wound up passing through the - ahem - "women's hygene" section, where a couple dozen young lovlies, some my age, were doing their shopping. Dad suddenly remembered that he had left that stuff out of the talk and started in, but I managed to tell him I knew already and - thank heaven - he shut up.
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May 31, 2011
12:40 PM
AllenN71, luckily (or unluckily) I never received that "talk" from my dad since he died when I was 13yoa. That would have been really ambarrassing, although I doubt if he would have ever given the "talk" anyway. I remember walking by the lingerie section as my eyes darted everywhere but at the ladies' garments. Pretty pathetic, huh? Seems to be a universe away from sexting and sending revealing photos of yourself to school friends on a cell phone. "Times they are a'changin."
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May 31, 2011
1:39 PM
AllenN71, that story was the funniest thing I've read all day! Thanks for sharing. But let's flip the coin, I bet a couple of those young lady shoppers were mortified that YOU saw THEM in that department!
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Jun 19, 2011
3:49 AM
I remember the Bargain Barn on Linden Ave across the street from Carroll High School. It was between a Lawson's to the west, and a barber shop to the east. I think the barber shop is still there. I also remember a small donut shop where the Arby's stands now a couple doors to the west. When I had a paper route for the Journal Herald in the late 60's/early 70's I used to stop there for a fresh donut or two in the wee hours of the morning, and walk or bike back home up the middle of Spinning from there. It was a different world then - at 4:30-5:00 in the morning, sometimes I could walk all the way up the middle of Spinning from Linden to Eastman without a single car going by.
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Jun 19, 2011
1:39 PM
I grew up on Spinning Road, too!!!
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Jun 20, 2011
10:42 AM
unixTechie, is there any chance you may have been our paperboy? We lived on Share Dr off Penn Ave. I know the folks preferred the JH to DDN. Gosh- that must have been a hard route in the winter snow! Did a stint as a carrier myself for the Wilmington News-Journal in the summer of 76. Remember the bicentennial edition nearly killed me!
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Jun 20, 2011
12:29 PM

It's very possible - My route for the Journal Herald was Penn Ave between Spinning and Jeanette, including all the side streets that went off of Penn, which included Share. I did that for 2 or 3 years between around '70 to '73 or so. Give or take a year or two... That seems like a lifetime ago.

I think kids delivering the paper has become a thing of the past... Now (at least in Cincinnati) I see adult carriers tossing the Enquirer onto the lawn from their car, letting it land where it may. At least I used to put it behind the storm/screen door to keep it secure and reasonably dry...


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