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Dayton Memories > Car Dealers no longer in Dayton area
Car Dealers no longer in Dayton area
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Mar 03, 2010
4:39 PM
I'll begin with Xenia, Chenoweth Pontiac-Buick-GMC, I believe this became John Meyer, which moved from Xenia to Loop Rd, eventually becoming Bob Ross Buick-GMC. I know that this is technically still a dealer, but it left two former dealers in Xenia. If my memory is incorrect someone tell me, hard to keep track of such important events from 25+ years ago.

Stenger's Ford, Don Kremer Lincoln Mercury, Borcher's Ford, Rodger's Pontiac........

there was a VW dealer on South Dixie, or is it kettering Blvd(I still don't know which is which!) and also a VW dealer in Fairborn, don't remember the name of either though
Curt Dalton
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Mar 03, 2010
7:10 PM
I have been adding a lot of images to the site, including one of Stengers Ford's opening on Alex-Bell Road in 1997. http://www.daytonhistorybooks.citymax.com/albums/album_image/7404826/5956319.htm
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Mar 04, 2010
7:14 AM
You can add Walker Olds and Borchers Ford to the list. Walker Olds was on Salem across from the Salem Mall. Borchers was in the 300 block of South Main.

Moorman Pontiac on Shoup Mill and Peffley Ford on North Main are also both gone. Salem Chrysler/Plymouth shut down last year.
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Mar 04, 2010
10:31 PM
How far back are people going to go on this thread? You can add Ken Rogers Ford on Salem Avenue (formerly Vaniman Ford in Trotwood) and the nearby Lincoln-Mercury dealer (Mel Farr's, plus other names over the years?). I believe Ken Rogers had other failed dealerships over the years - didn't he have one in Yellow Springs (Pontiac?)? There used to be a Chrysler/Plymouth (or Dodge?) dealer on Westbrook Road in Brookville, but I forget the name.
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Mar 09, 2010
1:06 PM
Kettering Blvd = southbound
Dixie Drive = northbound

Stomps Chevrolet, downtown
SWS Chevrolet, downtown

Hayden-Norton VW (was) on Dixie Drive between Stroop and Dorothy Ln

Mikey, Gatlinburg, TN

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Mar 09, 2010
3:06 PM
White-Alle Chevrolet on North Main Street. Also does anyone remember the Pole Sitters that used to erect a pole and then sit there for days on end. They were usually at the car dealers on North Main St.
Curt Dalton
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Mar 11, 2010
11:32 PM
From what I can find the Rose/Bench Lincoln/Mercury deal started around 1971 and folded a short time later. It was actually in Kettering, not Dayton.
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Mar 12, 2010
6:38 PM
Cantrell & Guy was Dodge Chrysler dealer on s. dixie after moving from downtown Dayton where Route 35 is now about Patterson Blvd They stocked Hemi parts also there was Ungerlieder N dayton
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Jun 04, 2010
12:59 AM
Don't forget Ken Cole Ford in Xenia.
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Jun 04, 2010
3:38 AM
Autobahn Volkswagen on Salem Ave.
Renault of Dayton on N. Main St.
Sonnenberger Motors on N. Main St. (AMC,Rambler)

One that is a bit foggy is Toyota of Dayton on N.Dixie and Ridge. Perhaps by another name or Brand but definitely a car lot.
26 posts
Jun 04, 2010
6:28 AM
Did anybody mention the old Dayton Rambler
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Jun 04, 2010
6:49 PM
Don't forget Stomps Chevrolet. It was the second car dealership in Dayton (to Borcher's Ford). It was located at S.Main and 6th Street. Stomps Chevrolet closed in 1968. The building, a six-story brick built in 1927, is still there across from the Convention Center.
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Jun 06, 2010
10:38 AM
My dad bought all his cars from Shannon Buick. As I recall, he always dealt with a guy named Gene, who I believe later owned the dealership??
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Jun 18, 2010
3:00 PM
We were neighbors of the Sollenbergers and I went to elementary and high school with their boys. It seems to me they had Ramblers or some other extinct car at one point and then sold classic cars for a while. We always bought our cars at Peffley's on Main street. I thought I saw a car with a Peffley name on the back last time I was in Dayton and it wasn't old. Probably my imagination.
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Jun 22, 2010
5:42 PM
gris...it was Gene Reichard. My dad thought a lot of Gene and the Shannons.
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Jun 23, 2010
2:39 PM
Thanks for the confirmation Jeff. I have purchased a number of cars from Reichard over the years (although I don't have one now... shame on me) but their service department is the absolute best in the area. Good people for certain.
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Jun 27, 2010
1:50 PM
Becky73 - There is a picture of T.D. & P.A. Peffley's building on East Third Street in 1949 at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/nhsalumni/2294502466/in/set-72157600708205429/
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Aug 14, 2010
4:58 AM
I always remembered Pete Rose Johnny Bench Lincoln/Mercury as being in Moraine, it was on the Right hand side of the road (going out) near the top of the hill, just before you dropped over and hit Moraine City. Maybe that was still Kettering.
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Aug 14, 2010
7:43 PM
My father & grandfather (and great grandfather) owned and operated a funeral home at 850 S Main. We bought all of our cars from Rodgers Pontiac for well over 50 years. At my grandfathers insistence all were black until about the late 1980's when my father final had enough and bought a dark maroon colored sedan. But sure enough, he bought it from Rodgers. I learned alot about cars as a little girl from those guys across the street from the family business.
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Aug 15, 2010
5:18 PM
1958 I purchased my first vehicle from SWS Chevrolet, on S. Main a block north of the concrete train bridge. The showroom was up a concrete ramp to the second floor, it was on the west side of Main st.

