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Forest Park Amusement Park
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May 20, 2009
7:09 AM
Does anyone remember the old Forest Park Amusement Park out north Main St.? My mom and dad used to go there often to play bingo and take me along with them. We didn't go into the park and go on rides very often for lack of money, but I really enjoyed it when we did. I don't think it was as large as Lakeside Park. It broke my heart when it closed.
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May 20, 2009
7:12 AM
I was reading another topic which reminded me that it was called Frankie's Forest Park. It was located where the Forest Park Plaza is now.
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May 20, 2009
9:14 AM
There is a gentleman who has a really cool website with images of local amusement parks, past and present. He has pictures of Frankie's Forest Park, Fairview Park, and others. It is Check it out!
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Sep 05, 2009
6:45 AM
Not sure when the shopping center opened but it was there when I moved to Dayton in 1972.
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Nov 24, 2009
1:10 PM
Forest Park's real name was "Forest Park Operated By Frankie". That was on the arch through which you entered the park. They had a great picnic area in the rear of the park and fireworks on the 4th of July. A 1/5 mile speedway was built in later years on the east side of the Comet roller coaster. The Comet was located just inside the gate on the left. Forest Park held a Boy Scout Night each summer and scouts had special prices on all the rides.
For a view of the Comet and the speedway go to

The shopping center was there in the mid sixties. Had to purchase special shoes there at Bayman's Shoes for one of our daughters.

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Dec 22, 2009
9:36 AM
I remember Forest Park very well as I lived on Fer Don Rd.I would lay awake at night during the summer and could hear the stock cars racing,the roller coaster on the tracks,and the whistle on the train ride through the woods,rode a few of the rides there at night,bump cars,train,merry go round, the catepillar,and the tilt a whirl,it was a wonderful time then,wasn't allowed to ride the coaster or go into the tatoo parlor,parents have absolutly no sense of adventure.
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Dec 22, 2009
1:57 PM
Triumphman, do you know Jack Filmore? He used to live on Fer Don. I lived on Merimak from 1947 to about 55. Born there and moved at 8.
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Dec 28, 2009
1:18 PM
I remember Frankies Forest Park. We went there a lot when I was young and I loved that park. They also had a roller skating rink to the south where we used to go roller skating. I love the train ride through the "forest". Parkmoor Drive-in was out front where we used to go when I was in high-school. Frisch's Big Boy was close by and Scheers Ice Cream Store.
Oh what memories.
bargain barney
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Jun 28, 2010
8:52 PM
I lived at the end of Riverside Dr.& Shoup Mill Rd and used o walk up to Frankies Forest Park and used to play and ride bikes at the Park when it was closed and ride the bumper cars when I could get the $$$$

Chuck Killingsworth
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Jun 28, 2010
9:30 PM
To triumphman - I grew up on Fer Don Rd on the corner of Fer Don and Nottingham. Was there from 1955 to 1973 when I graduated from Meadowdale. I certainly remember Forest Park plaza but not the Frankies everyone is talking about here. I do remember them bringing in the occasional carnival into the parking lot at the plaza. Where on Fer Don were you?
bargain barney
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Jun 29, 2010
12:41 AM
do you remember or even know a girl/lady named Bobby Smith that lived in that area?
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Jul 21, 2010
7:14 AM
I remember going to the park and riding the rides--they had a train that went through the woods--went towards the river
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Sep 04, 2010
7:07 AM
Frisch's Big Boy was across the street and Parkmoor Drive-in was out in front of the Plaza on the corner (Across from Frisch's) I only remember Forrest Park as a shopping Center, it was up and running in the early 60s. Dayton had pretty much became a wasteland for amusement parks by then. Most everybody was either going to LeSourdsville Lake, Old Coney or Russell's Point. it seems like Lakeside was still running because I recall being there a couple of times (This may have been on a visit, before we moved there) and the place was kind of run down.