The salesman was Mr. Gunn and I paid him $95. which I had earned from working R.L. Kennett PhotoStats at .80 cents per hour, take home was $26. per week.

The Chevy was green and had an automatic transmission which for a 1950 model was experimental.

I lived at 1829 Grand Avenue in those days, just west of Rosedale. I took my car to the alley and proceeded to soup it up to the best of my ability, I removed the really black gunky oil filter and threw it away, the previous owner must have been using a non-detergent oil. I also removed the hood ornament.

The tranny didn't last long and I had no idea that adding oil was the thing to do, my brother who drove a 1950 Ford would drag, ruin his transmission, remove it, take it to the basement, repair and reinstall in short order then drag some more. Brother was going to help me convert my Chevy into a manual and we went around one day and purchased a few things like a bell housing but life must have gotten in the way and I ended up quitting my job and hitchhiking to Miami leaving the car sitting. My next car was a black 1946 Cadillac that I purchased for $50. while living in L.A., 1960-62. The only problem with it was that once it was driven and got warmed up, it would not start until it cooled down. Then I had no idea, now I'd say I needed a starter solenoid. Moved to New Orleans in 1962, gave the Cad to a fellow I painted with from time to time, John Williams Irwin, one of the 3 who kidnapped Frank Sinatra, Jr.

In New Orleans I bought a black 1948 Cadillac and drive that for a few until I bought a blue 55 Cadillac and then figured out where I left my brain and in 1966 I purchased a 1966 red Karmann Ghia, $2,300 off showroom floor. Best vehicle I ever drive other than a daughters Honda Element recently.

Give me a snail mail address and I'll send you what I can afford. I still work some, born in 1942, brain stroked in 2004, it was a good experience actually. We never start living until we accept no longer being human, lol, tis true.
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Sep 27, 2010
7:45 PM
yep, Frank Z Chevrolet RIP 2010.
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Oct 03, 2010
5:34 PM
Wasn't Cantrel & Guy a Plymouth dealer on Kettering Blvd. and the Dodge dealer was on Dixie Dr. and called Dixie Dodge?
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Dec 21, 2010
3:49 PM
I am searching for a gentleman who worked at Paddock Pontiac on Main St (I was told it was across from Russ's Market). His name is Richard "Dick" Brewer. If you happen to know this name or know of anyone that I can get in contact with that worked at Paddock Pontiac, PLEASE contact me at reptar5@aol.com. Thanks so much!

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Mar 08, 2011
12:58 PM
Does anyone know anything about the history of or anyone who worked at Penny Motors (Oldsmobile) on 839 Main St? My dad worked there in the mid 50's.
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Mar 08, 2011
4:37 PM
It became Walker Brothers Olds, I believe. You might want to call one of the current Walker dealerships to see if someone from their staff know the history.
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Mar 12, 2011
10:32 AM
Haven't checked ALL these messages(!), but what was the name of the old Cadillac dealership on S. Main not too far from the main entrance of the fairgrounds?
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Mar 12, 2011
10:40 AM
"scottdoug1"= "Tiny" Casson used to work there during that frame. Tiny was a HUGE guy; he was also the drummer for my granddad, Harvey Springer, in the Pote's Little Symphony and Troubadours bands with Antioch Shrine Temple. Those bands are one of the reasons I went on to become a Shriner myself! Dad, G.L. Austing (a former Dayton police officer) and my uncle, LaMar M. Springer (a retired Dayton police officer) were also with Antioch, as well as my mother, grandmother and aunt (LaMar's wife) being Lady Shriners with Bara Court 19 at Antioch.
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Apr 27, 2011
6:21 PM
Oh, and I forgon Lewis Fiat on Linden Ave. the FIAT sign now says LEWIS thanks to some handiwork and they now sell RVs.
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Jun 06, 2011
4:57 PM
My family were the Cadillac dealers in Dayton for 50 years-grandfather Ray Simons got the dealer ship after WW II and my father Bob, with brothers Tom and Dick worked there in the beginning. My uncle Tom took over the Rubicon Cadillace Dealership in the early 60's and it was originally in the building where the Oakwood post office is today near UD. Uncle Dick went to work for the US government in Washington.
2 posts
Jun 06, 2011
7:44 PM
Ungerleider's - nice to see someone remembered them. They weren't around too many years. My soon-to-be-wife bought her first new car from Ungerleiders - a 1964 Plymouth Barracuda. Really cool driving that car into the parking lot of old Belmont High in '64. Crazy thing is that I still have it. It's been cosmetically restored and has only 81,000 actual miles on it. Fun ride, still.
3 posts
Jun 06, 2011
7:49 PM
Another dealer, long gone. Does anyone (except me) remember Sharp's Auto Sales on North Dixie ? Their claim to fame was that they sold only used cars, but all those used cars were Municipal cast-offs, including Highway Patrol Cruisers. I bought a 1971 Mercury Maurader that was an Indiana Highway patrol car. FOUR miles per gallon in the city. Actually did about 12 - 14 on the highway as long as you were above 70 MPH.
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Jun 10, 2011
4:48 PM
When I was a in college, I worked one summer at Midtown Chrysler Plymouth, filling in for the receptionist. Such great people worked there and I learned a lot about running a business, selling cars, and how to have fun in life. The secretary was full of wise philosophical questions, such as "Why ruin a perfectly good friendship with a $2 marriage license?" And the custodian was quite the figurative speaker. Describing his younger years one day, he said, "I was so hungry then, ya hit me in the stomach and my kidneys rang like a bell." I think of these memorable people whenever I'm in Dayton and pass that wedge-shaped corner just beyond downtown where the dealership was.
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Jun 11, 2011
9:52 AM
The first car dealer I went to was on Main Street in lower Riverdale, I was about 8 so that would have made it 1950 though it could have been earlier, not sure. I walked there from 411 Van Wert Place, Parkside with sisters and brother, we went to see Hitler's car on display. Also in the showroom was a large bear stuffed and standing up. I am not sure of the name of the business but it could have been White-Allen Chevrolet. Hitlers car smelled real bad.

The second car lot other than a few I delivered papers to on Keowee was SWS Chevrolet on south Main Street near sixth. It was in a building on the second floor, like a parking garage, had to go up a ramp.

I purchased a 1950 Chevrolet car from a Mr. Gunn for $95. I don't thing the oil had ever been changed, the car lasted a few months then the automatic transmission quit, that was the first year for automatics and were pretty much experimental, like Power Glide or something. My brother was going to convert it to stick but life got in the way and never fully got around to it other than buying a bell housing from a junk yard. My brother drove a 49 or 50 Ford and he'd drag race, throw a tranny, pull it off, take it to the basement, repair and replace and go again.
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Sep 28, 2011
7:17 PM
The Pete Rose/Johnny Bench Lincoln Mercury became Don Kremer; it was located around the corner from Stenger's Ford.

At one time Walker Brother's Olds was on Main St across from Walker Bros Imports. The Walker Bros Olds facility was taken over by White Allen, where they sold Audi and VW before the new White Allen place on 741 was opened for business.

Autohaus was a BMW-Nissan dealership on Kaufman. I understand that the BMW piece became Village BMW and the Nissan piece became part of what is now the Jeff Schmidt family of dealerships.

I'm guessing that the Toyota dealership in North Dayton became Joseph's and now Airport Toyota?

I think John Meyer had the Fairborn VW (and Mazda?) dealership at what is now the Dave Dennis Chrysler place.

Didn't Tom Harrigan open the Acura dealership that is now Hidy?