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Sep 20, 2010
10:35 AM
I remember it dad raced on the track at the north side of the park, just below coaster turn-around. After the track closed, the infield was turned into a little league ball park and I played LL there for a couple of years.
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Dec 14, 2010
9:19 AM
I went there as a kid. I vaguely recall a boxing ring behind it. I think Forest Park closed down when a roller coaster car came off the track
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Apr 29, 2011
9:36 PM
I remember Forest Park well. They had Tennessee day there and a singing contest and I won first prize. There was also a roller skating rink I believe it was on Fer Don Rd. near the park. I went skating there quite a bit.
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May 06, 2011
12:56 PM
I remember Forest Park so very well. My friend and I used to go roller skating then sneak out early and go walking around the stores. When we had a few extra dimes we would ride the ferris wheel. We would walk from Santa Clara and Main street to get there and not spend our bus money.
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Oct 27, 2011
10:20 PM
My dad raced there in 1950...that is where my parents met
Leroy c 55
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Jul 06, 2014
8:52 AM
I grew up in Dayton, I lived about two blocks from the river on Best st. We had Elites grocery in one direction and Bandys in the other I went to Hawthorne school. 1-6 grade. Great time to live in that place, The art institute was just a couple of blocks away. When they built cloverleaf for I-75 They tore down most of the houses on our side of the street. You guys bring back a lot of memories from what is now 60 years ago.
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Jul 06, 2014
4:01 PM
Oh, yes, I remember Forest Park Ams. Pk. there was a roller skating rink there, went many times with cousins my age. It seems to me, though, Forest Park was sort of at the end of its hay-day! We walked around the grounds, but most of the attractions were closed or boarded up....I do remember when the shopping center was built...went there to shop with my mom. It was somewhat a cut-above the older North Main street ahopping center, which was the only one of its kind for a long time.
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Jul 12, 2014
5:38 PM
olds88 - The diner or restaurant was a Parkmoor on the corner of North Main and Nottingham. The skating rink was across Nottingham from Parkmoor and was not a part of Frankie's Forest Park. Frisch's was located across Main Street from the Parkmoor.

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joey m
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Jul 14, 2014
9:24 AM
Remember going with my dad and family there. My dad knew some of the guys who had stock cars and if anyone remembers they had a track there.Dad and mom went to the races and my two sisters and me would go to the amusement park.I think the man my dad knew was Charley Engle.
Peggy Gilbert
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Jul 26, 2014
8:49 PM
Leroy c 55,
My late husband grew up on Best St. His name was Roger Gouge and he went to Hawthorne School also. He would have been 74 this year. Did you possibly know him?
Leroy c 55
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Aug 03, 2014
4:37 PM
Hi PLeggy, I remember Roger very well, I believe he was in high school and I was going to grade school at Hawthorne. He always took time to treat me like a little brother and His Dad George would hire me for odd jobs befitting my age. Once we put posterboards in business windows, I got to ride in his old Model A Ford I believe it was in 55 or 56. He bought me and an other girl lunch and paid us each 5 dollars !!!! That was big money. He would also borrow me for Father and Son Banguets, I guess Roger had outgrown them. I had to wear my brown suit and tie, Only wore those for church so I had my best manners. He did cut my meat for me so I wouldnt get very messy. These were special times with special people . Thanks for stirring up some memories, The kids on our block was like the " Little Rascals" I wish kids could have them now. Thanks for writting Leroy Carman
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Aug 11, 2014
1:09 PM
I remember going there once or twice as a kid. My mom took me into Krese's I think it was, and I remember I got sick there on the floor. A nice cashier gave me some crackers.
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Aug 19, 2014
8:29 AM
Go to E. J. Brown group on facebook.

Go to North Riverdale Little league on facebook

Both are group pages
luv my dayton
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Aug 19, 2014
9:36 AM
Google search: frankies forest park dayton Ohio. Then go to first thread which is called soaphs the history and photos can be found. Actually there's several good threads to be found there. Went often as a kid back in 40s. Place started in 1928 and closed 1958

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