What happened to the Walker Bros Imports dealership, specifically the Toyota part?
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Feb 28, 2012
12:08 PM
One of my earliest memories was going to the Studebaker dealership in Beavercreek in the late 50s with my Dad to have work done on his Commander Starliner. The dealership, like seemingly everything else in Beavercreek at the time, was owned by the Marshall Brothers. Not sure exactly where it was, other than in the area of the intersection of Dayton-Xenia Rd and Factory Rd.
7 posts
Dec 06, 2012
4:28 PM
I was absolutely car crazy from pre-school on. When I was pre-/early teen, I'd ride my bicycle up and down main street to gawk at the cars, especially liked anything fast and knew all about them even as a kid. Dayton was a performance-car loving town and I was never disappointed. It stood to reason I'd end up beginning my career working in many of the dealerships named here, Sollenberger AMC being the first. I worked for Dewitt Peffley at the N. Main street dealership next to Forest Park, but heard stories about the "old" dealership on East third. Anyone know when the original opened?
24 posts
Dec 06, 2012
8:52 PM
The VW dealer on S. Dixie was Autobahn Volkswagen. It was originally on Salem Avenue just down from the old K-Mart.
26 posts
Dec 11, 2012
4:19 PM
anyone remember the dealership on W. Third Street just across the bridge close to dayton cracked block
23 posts
Dec 11, 2012
6:40 PM
tuckerone - Wasn't that Jenkins Auto Sales? My late husband and I bought one of my all-time favorite cars there. It was a used '47 Ford club coupe. I liked it because it was smaller and I was just learning how to drive.
John Kreuzer
1 post
Jan 08, 2013
4:50 PM
rosewoodroyal83 I am glad you remembered FZ I was not sure of the the name until I seen it. My Brother bought his second car there when he was in collage. At Franc Z car Barn I remember because I got to drive his old car a 1963 impala. I got the better car.
John Kreuzer
2 posts
Jan 08, 2013
4:50 PM
rosewoodroyal83 I am glad you remembered FZ I was not sure of the the name until I seen it. My Brother bought his second car there when he was in collage. At Franc Z car Barn I remember because I got to drive his old car a 1963 impala. I got the better car.
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Jan 13, 2013
4:26 PM
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Apr 13, 2013
2:38 PM
What was the name of the Rambler dealer out on Salem Ave just north of Hillcrest?
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Apr 13, 2013
3:58 PM
"What was the name of the Rambler dealer out on Salem Ave just north of Hillcrest"?

Becker Rambler.
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Feb 25, 2014
4:02 PM
How about Rowell-Cantrell Chrysler Plymouth on North Main, just over the bridge, first dealer on the north side of the street. My uncle was the GM of that dealer and in the fall he had Ted Kluszewski, my favorite Redleg, come to the showroom during new car showing week to promote the cars and the dealership. When Big Klu took 20 minute breaks in my uncles office, I got to sit there with him and talk baseball all by myself! Did that for 3 years I think, mid to late 50's. He was a super nice guy and put up with my questions while he had a snack and a drink.
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Feb 26, 2014
8:30 PM
Tom Harrigan sold the Acura Dealership to Hidy about 4 to 5 years ago. Davis Buick built the building at 85 Loop Rd., which eventually became Bob Ross. Davis Buick also sold MG's. Jeff Walther had the Dodge Dealership on Loop, sold it to Voss and Voss sold the dealership to Jeff Walker which he merged with the Chry/Jeep dealership at 95 Loop. Walker bought the Chry/Jeep Dealership from Tom Harrigan about 7 years ago. Steve Tatone had a dealership at 2 Loop road where Hidy used cars are. Hidy bought 2 Loop from Ross.
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Sep 21, 2014
1:48 PM
To the person who stated that Walkers Olds was on Salem across from the mall, you are mistaken. That was my father's, Tom Harrigan Olds/Nissan until he sold it in 1989 to the Joseph organization. He originally purchased the Olds store that was on West Third street, Central Motors, in 1975 and moved it to Salem Ave in 1976.
2 posts
Sep 21, 2014
1:50 PM
FYI, we still have Infiniti of Dayton on Loop Rd and Harrigans Auto Sales on St.Rt. 741 in the West Carrollton/Moraine area
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Sep 22, 2014
4:47 AM
Leonard - I spent lots of time and $$ at Ray Bryant in the mid 60's thru 71. A car guy I hung around with worked there as a mechanic in 69-71 era. He had a triple black 69 Nova SS he had a 454 and 4.88 gears in. We cruised around town together and raced at Shelby Raceway. His name was Mike Shepherd and he was tall and skinny. I think he lived out in S Kettering and dated a girl on Bigger Rd?? I would love to find him. Another of our friends was Jim Mallory (silver 67 Chevelle SS) and Lonnie Bombock sp? (maroon 67 vette coupe) Before that, I had a silver 66 corvette convertible and I bought an L-88 short block from their parts dept and had them install it. I knew the guy in parts real well but can't remember his name. I bought my new 69 427/435 vette from White Allen because they sponsored our Greater Dayton Corvette Club and gave me a discount. Ray Bryant worked on it though.


1987 Buick GN
 photo 84733bd1-62cb-4704-8457-6666af53ae8d.jpg
joey m
248 posts
Sep 22, 2014
1:47 PM
tlturbo I bought my first new car from Ray Bryant 65 Chev Impalla SS 4 speed 327-300. Paul Hitchcock was my sales man. I was 18 and just got hired at McCalls catching books. Later on I owned my own used car lot and I bought many cars from their used car lot. And I got to know Mike he was their used car mechanic and if I remember he was one of the best Chevy mechanics around. I ran a 66 427 chevy Biscain called Bamm Bamm . we ran mostly at Kill Kare & Tri County. One thing I remember was going up in Frank Z's where Mike worked and he had the largest set of tool box's I had ever seen. GREAT MEMORIES

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